Origins Mod 1.7.9 – Survival Is Just The Beginning (Rus subs)

you it all began with nature passion for it and to Vienna had the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever seen I was on a trip around Europe so I decided to spend my last days there my first day I did nothing would stay around Sabina and prepare for a road trip around the country I went to a couple museums chatting famous castles around the area then I went back to camp before nightfall and fell asleep as I was tired from the flight the next day as I had planned I went on a road trip I visited the western islands the famous inactive volcano villas the amazing huge nuclear power plant the film’s restaurant tower in Brenna var that’s when it all started no what was aware of a live under Sabina apparently the mayor along with dr. Ivan they were both trying to create a virus that would turn people into zombies some sort of fun dead army when I came back the virus had spread I will never forget how everything was completely different everything changed those with enough money went with the mayor to Salvation Island for us tourists in my case there was nothing I could do I thought it was the end of the world I thought it was my end I had no hopes left but then years just passed and I learned to survive so many of us lost everything a home place to be safe we must leave in this island No trying to survive the mayor planned everything everything to destroy us it’s just scavenging for food everyday for weapons to defend ourselves sometimes we randomly find a survivor and we never know what can happen you never know if you will get shot all because of that stupid mayor in dr. Ivan but we will fight back who will try to force us together kill the bandits in our way go to salvation I live in just destroy everything kill the mayor to this will you help us or really fight us survival is just the beginning you

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