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Office Emergency Escape Kit

Office Emergency Escape Kit

office emergency escape kit fire escape kit best fire escape mask how to stay safe fire mask smoke hood hi it’s AlaskaGranny fire safety equipment has the greatest impact in reducing loss of life and injury due to fire smoke spreads fast and you need time to be able to get out safely and quickly how can you dramatically increase your window of opportunity to escape safely from a fire while decreasing your risk to injury or death from the smoke flames and heat of a fire there’s a new product that I discovered called the fire escape kit from Go Time Gear it comes in a red carry pack and it includes four components it has a fire escape mask that is packed into a hard plastic case the fire escape kit from Go Time Gear is sealed up to be protected until you need it there is also a mylar emergency blanket a sturdy set heavy-duty well-made gloves a glow stick to be able to find the components and even help you light your way to safety from a fire first you want to look at the fire escape mask it comes in a hard box to help protect it in case of an emergency you want to pop open the box and pull out the fire escape mask the fire escape mask goes completely over your head it has two seals on it before you would put on the fire escape mask you would remove the two seals that keep it fresh and ready to go and pull it over your head you can see that it’s very sturdy it’s well made it has adjustable straps it has a heavy-duty clear panel on the front that you can easily see where you’re going most of the hood is made out of a reflective heavy-duty heat-proof fabric and gives you 60 minutes of fresh clear breathable air 60 minutes goes a long way in helping you escape pull the fire escape mask over your head adjust the straps and look further into your kit pull on the gloves open the emergency blanket and wrap it around you if you need help seeing these things in the dark glow stick can help you find the components in your case or you can even carry it if you need you to help you light your way remember smoke rises so you still want to get down and crawl stay below the level of the smoke your fire escape kit from Go Time Gear allows you to go safely and carefully without panicking you can avoid any hazards you can look out for things that would block your way you have the time to stay calm and find your way if you should find yourself in a fire you want to get out as quickly as possible with the fire escape kit from Go Time Gear you have time to do it as safely as possible if you think back to some of the office building emergencies that we’ve seen on the news a fire escape kit from Go Time Gear is essential so that you know you have the time to get out anyone who works should make the fire escape kit from Go Time Gear a critical part of your emergency preparation gear the fire escape kit it’s easy to use very well-made sturdy and if your life depends upon it you’ll be glad that you made the investment an hour of fresh air in a fire or smoke environment would certainly be priceless to most of us learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

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