49 thoughts on “Online Classes: Tips for SUCCESS”

  1. Thank you very much! Great advise! I have to take online classes because for me they are way cheaper and allow me to study after work, but I feel that some online classes do not do enough to deliver material. Reading through a long chapter is really difficult so I usually tend to go on YouTube and watch videos about the topic. I just wish my teacher would do the videos himself/herself…

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  3. I have the diagnose Asperger syndrome and I do not feel comfortable in crowded areas nor in classrooms. So online is very good for me. Thank you for a interesting video.

  4. I've taken online courses through a local college. In my experience, online classes are harder to succeed at not due to the subject matter but due to the extreme discipline necessary to stay on course. One doesn't realize the menagerie of distractions that interrupt their study time. I ended up having to go to the local library when I worked on the courses.

  5. When a student opts for an online course, he can exercise a control over his schedule. They can "go to a class" literally in their pyajamas and study from the comfort of their living rooms. Not only does it save them a lot of time, they an plan their daily routine well and can progress with the study material according to their own pace.

  6. I've been thing about taking online courses. I a good read but just don't like to read unless the subject is interesting. I think the fact it time consuming to read sometimes. I rather take a combination of online and reg classes. I think that would suit me best.

  7. Excellent presentation.  As an instructor for online classes, I'm always looking for a good resource to guide students toward success.  Thank you – I'll be linking to this presentation frequently.

  8. It would seem to me that if challenges to online courses are the dopamine inducing distractors, online course designers might consider co-opting these distractors as learning tools.  I also find that the animal motivation triad completely discounts the social motives students bring to schoolwork.  I suggest you read some Phil Schlechty.

  9. This was excellent. Do you have a transcript that can be used to make the Closed Captioning work correctly?

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  11. Extremely helpful when I really want to take an online course for the first time in my life having 2 traditional bachelors and 2 traditional masters. I am quite clear now. Thanks a lot.

  12. I wish that teachers would upload the lessons that they do in person for the online students because a lot of teachers have online and in person classes. YouTube lectures from your own personal teacher would be the equivalent on going to class in person and you can watch the lectures over and over again.

  13. Unfortunately, I was forced to change my whole semester to online due to a broken ankle. Hopefully I'll have high success. 🙂

  14. I did online college and today is my first day at Ashford University. I prefer online 100%. I am self motivated, know my purpose, value my work and have a lot of discipline and focus.

  15. This was a great video to watch. Thank you for all of your useful information. You have great communication skills.

  16. I taking online classes right. Any advics for students that have a teacher who is boring with no people skills. He does not inverate with the students really at all. It is a public speaking class u record ur speakes and then u post it. In my online class there are alot videos PTL yes there is reading but more videos which is very helpful to be audio vitural learner. Do have advice for someone like me in online classes I do have lots public speaking exeriance. The teacher in my class is not helpful at all or aprochible should I step up to the plate myself the student and be their big sister or class leader and take those who who need it under my wing because the teacher as 0% people skills?

  17. The same way that there are individuals that online school might not be a good for them, there are teachers that are just not good for online teaching. Online school or teaching is just not for everyone!

  18. As an online high school student, I also fell into procrastination in the beginning. It was really hard to get out of it, especially since I was a very productive person prior to enrolling in online classes. But once you get the hang of it, and realize you're actually the only one responsible for your education, then you will force yourself succeed. And I think that's the best part about online schooling. It forces you to change your perspective about things, and you learn more about yourself earlier than if you were in a traditional school setting. Online school just gives you more time to self-reflect.

  19. this is so true! 3:00 I never realized I would get distracted by students sometimes. Little things people would do or wear would throw me off.

  20. Instructor makes a difference too. In one class, there were lots of students missing deadlines over time and she was all, ‘Oh, that’s ok. It happens.” Those are the people she’ll respond to, instead of all the ones meeting deadlines and following the guidelines.

  21. Was really getting into this. Then I got distracted by the fact she used a picture of a telescope view from a game I use to play as a kid called club penguin. Now I'm distracted from this by think of that game. LOL.

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