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One day of Nolan, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 68

One day of Nolan, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 68

Need to store many foods before the hard winter comes The floor should be repaired Let’s go to get taro before they disappear in the winter Taro is a seasonal plant It grows a lot from the beginning of spring to summer and fade in the winter When there is no leaf, it’s very difficult to find them The corm is totally under the ground A full and simple meal can’t be lack of starch Bamboos are usually used to contain foods when cooking, it may because of their special smell In many places all over the world, the local people uses bamboo to cook with rice Add the pork then we will have a delicious soup The meat still taste good after 1 month being stored above the charcoal The smell is attractive Can’t wait any more So delicious! The taro is soft, sweet and buttery A little bit hot but this dish is really tasty The soup is so flavorful It’s both rainy and sunny that is not pleasing Dry bamboos are wet because of the rain They need to be dried And it’s time for the dry bamboos to be effective They were broken into small pieces when tied up, they will create a torch The nocturnal animals don’t like this But it is the law of survival The law of hunters and prey A frog Need to break their legs before putting them in the bag This branch of tree is smooth If a trap is set up here, the prey will show themselves A small bamboo grove where the tree snakes live They find food as well as sleep in the trees We will have grilled frogs this evening Good smell of grilled frogs Yummy! The moon begins to rise

58 thoughts on “One day of Nolan, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 68”

  1. Nolan is your name? Thanks for telling us. Nolan you are the best jungle survival video out here. Please don't start building casinos with fountain pools, like some other survival people are demonstrating. You have good honest, concise content & you demonstrate it well. Continue success.

  2. Human need atleast 500 mg salt per day. How can you eat enough salt from food? Which food contain much salt and can be used as a salt source?

  3. Can u show us how u sharpen ur jungle bolo/knife. That thing is sure sharp. Can slice ur finger in an instant. πŸ˜… Tnx. All the way from Philippines. Am a big fan.

  4. what were the first plants you were digging up? love this channel but would be great if you could say what the plants are

  5. Padahal mah mun nyobaan melak sampeu, jagong,jeung sajabana ari sakirana rek betah dileuweung mah, heg lalaunan nyieun calobak, sugan we ari lila2 mah jadi sawah.

  6. θ‚‰γ°γ‹γ‚Šγ˜γ‚ƒη—›ι’¨γ«γͺるからねー

  7. This is the kind of video that i was expecting from you when i subscribe your show. Hunt, cook and eat is my favourite and interesting game too. Stay safe and wishing you luck for next episode πŸ™Œ enjoyed watching

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