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Try elcheer’s link? What’s elcheer’s link Oh, the battle royale thing! Yeah dude, a new fun way to play casual osu! matches and tournaments if you’re bored of grinding singleplayer and want a new challenge, this is the place for you! Play through automatically generated matches here 24/7 and measure your skill up against others PogU? How do I play? osu! Royale Match open to join Join, your osu! account will be authorized Yes what the fuck Holy shit, dude, there’s actually- I’m the highest ranked player in here so if I lose to anyone dude, this is gonna SUCK DICK Game will start in less than a minute Wait, this is like a battle royale, right? So we just got to keep going until someone fucking- until people die alright *squeals of excitement* Bros Bros Bros BROS Guys I think you guys can also join this match right now, guys If you guys wanna participate in the battle royale all you have to do is go to alright, boys you could participate in this battle royale Here you go. It’s full? Oh nevermind, sorry dudes [The first round is starting in 21 seconds] monkaS If I actually lose to anyone here, I’m going to be fucking TILTED If I drop out of the first round I’m gonna be losing to six-digits oh my god [The beatmap is bradbeeck – Emotional Uplifting Orchestral [Heaven]] You play in single player mode, you can pick any rankable mods pick any rankable mods, play this difficulty: Heaven, only your highest score will count what in the fuck what in the fuck What in the fuck? What the FUCK? Bro, I’m about to lose to fucking six digits NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis [Heaven] [Heaven] [Heaven] uhhhh uhhh DT, Hidden, Sudden Death, Hard Rock, fucking let’s go! This was a mistake I just sightread AR11 BITCH get FUCKED Okay, let’s try this again [Round 1 has ended] Oh no, oh no, I’m gonna fucking lose I’m dead I’m dead I’m dead ahhh ahhhhhh AH- *downtempo trombone jazz* [Round 2 has started, the beatmap is HyuN feat. JeeE – Fallen Angel] we have 3 minutes boys [Zetera’s insane] We have three minutes. Uhh, Zetera’s insane, uhhh fucking uhhh, we’ll go with No Mod for now alright? Boys, let’s go How’d that do? 47 seconds left, alright Here we go [Round 2 has ended] Third place boys, third place Alright next one next one next one we got Koi-tsu-ba-ki-hi-me A lot of people are playing with hidden [[Round 3 has started] fuck [the beatmap is Himeringo – Koitsubakihime] oh fuck Guys I think we might be dead I don’t think there’s enough time to restart Boys, we might be gone Fuck dude, I’m gone. I’m literally dead There’s no way I’m gonna make it dudes There’s only 52 seconds left, I can’t even submit another score bros are you fucking kidding me? Bros, I’m done. I’m done. It’s gone I’m dead. It’s all gone. Everything is done. Everything is gone. Everything is over, bros. Bros, I’m gone. I’m literally gone Wait, there’s still five-digits in this lobby bro. Wait a second If the five-digits die, I might still be able to stay in Bros [Round 3 has ended] Oh my god, oh my god. Elcheer, thanks for taking one for the team, brother Holy shit Alright starting in 6 seconds, boys, let’s go let’s go I have an FC on this. Oh, no, I have a slider break choke Wait a second [Round 4 has started] Let’s go [the beatmap is cYsmix – Moonlight Sonata [Expert]] Nice Didn’t save the 99 but that’s okay. We got the FC bro. We have to be safe alright, there’s no way that we’re not safe bros. We have to survive We got the second highest score BOYS LET’S GO Oh my god, oh my god, dude, there’s only seven people remaining What in the fuck dude- there’s still a five digit in What the fuck dude? This is proof Dude, we just saw literally 5 four-digits died to a five digit Rank means nothing in this game We just witnessed a five-digit destroy 5 four-digits, bros Bros, rank means nothing dude. Rank means nothing Alright, with the amount of players left I think I can still go No Mod and still be good alright We’re coming up with in-game strats already, dudes alright I’m not gonna put on mods unless I NEED to [Round 5 has started] shit [the beatmap is ASCA – RESISTER (TV SIZE) [Monstrata’s Night Sky]] here we go here we go here we go here we go ohhhhhhhhhh NO Okay, this is not good, I have to restart right now dude I’m not sure if I have enough time [Round 5 has ended] FUCK oh oh OH MY GOD, holy shit, boys. We just barely made it in What in the fuck dude hoooooo hoooooo HOOOO HOO Boys Guys, this is starting to get real fucking hard real fucking quick dude Oh my GOD Guys Guys oh my god Bros, this is not Dudes Oh my fucking god it’s an UNDEADCAPULET map Guys Guys GUYS NOOO Bro the fucking suspense dude, I’m not sure Did I make it? No fucking way bro There’s still a minute left. Is that enough time? fuck, no it’s 3 minutes fuck, bro monkaS- no, monkaW DUDE Holy fuck bro, am I dead? Am I dead? I think I’m dead dude FUCK DUDE, dude, this is literally like, bro It’s the countdown to my fucking death bro bro don’t do this to me man Show me the GREEEEN BABYYYYY [The match has finished, the winner is BeasttrollMC] AAAAAAAAAAA LET’S GOOOOOO What happened to Honesty? Where’d Honesty go… WE WOOOOOON LET’S GO Holy shit, dude Guys Guys, that was insane oh my god Bro osu! Battle Royale, it’s INSANE GG holy fuck Dude… [Round 7 has ended] YESSSSSS OH MY FUCK DUDE [The match has finished, the winner is BeasttrollMC] Two for two, boys TWO FOR TWO YOOOO

100 thoughts on “osu! BATTLE ROYALE | My FIRST GAME”

  1. Dude I just found this game in 2019 and I’m pissed

    I have so many questions

    But are you using more than 2 fingers?

  2. Anyone know how to set the same settings as him, like the sound when he clicks the circles and the color and size of the mouse cursor?

  3. Yo I beat beasts score on the first map PogChamp

    I got an FC with DTHD

    not in the tournament I wasn't even in it

  4. I am nine minutes into the video and only just realised that itsamemarrio was in the game, the guy that passed A FOOL MOONS NIGHT with Hd?

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