Is there the place? They get people together and zombies appear Oh my God What are you doing? I arrange to meet Jota Let’s see what’s there Hey Jota, what’s that? It’s a scraper They’re giving a strange drink Alcoholic drinks? No, the drink infects you Who are they? That thugs? And what are we going to do? They know you? Luckily no We can hide between they Act like normal They did a call or similar? They offer refuge, food, drink… And if it’s true, I will take some things There’s no chips in here Are we going there? The key is look forward Do you know anyone? No He could be the chief He looks scary We should move a little bit further They get people together and zombies appear He look bad at me I have a stick Bold! Act like we were like they Do what everyone does And this is what they want to do? It’s strange They drank that brew Some people could be infected Go and get near My name is Furia We are a group of people That born together And we’ll die together Without rules or laws We are searching people like you I should go out I know he Who? Who is talking We have to obey? Yes if all are sitting also we We should move on It’s scary You’re surrounded By infected people Oh no! Sh*t What are you doing? You’re using a stick?! What’s this? Cool place for doing another refuge Jota, Jota, Jota! Zombie!

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