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Our SIDS. Our Future – Project Survival Pacific

Our SIDS. Our Future – Project Survival Pacific

Climate change is not a distant threat but a stark reality for our small island states Young people from the Pacific islands region put climate change as one of the top 5 development challenges we face for a sustainable future, along with education, health, employment, good governance and youth participation. The link between climate change, biodiversity and sustainable development is a matter of survival of young people and the resilience of our island We envision a self-sustaining, climate resilient, peaceful, healthy, inclusive, transparent society in which the survival, prosperity and dignity of the people of the Pacific are ensured and the problems posed by climate change are solved through sustained global cooperation. We are not just the leaders of tomorrow. We are also the partners of today. We stand for action and change. We stand for solutions. On behalf of the children and youth, Project Survival Pacific: Fiji’s Youth Climate Movement is committed to realizing the sustainability dreams of our young people. We are actively contributing the voices of young Fijians to the climate change and sustainable development process Through Project Survival Pacific’s SIDS oriented campaigns we commit to bring the attention of the world towards the issues affecting our Pacific small island nations; generating on ground local action and meaningfully engaging with our governments in finding solutions for a more sustainable future for all. Our SIDS, Our Future. Achieving Sustainability through genuine and durable partnerships.

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