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Paracord Survival Kit Key Chain Fire Bug

Paracord Survival Kit Key Chain Fire Bug

Paracord Survival Kit Key chain Fire Bug tiny mini key chain survival kits Clip on survival kit tool key chain paracord emergency survival tool kit Hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper I am in Wasilla Alaska at Diamond D Custom Leather and Dave Johnston is going to show us about a gizmo called the Fire Bug emergency key chain survival tool kit and an emergency rescue survival kit bracelet that has been created by a 13 year old boy in Anchorage Alaska the emergency survival tool kit key chain and bracelet are very innovative very creative and I think you are going to enjoy hearing the story and seeing a demonstration of this product hearing the story and seeing a demonstration of this product emergency survival tool it key chain Hi I’m Dave Johnston owner operator of Diamond D Custom Leather in Wasilla Alaska Guides Choice C this is the Fire Bug I will explain this a little bit what I really want to talk about is a
young man that makes these what happened was young guy thirteen-years-old started making the Fire Bug the reason was that he had a girl and her father who lived across the street from him went out on a river trip happened was first day out they capsized their raft really inclement weather it was raining and they lost all of their gear lost everything barely made it to shore they got ashore but they had nothing to start a fire it was raining the
whole time these 2 were out for 2 nights probably
wouldn’t survive another night is what we were told they were rescued in a story everything’s fine it got this little kid thinking you know what let’s come
up with something so that if something happens again you may be
somebody will have a chance so he designed the Fire Bug and as innocent looking is it is just a
little key chain here this little thing could certainly save
your life and should be in everybody’s Bug Out Bag I have on clipped on about everything I have whether my four wheeler Super
Cub Airplane the boat I have it on my jacket as a
zipper pull on my heavy jacket have one on my backpack I always have one with me what you have here this this compact Fire Bug and every thing that you see on this board is inside this little package right here fire steel scraper razor knife blade 10 feet of paracord in here and then you have the most important thing waxed waterproof tinder take some of this off make a little bit of tinder with it hit it with the striker fires right up you can do this on snow it doesn’t matter it fires right up get your fire going then it also has a signal mirror this little package can save your life the scraper in the bracelet in the Fire bug best way to do this is it has a black coating on it and will still strike on that easier once you wear that off all it takes nice it works great thank you to Dave Johnston at Diamond D Custom Leather Guides Choice Chest Holster in Wasilla Alaska I hope that if you want to know more about these products that you will click the link to find his website you can also go to please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

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  1. i just hope the firesteel is a good one, most of the time those small things are same as non..but the concept are nice

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