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Our Dumb School Project (Survival Kit)

Our Dumb School Project (Survival Kit)

Hey, guys! Today, we’re gonna do a stupid and obnoxious stupid vlog for our school project Because that’s how dumb we are. Let’s get started. So today, we’re gonna talk about these little babies. wow.wav And these are the things you need to survive natural disasters like Tornadoes Volanic Eruptions Typhoons Earthquakes and Landslides. And first, we’re gonna look at these, which we call Hygiene kit! Natural Hazards cannot be avoided and so, we must bring our hygiene kit to maintain our cleanliness. In line with this, we also need: Extra clothes! The hygene kit includes: Soap, shampoo, powder etc. It is recommended that they are in containers for easy carrying. So, next on our list is documents You must always safely keep these documents in case of emergencies like your birth certificate, the and any other documents that you have. The following are foods that you should prepare before a disaster, which should last long First off are canned goods Easy open cans are recommended so that even if you don’t have a can opener it can easily be eaten. Next up are biscuits which should last long for at least 3 days or more Next are waters. “waters’ :V Water that should last for 3 days or more Next on our list is medicine and… medicine! In this first aid kit there is medicine, agua, and betadine. These items are necessary in order to treat those are wounded and etc. Another item that you’ll need is a face mask you must have a mask during volcanic eruptions since ash and smoke scatter around the air which can harm our health Next up is electronic gadgets that we can use during or after a disaster Flashlight with a rechargable fan that we can use when stuck in area or at the the evacuation area. Next one is your cellphone. Your cellphone can be used to access all things because with our phones, we communicate with each other and as we know, communication is very important. So currently, I’m undergoing self hate I’ll show you this very very cute penguin stuffed animal So, my bit is about: money! Yes, money! Money is the thing that lets you buy many things except for love because you’ll ALWAYS be single. But, with money, you can buy other things like things you actually need that isn’t love like food and clothes and the other stuff mentioned in this video already. So remember, folks, always save your money in case of emergencies. Before we go, we’d like to thank you guys for watching our crappy and half baked video. And until next time, goodbye.

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