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Overnight Success: Gary Vaynerchuk

Overnight Success: Gary Vaynerchuk

– So at 30, I started Wine
Library TV, YouTube blows up. At 31 I’m on
Conan O’Brien, Ellen, there’s articles being
written about me, now they’re writing
that the business grew from three to
60 million dollars in sales, I’m becoming this guy. I got so many goddamn emails
from friends in high school, during that period
when I was showing up in all these
magazines and TV shows, and every single
one of them, was like “Hey Gary, you remember
me from high school? “Oh my God, you’re so lucky.” I wrote back every single
one of them, and said, “Let me just clarify one
thing, I’m not lucky, “I worked. I worked every goddamn
weekend and every holiday, “since I was 14 years old, “so you can keep that
luck shit in your pocket.” (“Inertia” by Irregular Expression) Every day, every day
that I live my life, I get five to 27
emails from people that are telling me
that they are quitting, or they should quit, or, or are really coming
to me as a last resort to convince them not to quit
I think a lot of times, or, or maybe give them confirmation
that they should quit. You know, “Hey Gary, this is Sally, “I’ve been doing my
blog now for nine months “and I’m not getting the
results that I like to see “or that I was promised”
or that, you innuendo. “Should I give up, like,
you know, should I, “is my content not good enough, “am I, is my voice
not good enough?” And I think about it, every time, every time I see these emails, every time people ask me at
conferences I think about it, I think about how sad I am that I wasn’t documenting my life, or putting out content, or
doing The #AskGaryVee Show, during those five and a half
years of Wine Library TV, especially those 18 months
when nobody was watching. You know the story
that’s never told, is the story that I was
building Wine Library to a huge company long
before Wine Library TV, and that the first month
that I did Wine Library TV, was the first time that Wine Library had not grown 30% over
the prior year’s revenue. So not only did
I have the patience to let it play itself out and win, it was a scenario where
I was actually losing money by being patient. Many of the people that are
going to watch this video are not achieving what they want, and are lacking the patience, and think everything happens overnight, and that is coming at the
cost of an unhappy life, or no loss financially,
just loss in time. Just coming at the
expense of Angry Birds, or House of Cards marathons,
or the bowling team, or hanging out with
friends and having a beer, or reading a magazine, or whatever the hell gets you
off and excited as a hobby. It’s coming at that expense, it’s not coming at the
expense of actual money, or something, or pain,
or, you know, it’s coming at the
expense of a luxury. And so to me, the insanity, really, and
that’s what I’m gonna, you know, the disproportional
misunderstanding that there’s not a person
that you can name, not one, there is zero people that you can name, that had it happen overnight. Even the nine year-old
Stevie Wonder and six year-old
Michael Jackson, there were years
of work put in prior by their parents, by their uncles. Even with the greatest
talents, even with LeBron, he seemed like so young
when he hit the scene. Guess what, he wasn’t, he’d already been playing
basketball for 15 goddamn years. Even though you all say to
me like, wow, you did it, I didn’t do it, I did it
when I was 14 years old, and 15 years old, and 16
years old, and 17 years old, and 18 years old, and 19
years old, and 20 years old, and 21 years old,
and 22 years old, which are all the years
that every single weekend, while my friends
went to the Jersey shore and hooked up with girls, while my friends went fishing, while my friends hung out
and threw round the football, and lived the leisure life, every weekend,
every single weekend, let me just say it one
more time, every weekend, every day, from the
day I got out of school to the day I went back into
school, every vacation day, all of them, not a good
amount of them, every day, from 7am to back
then 8pm, every day, I was learning
the wine business. I was honing my craft
to be a good salesman. I was figuring out
how to be an operator. I watched how my dad
interacted with his employees, what I liked about it, what I didn’t. I watched my cousin Bobby
interact with the employees, I took what I liked
from it, what I didn’t. I was 30 years old before
any of you ever saw me. Go show me the videos
on YouTube right now, that have me under 30.
They don’t exist. I was putting in the work, for
half my life, from 15 to 30, where I built an actual
business. I put in actual work, and so if you want to tell
me that every goddamn moment of my life between 15 and
30 is an overnight success, then knock yourself out, but
that is complete bullshit, and every one of you know it. And so when you email me,
that you’ve started this thing, that you have the audacity to want it to be
the rest of your life. The audacity, really,
the entitlement, that you think that you
should be able to do something that you love so much,
for the rest of your life, that makes you enough money, to be able to do it for
the rest of your life, that you’re giving up
after four months? That you’re giving up
after two years? As a matter of fact, every
single person watching this video should be trying for that moment for the rest of
their life, period. You might hit
pay dirt at 80, and cool, then you can really do exactly
what you love from 80 to 100. My friends, it is a gift,
is a gift, to wake up in the morning, and
be able to do what you want, for the rest of your life. The way you do that, is by becoming a quote
unquote, “overnight success”. You know, the excuse
that everybody uses to deploy against somebody
who’s actually put in work, for the last decade, and got
themselves into a position where they can do
something pretty rad, that we all think is cool,
and we all wish we could do. You know, that thing, the thing that you say to yourself to make yourself feel better, about when you’re laying in bed and playing a goddamn
game on your phone, instead of putting in the
work to achieve what you want. Nothing in life is free,
nothing happens overnight, it all takes tons
and tons of work, and tons and tons of talent, and tons and tons of serendipity, but my friends, luck, serendipity, there’s a forced culture within that. You know, you’ll just sit in your room, hoping and then
something lucky happens, nobody just knocks on
your house’s door and says “Congratulations, you’ve
been awarded this”. Luck comes from
being in the right spot. I’ve been really lucky,
because I fucking bleed out of my eyes every day of
my life and work my face off. You’re really lucky when
you’re at that 11:30pm meeting, where the lucky thing
happens, pretty cool, since all you
were fucking sleeping. I was pretty lucky, weird,
that I scheduled that meeting ’cause I did a ton of
things for 30 years, that allowed me to
even have that meeting in the first place, that
gave me the leverage to have that lucky
thing that happened. There’s no overnight successes,
period, they don’t exist. Show me,
leave a comment in YouTube, leave the name, explain
to me, tell me, show me, let me know, show me
the overnight success, because I’ll show you you,
justifying in your brain, something that is
just not true, period. (“Inertia” by Irregular Expression)

100 thoughts on “Overnight Success: Gary Vaynerchuk”

  1. Amazing content. I love the way the shots are put together and each time how well only focused content is included in each episode. No drifting. No diversion. Thanks a lot to the whole team!

  2. Completely agree with you Gary, many of my friends sometimes say that dude you got lucky that you've got the skills which gave you success, but then I say that dude the truth is that I have been grinding for 6 years straight, working in vacations to reach when you were out partying to reach here, to hone my skills to its very roots, and now they ask me for shortcuts, but all i have to say is that you need to do the work. PERIOD.

  3. Gary you posted videos and drank wine? Go do concrete one week and tell me you are out working me. Fuck do it for 30 years. You don't out work, you out talk and use social media.

  4. the fact that you had to speed up the last few wine library tv clips to fit them all in, will always be a legend, you have influenced me more than anyone else in my life. I live for the 40 hour work weekends baby. To many hungry nights… too many…

  5. Hey Gary, Yes I know a guy with overnight success..he was born with it. He has cosmic power to tell what happened in past. Anyway.. This is just my opinion..I know no one will believe this.

  6. Check out my book "Wisdom" just starting out i know you'll love it. Let's change the world baby!!

  7. Gary you've helped me a lot! You really show how much work it takes and you put things into perspective. This was a particularly good video and really showed the work ethic it took to reach success

  8. OVERNIGHT SUCCESS: Bitcoin Investment !
    Although m your biggest fan you will ever have!
    but just coz u asked..

  9. There is no such thing as luck your thoughts create feelings, feelings create actions, actions lead to results work on your craft everyday!!!! 🙌🏾🙏🏾

  10. How many WLtv episodes did you make? Holy cow! Yesterday I began with the first episode of my own show. It´s a long road ahead as I can see. I better start thinking how can I enjoy the climb. F*ck!

  11. Гари здравствуйте. Фрэнк Синатра – стал знаменитым и успешным за одну ночь.

  12. This video is very good. I like the fact that you show those videos that at the begining were not getting any attention. I started to make some videos, releasing every week or so. Now I realise that it is normal to get very low attention. I decided to dedicate myself to do one video per day because this is what I like to do. Thanks

  13. The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary. Well said Gary and very inspiring.

  14. Gary, this is your best video. More people need to watch this. In this microwave mentality society we have these days people are losing touch with what it really takes to be successful. Was brought back to this video by Roberto Blake after he uploaded a review of your books Crush It and Crushing it. Great guy with a similar work ethnic and mindset to you (but I know you already know him). Thanks again and keep crushing it!

  15. Damn, heard this Podcast sucks bruh

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  17. Wow Gary, your face looks so much more relaxed in this video than in the flashbacks, particularly your eyes. You used to have a real chip on your shoulder. Now you seem happy 🙂

  18. I will get there. But I'm not excited about that. I'm excited about today, while planning only for tomorrow.

  19. Thanks! Exactly the inspiration i needed today!

  20. "I have to actually work to get what I want?" No disrespect intended, but these people need to get real. In the age of instant gratification/entitlement, it's so easy to play the pitty card. Grow up people. Everything comes from within. Start doing the work. 1❤

  21. EVERY day people say "good luck" to me and you know what I say, G?? "I DON'T NEED LUCK, I WORK, BOO!" (Or "baby") and I USED to add "I appreciate the sentiment" but now i just say, "I appreciate you"…AND I DO APPRECIATE YOU, SOOOOOOO MUCH, G!! YOU ARE LIKE MY PERSONAL GENIE!! I GOT SOOOO MUCH BETTER since I met you….YOU made me feel more worthy….I CANNOT thank you enough!! YOU ARE WORTH IT!!

  22. A1 Gary you are so right – get off our backside and prove to yourself you have what it takes to last the distance!!!!

  23. Wow! After two years and this video still inspiring me! Thanks Gary! It takes consistency to achieve any target. And this consistency makes me keep my journey about ai until today 🙂 thanks!

  24. Last December I started this channel which is my 2nd channel, I already have a channel with 600 subs which just turned 2 this year and I made this channel to focus on all the things I liked besides the thing my main channel is about. I didn't have a clear plan as to how I wanted to built this channel, I just knew that I wanted a channel on which I could talk about anything I wanted.
    So I made the channel in December and then uploaded a few vids and in the first 3 months I was really not uploading regularly and I just went and checked the dates and saw that I started uploading more 5 months ago and I did different things and a month ago I decided to make a video schedule and create specific video series and I've managed to stick to the schedule! I don't see any growth but I like the topics I make videos about and I am just gonna continue till I make it! I recently watched a video in which you talked about that if you don't see any progress and keep doing the same thing for years you might have a problem and I feared that might happen to me that I am still gonna be at 10 subs in a few years but I don't want to stop. I think I am getting better with every video and things are gonna get even better soon! I can't wait to look back in a few years and see the progress! Even if I stay at 10 subs I can look back at the Writing Vlogs I am making about my process of writing SciFi movies along with the other videos and see how far I've come!

  25. How abt shawn mendes?
    Although he works too damn hard right now that he's in the game, but back when he started, he didn't work that hard! He admits it himself, yeah one thing we can say he did shit! He started while most of us don't just cross that threshold.
    But still, why didn't it take that much work for him, +GaryVee?
    I'm just curious.

  26. Thank you, Gary! This video actually inspired to start my vlog where I document my own entrepreneurial journey from the very beginning!

  27. Gary is soo right. For years I screwed around, and went no where. When I got the woman of my dreams, and our first child was on it's way, something in me changed. I was a mad man on a mission, and worked around the clock in 10 different directions to see what would work. Cars was my thing.
    I have photos of my 8.5 month pregnant wife late at night helping me prep cars for sale. One of my neighbors came to me one evening and said in a friendly way…. "You won't be living here much longer". He meant that by our hard work, we would not be living in poor apartments with them soon. In 2 years of hard work, I saved $25k for the down payment on our first home. In 6 years we moved to a new home twice that size in a much nicer neighborhood in Sacramento CA. In 5 more years, we paid off that home in full, and bought a big property cash in the most exclusive neighborhood in our area.
    I opened a motorcycle dealership and did it all by cash. I own other companies now as well. Now the money comes from the heavens, and I drive any car I want, travel in style to any country I want, and life is great. BUT, like Gary said. That took 7 days a week, 24/7 my brain being in gear, and no screwing around….. for years and years. It did NOT happen over night. My life was on the straight and narrow of 1 mission. I had no time for lose parties and bowling. No time for the twice a week hangover.
    Now my 2 boys are 22 and 23, and both hard core gym rats, educated, hard working, and very successful. If I died today, they would do fine without me. My wife of 25 years is ready to retire from her Government job, and will come to work for one of our other companies. Life is all in order, and GREAT!!!
    I am proud of myself, and my family. This did not come from screwing around. It came from hard work, and working when others were not willing to. I must admit, I think that growing my businesses was as much fun or more than my friends had screwing around and getting more in debt. Building my companies was a journey, and tons of fun. It presented new challenges, and was full of learning fun things, meeting really interesting people, and world travel. The old saying is sooo right. The journey was probably much more fun, that the actual destination. Being rich is great, but getting there was so much fun.
    Get off your lazy couch, and go do something with your life. Excuses are for loosers!!

  28. What about a guy or girl that wakes up one morning that's is pretty and gets offered a modeling contract ? I guess he / she has to work to keep the job? Maybe he / she isn't happy and that's not success to him / her

  29. Best video I ever saw from Gary. Put it on every once in a while. Lets all keep up the good work and make this universe a better place

  30. Straight truth! Started playing guitar and singing at 15 years old. Multiple hours a day and still have nothing to show for it. However, I’m not complaining. I’ll never stop singing and playing until I die. Do I want to do it for life. YES. Would I like to do it as my career. OF COURSE. I’m 25 and I’ve waited too long to make a YouTube channel. Now, I’m attacking it! Wish me luck!! 👍🏻👍🏻

  31. I had to come and watch this video. Because I LOVE HARD WORK. I’ll keep going no matter what. I’m on a mission all 2019. 💯✍🏿🌎

  32. Men overestimate what they can do in a year. And underestimate what they can do in lifetime. That quote has changed my life. My perspective has widened and now I see everything clearer now. Things I have taken for granted now have value that I wouldn’t trade for the world and the goals I have been scrambling to accomplish for years I’m now knocking out one by one. I thank that quote. And I thank you Gary. You defined the grind. Respect. Keep the momentum.

  33. Ora nella nostra playlist con i video di Gary con i sottotitoli in italiano >

  34. Hey Gary,

    I used to listen to this everyday on the bus to university 5 years ago and it changed my mindset.

    Check @camwatsn on Instagram and I’ll show you how we can make an overnight success a reality.

    Let’s chat, I’ll be in New York early April IF you would like to spend 30 minutes talking about ‘overnight success’


  35. Today I am watching this video of yours….after 1 year…I will be there to watch you live in US or any other part of the world

  36. Ya i dont want to be 80 and finally make it haveing to pop 1000 viagra thats asumeing i evean livevto 80 who the hell want to pretend that people still have a reason to live that long anyway i sure as hell dont want to wait that long i want to have money to enjoy my life while im young and have energy to do things, i think its stupid to think its worth waiting for, money is the only thing that allows a person to have any level of freedom to do the things that makebthem happy anyone who claims otherwise is a fucking liar

  37. If you’re going to be successful in business whether it’s in sales, whether it’s in marketing, whether it’s in team building, it’s going to take time. "Overnight success" takes YEARS. Great video, Gary!

  38. Hey Gary, what about Back-pack kid (Russell Horning) or Bhad Bhabie?
    As in, they went viral in a very short amount of time

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