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Photographing rare wildlife with the Canon EOS-1 D X Mark III

Photographing rare wildlife with the Canon EOS-1 D X Mark III

Of course I’m a photographer because I carry a camera and I take pictures but I define myself as a nature lover. My work started as me trying to achieve whatever picture of whatever animal until it was a moment that something made a click inside me. And then it becomes like loving the animals, loving to spend time with them, and starting to care and to work towards conservation. We are in South Africa in the Kalahari. The Kalahari is a stunning place. This colourful landscape and mountains, this red soil that makes this place so vibrant. And it’s full of wildlife. Well we can find cats like cheetahs, lions and of course you have gemsbok and a lot of other wildlife. But we were interested in the most difficult ones like the pangolin and the wild dogs. For me the time I spend in Africa is priceless. It’s a lot of pressure spending so much time and energy in the trip and having just 5 seconds to get a picture that is made in less than a millisecond. It’s so important, the camera that you have, that allows you to get that picture. Speed in cameras for wildlife photographers is super important because you have to be fast. The 1DX III is like a big step, the improvements this camera has are absolutely amazing. We are speaking about animals that fly or just move or run so the increase in this to 16 frames per second is amazing. We can get every little movement and you have it in the frame. Subject tracking AF following the wild dogs is really great. Even when they go behind a bush the camera is still focused on them. Quality in my work is very important because sometimes I do very large prints and you can see every single detail of the animal. It’s difficult to describe it with words but once you see the image it’s like so, so good. The pangolin is the most trafficked animal in the world and difficult to photograph. Most of the time you will find it at night. The 1DX III ISO performance is out of this world. And there’s no colour noise at all, just a little bit of grain. It is amazing what you can get. I could use more light but I don’t want to disturb him so I’m shooting with a high ISO. Look at that! look at that body! It’s about time, time for your photography. It’s a continuous evolution, continuous pushing boundaries. It’s always looking for something else, something that you haven’t done before. The WiFi transmitter allows you to go 150 metres away from your camera, so that opens a huge range of possibilities. If my work its beautiful it’s because animals are. The beauty is in them. I’m just a witness. I just go with my camera and they are there so they are connecting to people, straight to their feelings. Meerkats are very popular animals, people connect very easily with them because they have families like we have. They take care of the babies while the others go for food. Two baby meerkats are right there, just coming up from the hole. Come, come out. I’m optimistic because I trust in the power of people and the power as a photographer I have through the pictures.

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  1. I’ve been shooting on a simple T2i since 2010 and never changed it because I have never really had the budget. There are new cameras that came out and always told my self I’ll replace my old Canon. But there is something with this cameras that simply won’t let me give up. I can’t explain why, but I tried other brands and I simply didn’t feel the camera well in my hand. So one day when I’ll be rich :)) This is the camera I want to have for my adventures around the world. Because this world it’s too beautiful not to be captured on a camera that simply shows the reality.

  2. and here is YT full of wusses complaining about the weight of the camera. That was amazing, Canon photographers are the best.

  3. hello from malaysia..i hope ..i can get my first camera form canon..because canon can build one moment we can't forget

  4. "..and I take pictures BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT but I define myself BRRRRRRRRT as a nature lover BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT "

  5. 7D here 🙂 I have it for 10 years now and is still working like Swiss clock. Btw. how do u become Canon ambassador!?!?!? I want to be one 😀

  6. Canon is canon … I don't know why … I'm always pick my old 700d among my another camera … Someday … Someday, when i'm rich, this my bucket list … Again canon is always canon …

  7. Amazing camera
    I have seen the reviews of how heavy it is and whatever and I laugh at those videos and here is Ms. Cano carries it like its no big deal.
    This camera is made for people who go out into not so friendly to camera areas and get the job done.

  8. Canon stop destroying EOS. Continue with EF mount. RF mount is a huge gigantic uncomfortable piece of plastic. Not comfortable EVF. Almost impossible to use in nightclub photography. Harmful for eyes. Battery life is only for 30 minutes in real life.

  9. Στο τίτλο του βίντεο λέει άγρα ζωή και όχι άγρια 😂 Διορθώσετε το πρίν το δουν κι άλλοι 🤭 παρακαλώ!

  10. I use Canon 80D and it's awesome to use..Like other I also dream of using 1DX series but I am not that reach or capable of using it yet..but someday I will surely own this one..Till then I will keep an eye for EOS R Mark II 😃

  11. I've regretted selling my 1DX ever since I parted with it 5 years ago and I bitterly regret that bad financial decisions mean I can't buy a 1DX iii. dammit!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. "I could use more light but I don't want to disturb it, so I am shooting with high ISO" CLACK….. CLACK…. CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK

  13. Maybe someday I'll have enough money to get a camera as amazing as this to show my love for the world and everything in it and document everything. Maybe even become an ambassador at some point 📸♥️

  14. Way to go canon 👍with 400 2.8 price reduced canon is suddenly under radar of many sports and wildlife photographers. And add 1dx body on it you got the best combination.
    Ps : I am Nikon user

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