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PHOTOGRAPHING WILDLIFE FROM MY PHOTO BLIND | behind the scenes, wildlife photography, red fox

PHOTOGRAPHING WILDLIFE FROM MY PHOTO BLIND | behind the scenes, wildlife photography, red fox

It’s there again. I think I lost him. I got a picture with the 600. Look…here… Ah what a moment. I’m sweating. It’s a little past five in the morning and I’m heading towards the photo blind that I’ve set up
down here in the meadow about two weeks ago. And I better stop here and
make the introduction before we continue. To get an indication of what animals do I have here, I’ve put up a game camera just to see
and I have actually seen… I think it’s called marten and
I’ve seen a fox and I’ve seen a squirrel, but this is the first day where I’m going to sit down here and actually see if I can get any pictures and actually to see if I can see any wildlife when I’m here, because all the pictures, almost without exception, are from the night. Like the middle of the night and I can’t photograph in the middle of the night. So yeah I’m just really excited to see if I can get one of the first like… it is if I get a photo of either the fox or the marten or the squirrel, it’ll be the first picture I have made on my land here for, yeah, ages. It’s going to be exciting to try.
So here I have the 150 to 600 my… 600 is in the bag together with a binocular and a thermos full of coffee. So this is going to be a great morning. ♪♪ Okay, there’s the blind. ♪♪ See what’s happening. There’s an intruder. ♪♪ Come on little one. ♪♪ Let’s put him here. ♪♪ Voila ♪♪ So we are almost ready now. As you can see it’s very damp in here, so the lens is… foggy. Anyway. It’s not the first time we have experienced that. It’s just about waiting and maybe… maybe… it’s also time… for a cup of coffee. ♪♪ Let’s get this strap off. ♪♪ It’s always… a decision, I think, to make. What is highest priority?
Is it the best possible image quality with the 600 millimeter on the tripod pointing out.
Of course, that’ll give me a tiny… a little bit sharper images, give me fast,
more precise autofocus. I’ve decided to… go for… make some compromises,
but go for the flexibility [mysterious noise of flapping wings] Did you hear that? What the hell was that? Some kind of bird. Okay, no more talking. I hope you got the point. Let’s look out. Okay I have absolutely no idea what that was. But I think it was a buzzard or something. But I can’t see anything.
If there is a perfect time for a cup of coffee… …it’s now. And I did have breakfast before the coffee. And I’m not a coffee addict. 😉 It’s just that I really really like it. ♪♪ There’s a fox outside. ooh… I have a fox. Look at this. Look at this. Look at this. Isn’t it just amazing? Holy moly, holy moly… I think I lost him. Ah, what a moment. I’m sweating. I love foxes. I think it is my favourite animal if I have one. I hope… I hope… I hope…
I got a litte video here. I just have photos I can show you.
I don’t know if any of this worked. I just really really want to share this moment. That was… I’m sweating. I did not expect that to happen. Okay I have to… I have to concentrate a little on the camera and I promise to turn on that one if something more happens. Okay.
See you in a bit. It’s there again, the fox. Ooh, okay look at this. This is extremely challenging. It’s so hard to vlog, because… it can probably hear me and it can probably… smell me. I don’t know…. but this really hard. Look at my camera, look what I just got. Look at him, look… or her. This is just… so awesome. This are the first fox pictures I get in this forest where I live. Like… I can’t describe how happy I am right now. My first fox photo here. I’m just going to switch to the 600mm, just in case that he comes again, because it’s still quite dark in the forest And the ISO will go up very high. So my plan is to put the 600 on the tripod here because then the 600 is fixed on the tripod and I can take the camera if he comes looking at one of the other directions I could take the camera off and put that one on. And leave the 600 on the tripod. I think that’ll work. Here we go. The little fox. It’s so nice,… because it looks like a grown-up fox just smaller.
It doesn’t look like a fox cub anymore. It’s like pointy ears and a thin face and the colours. It’s amazing. Oh, there it is… there it is. It’s just out here, it’s just out here. It’s that facemask. I got a picture with the 600. Look here. Look at this. It’s gone again. It comes and goes, it comes and goes. So… Nothing has happened for quite a while, but I’m going to sit here for a little longer. I was just thinking, while I was looking out the little… the little blind. I was just looking a little
on the pictures on the camera here. I don’t know if you can see it. Let’s see. Little fox. Look at him. Look at that little guy. And what I can see is like many of the images here, like they are not the sharpest, but like look at this. I really like them, like where he’s walking away from me. I mean because of their high ISO the pictures are not the sharpest and some of them, the little one where he’s sniffing the… smelling the leaf, it’s a little… there’s some motion blur, but it doesn’t really matter I think, because when I look at these pictures I get this feeling of like… this dark forest and the little fox in the morning and that’s what really counts for me in my photos. It’s not… Of course I like it when they’re like crisp and sharp and everything and the ISO is low, but… It’s… there’s something about the…
Like, I can’t explain it. Like, either the photo talks to me and… touches me in some way and… gets some emotion running or it’s just a nice picture. I have these, where he’s either… often when they are looking away from me… when… I really like these photos. And I don’t know, I think it’s because I feel that I’m not presented with a camera.
It’s not that the fox is looking into the camera and I’m there.
When they’re looking away from me or into the forest, smelling the leaf or something.
I’m like… I’m not there. I’m just a part of nature and I get this little window to see what happens. And that’s really nice. It’s so nice to know that there are fox cubs up here and it’s so nice to know that this location, that they actually come down here and I’ve been putting out nuts for the birds. And now I’m also going to put something,
small things, for the foxes to attract them. Because they’ll probably be like… It’s definitely the nuts that I have thrown out that have attracted them in the first place, because photographing the predators, there are two ways:
one way is to sit out and wait and then when they come that’s awesome to do it that way, because you just don’t put any influence to nature and just sit there and photograph. The other way is like here where I have a blind on one location
and then I put out some that they would like like. That can be nuts or small pieces of bread or whatever. Something that they like, but without overfeeding, because by overfeeding you make the animals depend on that place, like… If you’re feeding, feeding, feeding and then suddenly stop you kind of like confuse them a lot because then they got used to that as a foodsource. So it should only be like, this is my opinion… It should only be like snacks and stuff or in the wintertime like a full deer you put out there and leave so that like it’s kind of natural. If there’s a roadkill or something. But here it should just be snacks so that the fox pups are not coming down here and get full every single day. And then suddenly when you and I go on holiday or something or I’ll travel, there’s nothing. So that would be a huge disturbance in my opinion of how everything goes. I think I’ll sit here for a little longer.
The light is very hard now and I think the activity used to be all around 8:00 and that’s now, so I’ll give it a little, maybe an hour more. Yeah, oh isn’t it wonderful.
Like this is… [noise of a bird screeching in the background] Magpie! [Magpie screeching again] I really like the magpie.They are so clever.
No, back to the track. Just in the little forest here with a photo blind,… sit here and wait and like… We could hear nature was waking up
and the birds and all kind of stuff. And then this little fox just appeared in front of us out here and I’m really sorry. Like, I just… I managed to vlog the other day from when I photographed the roe deer. But this was just too hard for me, because… The senses of that little fox just didn’t give me
any room for mistakes. The slightest move, the slightest like so [knocks] sound I made, he was there, so aware. These are the moments that really drive me.
It’s so intense and I love foxes. It’s so nice to just… when I was looking through the 600mm. I just looked the fox into the eyes and he definitely knew I was here and these moments are just amazing and I want to share them. So yeah at some point I’ll be more routined in that vlogging thing. And then I will share this moment. Oh! There he is, there he is… ♪♪ Did you see him? I couldn’t… Oh damn it. Couldn’t again.. I could not hold the camera and put the manual sharpness at the same time. Damn it. I wish I had the dual pixel auto focus in video mode. Anyway… Isn’t it just crazy? Just when I was talking, the fox came.
Once again I can’t say it enough. I have to find a way to vlog from these situations and actually… Yeah Okay I’m going to have a cup of coffee and then you have to forgive me for putting this camera down because, I really need to concentrate on making some pictures and hopefully I can share it with you a little later. But I’m going to make a…
Yeah, I’m going to tell you what happened and if something more happens. Okay, so… Last try, last try… ♪♪ Sorry, I have to turn it off. My plan now is to get out of here, get home, do a few modifications to the equipment with a camouflage tape so they’re not so shiny and reflective and then I’m going to go down here and put up the other blind and I might make a video about that. Put up the other blind because I need more space. I need to be able to sleep here now, where I know animals are here and I need to be able to move around without making all these noises
[rustling noise from the blind] So definitely, now, I have some things to do and before everything else, I’m going home to look at these pictures. Maybe start to edit the video from today with a cup of coffee,
some more breakfast and then… Another awesome day in this little forest. So yeah.
See you out there. ♪♪

100 thoughts on “PHOTOGRAPHING WILDLIFE FROM MY PHOTO BLIND | behind the scenes, wildlife photography, red fox”

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  10. I have this blind and I love it, although in my part of the US the morning temps are 85+ F so sitting in the blind is HOT this time of year. We have quite a few foxes in the area where I live, but because of the population of people, they are a bit less skittish than the ones in your woods. Another excellent video!

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