People Try Minecraft For The First Time

Minecraft is game in which you get to create your own world. Man: What did you do?! Women: I died touching it! It’s an awesome game and which everyone should play! This part is simple. I’m pretty sure you can get this… Game Menu. Is this like some kind of secret garden? It looks like Doom. But why does it look like [email protected]#$? Man: A and D and W Women: Oh, I’m going to get motion sick. What is that? It’s a pig click on it. Oh my god! Why? Get out of here! Ahhh! This game is great! I love it! Are they friends or are they food? Look how dumb he looks following my mouse… just like uh Woman: Oh! Yeah! Man: Are you just going to build up, you’re not gonna? *laughter* Woman: I’m into that, I’m into, I don’t know how to get back down. Survival Mode is when you have to build a shelter and protect yourself from the creepers as long as they come out at nighttime. Man 1: You said I could build anything. Man 2: You know.. Man 1: Can I build a 50 cal. and just when the zombies come in just like chop em down. Man: Just keep chopping Woman: Da f***, how long do I.. *aggressively types on keyboard* Man 1: Build a house! Man 2: I got Oakwood! Man: Haha, I’m getting wood. Ugh, oh it’s getting so dark! Do I not have night vision goggles. *growling* *cutting noise* Something’s hurting me, is there sheep attacks? Man 1: Like bottleneck them Man 2: You’re losing life! Man 1: Oh no, no, no what’s hitting me. *cutting sound* ah! Man: Kay, you’re gonna die. Woman: Wait, no, no, shhh! Man: In 3, 2, 1 boom. Woman: Okay. I died! I play video games to like have sort of escape time and then this is making me do work. In creative mode you have unlimited resources and you can fly. Woman: Okay, here we go, oh s***! Man: *laughter* Woman: *laughing* I just destroyed it. Man 1: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. Man 2: You’re good. Man 1: 10, 11, 12, 13, I’m rich! I’m not good until I say I’m good. Man 1: This is not logical! Man 2: Yeah, it’s Minecraft. Man: This just looks like a fitting room at like Target or something. Woman: Don’t judge my house. Man: *laughter* *agressive typing* Man: You’ve moved super high up to find it. Woman: Oh! Oh! It’s so beautiful! So I tried Minecraft for the first time. I went in with high hopes of building a large sized square pizza. And I did not build that thing. It’s less fun than Call of Duty. But it’s, like I definitely think it’s better for kids. Woman: I crafted mine crib. Man: *laughter* Woman: Solid. Man 1: I came in here today not knowing much about Minecraft, but I feel like I leave knowing… Man 2: Absolutely nothing. Man: I was gonna say an expert. *cheerful acoustic guitar music* Woman: So how old are you? Man: 16 Woman: Haha, no.

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