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OVERNIGHT BUSHCRAFT CAMP|overnighter|feuerstelle|supershelter|deutsch|german|shelter

OVERNIGHT BUSHCRAFT CAMP|overnighter|feuerstelle|supershelter|deutsch|german|shelter

Hi people I am the Ingo from the channel
überleber. Nice that you are outside again. Also with us today is Chris again.
Hello! Yes, as you can see – it’s windy, it it’s wet, it’s cold – perfect
bushcraft camp weather. We want to too now not talk big – we want
build today We want to work with some
make daylight – just the things here on top of the platform and catch it
we too. That’s the first thing to take care of we are talking about the roof construction
First of all build a frame here let’s still such a kind railing
make sure we move around there because here without sunlight in the
we stumble around the dark top avoid. There is no problem down here
can continue to build in the dark but yes up here is 2,20 m
height does not have to be that right there falls so the railing stands now we want
build the roof structure so our first goal is reached
the sun is just setting and the roof stands
Hallelujah So that’s the sleeping place
thus secured first so we can keep going
now it’s about the hearth the we want to be so right in front of the
make reflector wall then we want the protective walls out here
still build and if we can still manage it in here
a kind of T-construction that we here what a pitched roof can build
but we can still relax there first hearth as a source of heat there
we can just a little bit eat and have one more
little light so the hearth, that will be a bit
exclusive we have already in the first bushcraft camp follow that said here
probably something probably must have stood
military so here is in the near a lot of scrap around
Of course not at first sight nice of nature but for us
also very practical because just at bushcraft / survival
because you should actually use what we have available and there we have
here actually such a sink or such a sink found
and of course that has one here outflow that means we can do that as
Take fire bowl and have here equal an opening for the times
see if that works i have in the art not yet built but I think
beautiful tasting is about studying as you can see that is really good
Works flawlessly. but still skin a little bit down there
we are so west today southwest wind is missing then here
the protective wall over there But let’s just say that for now
then burn down a bit We’ll have a good time and shine
wonderful yes people if we really have one now
sawed here all day, trunks towed lashed, knotted the bedside is
ever finished on the platform then film it too
once again Here below we have everything now
nice windproof get the fire now runs the cozy part
Now we sizzle a bit what and drink a sip so people slow is midnight
it’s getting so midnight so people now is midnight we
We ate what we ate Now we make up the night camp
it is clear that everything is done right now Time for us to go a little bit
plonk Well, yes, so no nonsense from above yes, we just have the walls
Let’s leave open today with the weather we look really lucky too
just how it feels mostly comes here as I said
Westwind but I think there if we have no problems today but at all
Falls has stopped raining It is relatively cool but we have
here a bit sleeping bags biwaksack and all that
and I think we have today sawed and dragged so much
we will sleep like the babies So let’s see how the night will be Good night people here you can see the box now
in all its glory that can be seen, I think
now also have somehow right nice weather so the sun is coming here
out yesterday it was indeed closed and off and to so their drizzle and rainstorm and
Today is also a stroke like spring So – have a little breakfast
and then it goes on yes, that’s what I wanted
But yesterday it was really a bit difficult too
film because of the darkness I still want an equipment
This item is here today and test Although this is this hatchet the
I last on a short break I was given a present
invited by a spectator from the canal and there next to the barbecue
lay this hatchet and that’s a design … yes I wanted
actually make one in winter itself flexing maybe forging
but that’s exactly what I would have So maybe made an oval eye
but so the design of the size of weight is really a great casual
I want to get that head and I want it now for the coming work here einielen
I’ve traditionally had an ash here picked out and then we have first
a beautiful casual I am really times curious how the handling is
then the stalk comes out again I want then make one of yew wood
but then I do that in mine workshop and dea once again right
nice sanding and everything. have on this beautiful sunny morning
gain. that’s the one here Robert is helping us out here now
next work Let’s see how to progress. you do
now the hack or right? Now we’re playing a bit of bushcraft darts so people then we are also at the end of the series arrived.
I think that can be seen. we did not freeze at night
have had good luck with the weather today Yesterday it was completely in
order so good weather to saw to hack next time it goes there
of course, but now we are first so far that we can say here
we can just stay well We can also in bad weather
or work at night and also In bad weather, do something during the day. Yes if
you have questions or suggestions then write this please in the comments I read this through
and feel free to answer otherwise at this point bye and
Until next time

20 thoughts on “OVERNIGHT BUSHCRAFT CAMP|overnighter|feuerstelle|supershelter|deutsch|german|shelter”

  1. schick schick das Häusli , also ich hätte Angst das man da beim schlafen runterkullert 😁 macht weiter so ganz toll.

  2. joar … bin beeindruckt ! Hat Ihr toll gemacht! Ingo was mich aber interessieren würde … das ist doch ein ziemlich grobschichtiges Arbeiten was bestimmt mit Schwielen an den Händen verbunden ist … stört Dich das bei feinmotorigen Arbeiten wie dem Tätowieren nicht ?

  3. Hi
    Is ja geil, das Hochhaus im Wald.
    Schön geworden bis jetzt.
    Bin ja mal gespannt wie Ihr das Dach wasserdicht macht,so ein ähnliches Problem hat der Fritz ja auch bei sein Grubenhaus.
    Schade das ein Teil des Videos so dunkel ist. Ihr solltet euch mal etwas mehr Licht besorgen.😊😊
    Der Waldgeist

  4. Hey Ingo, es geht voran 👍. Statt der Plaste Plane würde ich ein BW Tarp nehmen, flattert nicht so und ist stabiler. LG Ed

  5. Hi alle Beteiligten 🤗
    Villa „Überleber“ nimmt echt coole Formen an! Sauber Jungs!
    Viele Grüße aus dem Nachbarland!😁
    Ich Feier euch!🤗👍👍👍

  6. GoPro koch mir 'n Schnitzel!!!!!!😁😁😁 ich hau' mich weg.. ihr seit spitze Jungs!!👍👍 Macht weiter so! Grüsse aus der Schweiz

  7. Mal eine Frage wie oft werdet ihr von Zecken gestochen ich würde Schiss haben dort im Wald mich aufzuhalten mich hat einmal in meinem Leben eine Zecke gestochen und mich mit Borreliose infiziert habe ihr keine Angst?

  8. Hey, ich wollte mal fragen, wo du das Beil bzw. Tomahawk her hast, dass z.B. im Intro kurz zu sehen ist, oder im Kienspan Video. Ich habe noch nie ein so derbe cooles Beil gesehen (auch der Griff <3), hab dazu aber kein Video auf deinem Kanal gefunden. Ist das gekauft? Wenn ja, wo? Oder auch selbst gebaut?

  9. Tach ! Hat wieder einmal richtig Bock gemacht rein zu schauen. Euer Lager mit dem Tarp Dach sieht auch klasse aus 🙂
    Und zum Schluss immer die Outtakes, so wie es sich gehört 😀 LG vom Outdoor Eagle

  10. Hey Ingo, du hast auf jeden Fall seid einigen Tagen einen neuen Abonnenten. Ich verfolge gerade die Bushcraftcamp-Serie, das ist sehr interessant. Finde deine Viedeos mega toll, mach weiter so!
    LG Emil

  11. Moin Jungs , cooler Kanal, noch cooleres Bushcraftcamp.

    Mich interessiert besonders die Riesensäge, das RiesensägeSchwert wie auch immer man das nennen möchte.

    Wie heißt die , wo gibts die, und würdest du sie nochmal kaufen ?

  12. Wie viele Tage habt ihr an diesem Bauprojekt verbracht und wie viel Std am Tag dran gebaut? Da ihr ja ziemlich oft mit mehren am Bau beteiligt wart.

    Aber muss sagen mega geil Ingo echt.

    Kommen dort noch paar Teile zum Camp?

    Ps die Musik ab 12:50 wie heißt das

    Hoffe das dass Lager bestehen bleibt ohne das irgendwelche Neider dies zerstören.

    Grüße Tris

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