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  1. you're right. You can see her reading a script (her eyes following the lines) and there are no negative videos on youtube so that makes it very suspicious. I wouldn't trust it. If this guy thinks that the world needs saving, if he were an honest man, he would post a good amount of what he actually knows on youtube for free for everyone to learn now and then I'm sure if he wanted people's appreciation money, he would get it.

  2. Why? Do you have a problem with capitalism?
    You think it didn't take him time to put this together? You think he doesn't have bills to pay, just like all of us?

  3. In order to save millions in the US you charge them instead of helping them out of kindness? Isn't that the same thing the government is doing? Charging for a promised freedom and "security"? And why speak of Capitalism, it's already known that the Federal Reserve isn't even apart of the U.S Government. It actually OWNS IT! I watched the entire infomercial. Trust me it's a gimmick. No reviews but this one YT video with obvious script reading.

  4. This guy is another con man. He created his promo video in 2011 and said the shit will hit the fan in 8 months. Its now late 2013. This fat chic was obviously paid to make this crap hahahahaha. Wow so any stupid people.

  5. Type in (Patriots Survival Plan) on google and the 4th link will let you download the PDF ebook for free. Its 125pgs and it includes all the modules! I just downloaded it!!

  6. Mr. Barney, I have just looked at the infomercial and was also a little wary. If it wasn't too much trouble could you please let me know what your thoughts are on the material because I too am trying very hard to protect my family for a worst case scenario.

  7. Chapter 8, How to fend off the Obama Zombies –
    We all know the federal government is putting special electrodes in cheese that when activated will turn anyone into a Obama Zombie! I want your gunz they will scream from the streets, I WANT YOUR GUNZ!!!


  8. Obviously this is a commercial, crafted to look like a testimonial. However, she covered everything at their website bullet point by bullet point. Not to mention the extremely heavy editing of her message.

    Why it's so hard to get god honest testimonials on products like this is beyond me.

    Shame on you young lady for being part of a written script rather than an honest, off the cuff testimony. Compliments to you on being well rehearsed, minus the heavy editing to hide all your bloopers.

  9. Selling valid information is not a scam, and doing so has been around for thousands of years. Most who sell information (especially like this) most likely use the money to further help in their own survival. Every time you see an online ad selling information, that information does not automatically constitute a scam. BTW, I've been giving my info away for nearly 20 years above and beyond magnetism. Not everyone can afford to give away the store. NOTE: Free info is rarely taken seriously, BTW.

  10. How to cope with a stressful situation and not die in 3 days! OMG! I guess she doesn't have a mortgage or kids to support. Bologna!!

  11. Yeah, I was on infowars and saw the Patriot Survival Plan. I couldn't believe he went on about a 1 hour speech about our corrupted government and how they steal our money and how the dollar is collapsing.Then I saw he was charging 39$ for this survival plan, it completely deluded the idea of this being legit and now I'm skeptical of Matt Stevens.

  12. You are representing a company of liars and thefts. I guess someone thought there are enough stupid and mentally ill people out there to make you rich. I bet you are right.

  13. THIS IS A SCAM! I tried to order the videos(shown as DVDs) but was sent a link to download the videos in MP4 format, WHICH WERE 0 bytes, EMPTY, NADA, NOTHING, NO PRODUCT… This is a ripoff. I just cancelled my credit card because of this.

  14. Scam, scam, SCAM! If you don't know where to go or what to do considering the times coming, do a GOOGLE search. You'll do a lot better than these scam artists. If Patriot Survival Plan isn't laughable enough, check out "Food4Patriots." Watching their video was better than most comedies you'll get from the video store!

  15. This is bullshit. Look closely at her eyes. She looks straight at the camera, then a little to the right.. Then it looks like she's following a sentence with her eye like when reading a book. This is really the dumbest shit I've seen on YouTube & anywhere else on the internet for a long time!

  16. You'd think a true patriot would let the survival guide go for less than $37. Especially a patriot who thinks the currency is worthless and the apocalypse is upon us…

    Just sayin'

  17. i find it SO ironic that these guys talk about the gov collapsing and the dollar dieing BUT THEY CHARGE MONEY FOR THEIR BOOK. WHY WOULD YOU NEED MONEY IF ITS ALL GOING TO SHIT? only an idiot would buy this

  18. Oh, goodness me….(one of my Grandfather's favorite quotes when he heard or saw something ridiculous). Go watch the video, count how many typos are in it, then decide if this dude's expertise is worth $40. HE needs YOUR money so HE can survive. It's hard to find work when you can't spell simple words. 

  19. Want to make a good investment? survive the end of the world? find the mate of your dreams? These videos…they're all the same: well produced, credible and hip. Just TAKE OUT YOUR WALLET. Fondle your credit cards. Think of your money in the bank and go straight to the sale: ROLL IT OVER, let's take it from behind? It's for your own good, God knows it ain't no crime…

  20. This is the biggest load of crap I've ever heard in one place. I am a huge conspiracy advocate but these are just plain unsupported scare tactics. If you really want to know what is going to happen send me $40, in fact send me all your money if you think you won't be needing it. 

  21. This reminds me so much of building bomb shelters back in the 50s. What a waste of time and money. If it gives you peace of mind, go for it but mankind is not going to let what these people are promoting as truth happen.

  22. All that needs to be done to prepare for what she is spouting, is to watch the walking dead. And guess what? It is free. LOL. I like the guys that say all you need is guns and explosives. Start buying and stock piling them now! The more fire power the longer you will stay alive. BRING ON THE ZOMBIES!!!

  23. Here's a real survival tip. Get a good education so that you don't fork over your 40 bucks to some scamming tool because you're too ignorant to see a load of utter horseshit. While you're busy digging tranches, stocking up on Walmart crap & learning how to blend into rioting mobs I'm making bank & laughing at people like you.

  24. This may be a scam or a good program and I myself am undecided but any of you that think something like this could not happen are smoking crack. Has happened several times through out history and learning to survive such a disaster is no waste of time for anyone with half a brain. If it don't happen you can eat the food, have a fun time shooting the ammo, and keep the gold or silver to trade later when prices maybe go up further or pass it on to your kids when you die years later and if it does happen you can point and laugh at all the punch drinking liberal Obama worshipers who did not believe this could ever happen as they starve to death and kill each other. LMFAO!!!

  25. I do got to admit that I at least think this review is fake. Why would you have a reasonably attractive young gal with a gray back ground talk as though she memorized a script talk about it and not have it like she was at home enjoying her life as a prepper like Patriot nurse (even though I find her sexy if ya sake me personally), Maine Prepper, and James Yager do?

  26. Why pay at all for these books of Matt Stevens.

    just google "Matt Stevens pdf"
    and you get each book in pdf form with a download button.
    So, don't be fooled, and don't pay!!!
    Just get them for free. If needed help them mail or pm me and i will give you the links. Its that easy!


  27. Did someone noticed that the website for the patriot survival plan is up since 2012 saying that some catastrophic event will happen in the next 10 months? Tad late? These people should be in jail, that's what we do to conman in our country. Word of advice , invest in your education and gathering the tools for you and your family to be happy , don't spend your hard earned money on bullcrap like this. The fate of he earth is on the hands of its people and i hope and believe that the great majority of the people on earth as learned from past mistakes and deals with fear differently from the 50's. These turds ( lack a better defining word ) prey on fear. 

  28. Scam artist!!! Using an edited speech from Obama (who I am not a fan of by the way) to convince gullible people to buy this crap. Y'all should be ashamed of yourselves!

  29. Matt Stevens is a fictitious person he doesn't really exist scam scam scam the girl in this video is reading from cue cards. Why would you need any money if the economy is going to collapse. Also the video was made in 2011 what happened to 10 months in the video he's charging $37 but on the website is charging $39

  30. In his description this tool repeatedly talks about building an "impenetrable bunker" that will keep you "100% safe in the event of a terrorist attack."  (What if a nuke detonates when you aren't in your bunker??)

    So… Step 1 to building an impenetrable bunker…  :Withdraw $50 billion dollars from your bank account.  Step 2… call Halliburton.  Step 3: you are stupid if you listen to this guy…

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