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Paiute Deadfall Trap in Action! Catching Rats and Mice. Bushcraft Survival Skills.

Paiute Deadfall Trap in Action! Catching Rats and Mice. Bushcraft Survival Skills.

The Paiute Deadfall is one of the most effective
primitive traps that I have ever used. It is similar to the figure 4 deadfall which
is also very effective at catching small game. The major difference between these two traps is that
the figure 4 deadfall consists of three sticks with notches carved into it where a Paiute
deadfall consists of 4 sticks and a piece of cordage. These extra components allow for
a much more sensitive trigger which is a huge advantage when trapping small game. I have
recently been working on improving my primitive trapping skills by catching mice and rats.
I was surprised just how much my success increased when I switched from the figure 4 to the Paiute
Deadfall. The first thing you need to make for the Paiute trap is some string or natural
cordage. Since this is a primitive trap I am going to use stone age primitive materials
and techniques. Strong natural cordage can be made by taking the fibers of certain plants
and twisting them together using the 2 ply twist method. Good cordage fibers that grow
in my area include milkweed, dogbane, cedar bark, and stinging nettle. Once you have your
rope or natural cordage, you will need to select the deadfall rock. Select a flat rock
that is the appropriate size and weight for the animal you intend to catch. This rock
is the perfect size and weight to catch mice. To carve the stick for this trap i am going
to use flakes made out of flint. Sharp flint flakes can be produced by striking a piece
of flint with a hammer stone. Next use your flint flake to cut a stick that is about the
diameter of your thumb. For this trap I am going to use a stick made out of hazel nut.
Then cut your short vertical stick so that it has a V shaped point on top. Now we are
ready to carve our angle stick. This angle stick will have a notch carved into it that
will match up with the vertical stick. There are several ways to make the trigger component.
I like to carve out a flat piece of wood and then use the flint flake to drill a hole into
it. This allows you to thread the cord through the hole in the trigger stick and then secure
it using a knot or a stick placed through the looped end. The other end of the cordage
gets tied to the lower end of the angle stick. I like to carve a V in the end of the angle
stick and a notch around it to help secure it to the angle stick. Then carve a notch at
the base of the vertical post stick. This will help keep the trigger stick in place
and help keep the trap from twisting. The final step is to carve one small stick that
will serve as the trigger stick for the trap. And there you have it. 4 small sticks, a rock
and a piece of cordage and you have all you need to catch small animals such as mice and
rats. To set this trap balance the angle stick on the vertical post stick. Then place the
end under the edge of the rock. Then wrap the trigger stick around the notch in the
vertical post stick and set the trap by placing the trigger stick between the piece of wood
and the deadfall rock. Now your trap is set and it is ready to catch any animal that touches
the trigger stick. Even with this very light trigger system mice were often able to take
the bait without tripping the trap. It is important to test these traps under real conditions
to get a feel for how it works and what you need to do to be successful. Minor adjustments
such as changing the height of the post stick and the angle of the rock can have a huge
impact on whether the mouse escapes without harm or is captured by the deadfall. I discovered
that catching rats is much more difficult than catching mice because they are leery
and cautious of the trap and they prefer to pull the bait out and away rather than sit
under the deadfall. They also climb on the trap which which would trigger it without
doing any harm to the rat. I solved this problem by tying the bait to the end of the trigger stick.
This proved to be very effective. The Paiute Deadfall is a very effective primitive trap
that can be made in a survival situation using nothing but materials you find in nature.

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  1. Can you do a video on a (Asian trail spring trap) in action plz this will be very effective on rats and faster then deadfalls of all kinds.

  2. 😭 u guys are so bad donu know that they have feeling what if u are in their(rats) shoes and what if the humans do the same thing to u

  3. How about constructing a concrete pit with pet snakes inside? Have a funnel top and tempting bait underneath rats fall in, can't get back out, snakes eat em…less rats and free snake food! Could even use rattlesnakes so even if snakes are not hungry the rats wont kill the snakes (cause if they try, they die)

  4. Idea….consider setting nearby an ant colony …dead rodent won't have a chance to start stinking then! For a while rather than putting them in the trash to stink and attract animals, I was taking all the dead mice I caught and putting them under a really heavy rock on top of an ant colony….my dogs can't get at the carcass and in a few days all there is left is hair! Amazing little ants just DEVOUR dead mice! …no stink at all! It was a fine idea but I realized that tossing the dead mice over the fence was quicker and easier and STILL no stink nor access for my dogs …the fence is only about 50' from my house and is undeveloped natural forest…not sure what eats the dead rodents but they are always GONE …we have owls and hawks and foxes and coyotes…something scarfs em down …only caveat to doing this instead of the ants is that I can put poisoned rodents under the rock for the ants but I only toss mechanically killed mice over the fence for fear of poisoning wildlife…


  6. Now comn Shawn. Tell us the truth. You didn't build that. You mail ordered these straight from ACME. Great video man. XD

  7. love the video.   Anyone offended by this – shouldn't be here. There is no surprise. I guess they are just troublemakers.

  8. This channel is all I need to survive when civilization collapses, I'll just plug my computer in the nearest tree for wifi… oh wait I see a problem with my plan.

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