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Ozzy Man Reviews: Iguana vs Snakes – Planet Earth 2

Ozzy Man Reviews: Iguana vs Snakes – Planet Earth 2

This young Iguana walking to school by himself AND THERE’S A PACK OF SNAKES The little bastard should’ve gone a different way It’s not the first time he has been bullied though, he is like: No worries, i can’t go left, above me is shit And going right is fucked. I recognize I’ll just hang tight I’ll wait for night time. And then I’ll creep away like a little ninja It means I’ll miss a day of school, but… …mom can’t get angry. OH it f*ckin’ touch me Look at all these sliny wack is imerging from the darkness. It’s like it could take your holiday nightmare. Meanwhile the Iguana is breaking landspeed records They can’t catch him He is like the Usain Bolt of baby lizard He flies around the corner OOH Look at this, an AMBUSH !! Ooh… f*ck off…NO… Corrupt politicians War in the Middle East Shorter seasons of Game Of Thrones And now this BULLSHIT OH…OH… It’s all good It’s little late to work it over time again F*ck, I need a nap from watching him. I’m about to pass out. He is COOOOL … as a cucumber though! He is like… From this point I just need to listen to Bear Grylls I have to get to higher round… Start a camp fire… and drink my own piss. OH…Hi Fiona! You’re skipping school as well! AWESOME Ha ha ha ha ha Suffering you jerks! Back to the darkness…Yeah… Dickhead….

100 thoughts on “Ozzy Man Reviews: Iguana vs Snakes – Planet Earth 2”

  1. Juvenile walking around without adult in shady area…. 100 creepers hiding in shadows, "heeeeey beautiful"

  2. Drink my own piss…That got me off guard..I wasn't ready for it…
    I choked on my own spit…😭😭😭

  3. Bahubali of iguanas πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»βœŠπŸ»βœŠπŸ»βœŠπŸ»βœŠπŸ»

  4. Can I know from where is the ozzyman from and what is the origin of his accent. His English is way more clearer than my future.

  5. God bless President Trump! The greatest president in America has had since Ronald Reagan!

    Obama was just a pussy ass little bitch boy and a confirmed homosexual. Thank God President Trump came along to fix all the shit Obama fucked up

  6. This is the same video that was narrated by Snoop Dog on Kimmel. His was funny too.

  7. Ozzy Man is generally impeccable and this was good. But man.. I must say Snoop Dogg's version of this video was just better..

  8. "Ohh he fuckin' touch me!!" Your commentary is hilarious. It would be awesome if you have a 1 hour show on TV doing this…It's really entertaining.

  9. Ha ha " from this point I need to listen to Bear Grylls get to higher ground and drink my own piss…..ha ha ha ha fuk me get me bong….

  10. Yeah, Modern life is like that. Thanks.We need a shitload of lizards to bite those fucken snakes outa here .. "Chicken anyone?" (snakes taste like chicken – just like politicians).

  11. It's weird they could sets up all the camera for this shot though. It's like, "Oh I'm just gonna to put my entire gear over here and pray that I could get a couple of good shots at whatever." It's obvious they catched the wild iguana and release it for views.

  12. That iguana is me and the snakes are my responsibilities that I'm running from. Aah and the one that catches me there, is my pregnant girlfriend. πŸ˜“

  13. One good thing about Ozzy Man is that, the picture u see is the same video and more you will watch, unlike other bloggers. lets show some love

  14. This was the very first Ozzy Man Reviews video I watched and it got me hooked ever since. Watching it again 3 years later I still LMFAO.

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