100 thoughts on “PHOTOGRAPHERS EMERGENCY POUCH (15 things you need in your camera bag!)”

  1. Dude, I'm the one taking inspiration from you! I never thought it would go both ways 😆🙌🏻 Thanks for the mini plug!

  2. Guys stick some rubber bands in the pouch. They work amazing for getting stuck filters off of lenses. Keep up the great work Pete!

  3. Glad I'm not the only one who carries most those items. Friends laugh when I carry zip ties in my purse but they are handy.

  4. Loved it!! Great kit…have had one of my own for over a year now. It's definitely paid off several times!

  5. as a fellow canadian Im suprised you didnt also opt for the 2 baby aspirins, if you have bandaids you might as well. you might never end up needing them but the day you come across someone who does you will be glad you did

  6. Him: "One time Krazy Glue! I've only used it once…."
    Me: "Well, that's good because it's one time use…."

  7. For the roll of gaffers tape, get an old credit card or gift card, use the larger roll, should fit perfectly to wrap around the card, you can fit quite a bit of tape on a card and it WILL fit in the EDC bag.

  8. What knife was it you got out of your pocket? SpyderCo pararescue? That's my guess at least. I own the digicamo version. Sick knife.

  9. You can skip to 3:50. Then he starts showing the contents. First 3 minutes and 50 seconds its filler

  10. I also keep a mini sewing kit (especially when I shoot weddings!) and a mini pack of tissues in my EDC.

  11. I never thought I’d ever have an emergency pouch, so thank you for this video. This is so useful. I added a whistle to mine, knowing me, I have a tendency of getting lost in the woods. Me and my man were amazed that you didn’t have a satchel of coffee hidden in there. Hahahahaha

  12. Yea I agree with all of that. Well living in the U.K. . Don't think it's legal to carry a knife in your pocket. Lol

  13. I generally like your videos, but this one was too frenetic. Couldn't make it all the way through. Good content tho.

  14. I have survival rucksack that goes with me in any camping event. I have a first aid kit, knives, saw, flashlight, batteries, freeze dried food packets, water bladder ( filled with fresh water), paracord, ammo for rifle (for legal hunting), matches, lighter, fire starter kit, and a takedown recurve bow. I should get a take down fishing pole! Hayyy!!

  15. Okay I have to say this. I assembled somewhat the same things right. I found the bobby pin quite useful lol it got out a painful goathead splinter. I live in New Mexico the land of the millions of goatheads! I was giggling afterwards!!

  16. Super glue!

    I am constantly using it. Whether it’s for first aid, house projects, fixing things, or just eating it, it’s amazing stuff.

    Fun fact: super glue was accidentally invented. During World War II, a man was trying to make clear firearm sights. He abandoned the formulation because it was too sticky.

    But, later on there was a project to make airplane canopies. A man on the pricey used the formulation by applying it to a pair of prisms. And it stuck surprisingly well.

    And ever since, we have super glue, originally known as Eastman #910.

  17. Whats in my camera bag: 1 spare dead battery, 1 cable that fits nothing, Toilet paper, Out of date mints, a shoe lace, 1 sock and a map of London.

  18. Hey peter, you always ask whats up in all of your videos but i doubt anybody ever tells you. So here it is.
    Not much man, just chilling.

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