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Polar Bear Man Returns to the Arctic: VICE Reports (Full-length)

Polar Bear Man Returns to the Arctic: VICE Reports (Full-length)

100 thoughts on “Polar Bear Man Returns to the Arctic: VICE Reports (Full-length)”

  1. I hear people making excuses on what didn’t didn’t know about polar bears attacking people. There no diff from grizzly bears in they see something they want to eat n they kill it

  2. I have an idea how to NOT get attacked by a Polar Bear…..
    Consequently this strategy works with other predatory animals….STAY THE FUKC AWAY from them….dumbazzez

  3. Dude….Sierra Club guys… .Parks Canada.
    A Polar Bear WILL get what it wants. It wins. All the deterrents are like swatting flies …..Polar Bears are not Grizzlies (land).
    They are a whole DIFFERENT animal ( Marine).

  4. Water salinity increases due to the ice that is melting from resulting in a lower temp requirement to freeze the water. Think about it.

  5. Why kill a bear if he shows up, they are the ones invading it's kitchen. Idealist hippies will always go through life dumb and end up easy prey.

  6. Yup! bunch of Liberals…. fucking security packing .243 cals.. LOL really! you want to be eaten right? LOL sorry bitch but that 243 don't shoot rainbows and sparkles…. and you pack a 243 LOL

  7. Born and raised in Key Largo….when I dive I always bring a buddy and a blade…that way if I'm trying to get away from a big shark I just give the guy next to me a slash and swim away;)

  8. I don't believe a word these Sierra club greenies say. If there to stupid to not bring a firearm for protection then there to stupid to make a logical conclusion.

  9. I have first hand watched the golden compass, I can say with absolute certainty that this documentary is bullshit..

  10. We're just blaming everything on climate change now huh. Sometimes seeing more of an animal means there's less of it? Who the fuck let you in charge and what happened to waiting until we know what were talking about? 1

  11. I like how the base camp initially suggested Matt's group ignored their warning (9:00), but when called on it, admitted (9:55) "Matt's group came along before we fully understood the potential risks associated with that area."

    Glad the reporter called them on their shit. She kind of butchered that filet though lol.

  12. "Lemme go check if there's a polar bear in this bush…"

    keeps rifle slung across back with parka, pack and other encumbrances

  13. "Did you have to carry guns for protection? " "no" "why do you have a gun now?"

    "For protection." 😂

  14. White people are the devil…why y'all out there fucking with the polar bears.. bear only attacking white u make this documentary want me to believe polar bears are the emeny

  15. I love and admire how open he is about the fact that he experienced trauma and is actively taking steps to heal. I feel like a lot of us in North America (I don't know what it's like in other parts of the world) are taught that men don't cry or have feelings. So i really like his authenticity

  16. Going to polar bear country with no protection and sleeping where they live…. that's natural selection trying to take you out buddy, you just got lucky

  17. Travels into the middle of the wilderness with guns agitating polar bears…..Blames "global warming" for aggressive polar bears.

  18. If this happened to me, I'd have so much hate and indignation towards polar bears that I'd go to the Arctic and kill every single one I see. No animal should be allowed to defy any intelligent human being, endangered predator or not. They need to fear us so they don't attack a helpless family, with no protection, strolling on by.

  19. I wish we could change the viewpoint of Mans advancement, that it's only actual advancement if other creatures don't have to sacrifice. A paradigm shift in our thought process is needed.

  20. Wow! what an amazing story! I am so glad he survived and went back to see the bear again.

    I am surprised that ice being replaced by greenery and increased plant growth can be a bad thing. I guess it looks different to me since my life is not dependant on flow ice

  21. A polar bears live on land. B polar bears are trying to figure out how to eat you. C they are not your friend they want to eat you. This us a story about a guy who was attacked by a bear and a lot of miss information!

  22. Deforestation, not man's polution, could be contributing to the natural warming. And then we have these pathetic liars on the left and in the science fiction community sounding alarms and calling for the depopulation of 90% of humanity. Sick sick sick libtards

  23. Hate to disrupt your illusion, but climate change happening only because the cycle of earth. Humans only have less than 0.03 percent of impact.
    The ice caps in both poles are actually starting to increase.

  24. I'm all for hunting and stuff by I challenge my self and look outside the walls I would never put myself in a migration line knowing poor bears go threw there

  25. The whole thing could have been avoided by having the sense to realize the bear was sitting on them waiting for his opening. They should have left in the day when the bear was sitting on them. Or hey how about taking an actual gun into bear country. Either way I wouldn't be going to sleep knowing a polar bear is camping out a football field away. Ignorance caused that attack.

  26. Don’t touch the fish in the water leave them alone! Why is she fishing it’s 2019 we don’t need to hunt for food

  27. Ummm probably like a couple hundred thousandish years or so of reasons to think u might get attacked. Couple hundred years of false safety and we become easily edible

  28. yuh .. global warming.. yuh .. condemn .. yuh .. guilty .. yuh yuh .. heap big guilty.. yuh.. helicopter .. yuh .. yuh .. we flying in helicopter .. yuh … one mile per gallon .. yuh .. gobal warming .. yuh.. all your fault .. i said all YOUR FAULT.. and none of mine .. yuh .. where's my jet ski?
    ''that was scary'' ur man there talking about the bear staying around all night after they just t r a u m a t i s e d the fk out of it with their stomping about its terrain and blowing off flareguns at it. All delivered by Vice in a sudden failure of their usual ''critical '' stance. ha. Fkn bunch of sentmentalist bearshitter hypocrites.

  29. I'm sorry but no you were not prepared to go into Polar Bear country. They are the biggest threat to Humans on the earth right now based off interaction/conflict ratio. A Hungry Polar Bear is a scary thing, a nightmare in my eyes. The fact that you willingly went into their territory without an adequate firearm or an armed guide at least is beyond silly in my eyes. So many people watch these animal youtube videos now and think everything is unicorn and rainbows, that couldn't be farther from the truth. They are called predators for a reason, either be prepared or don't go.

  30. hmmm…go to polar bear country, camp around where they hunt and feed, probably even camping in and around scented items. yea…i think i would blame climate change on these bear attacks too lol

  31. You are obviously a vegan living in a tent with no car, right? Close to zero carbon emissions other than rhetorical hot air and veggie farts, eh?

  32. Why is it that white people always the ones to do this stupid thigs stay out their domain thats their home their goina be curious if i was starving i would eat you to wouldnt you

  33. Every one who  has any kind of knowledge of animals knows  polar bears are the one  bear that will hunt humans. Figures these  assholes from the serria  club who try to force their agenda on countries with their "knowledge" of the  wild kingdom have no idea what the fuck they're doing , looks good on em.

  34. If you don't take a polar bear lying and watching you through the night seriously enough to not go to sleep, you are a bunch of pure idiots.

    If I wouldn't have guns, and couldn't leave the island, I would've have made spears and found a more easily defended spot to spend the night at.

  35. just for the record. labrador is not the artic. its newfoundland and labrador. not labrador and artic. with that being said its still cold as fuck

  36. This guy sounds like the helicopter that passed by at 15:00 lmfaooo the god father lol on god dude sounds like (Ellis) from no country for old men lol Tom's Cousin(old fella)
    Reporter:Where did he drag you?
    Ellis(Matt):Off Da Way 😆

  37. I realize I'm going to catch some heat for saying this, but….

    These have to be the STUPIDEST people I have ever seen! Every single one of them! ESPECIALLY THE GUIDE!!! OMG!!!! "Hey, lets go camp IN THE ARCTIC where Polar Bears frequent. It'll be great!" WITHOUT A FIREARM?!?! I realize Canada is WAY different than the U.S. on a lot of things, especially firearms, but come on people! Bear spray just turns you into a spicy burrito for a bear! Then, after seeing a mother/cub on the first morning, they see a large male that OBVIOUSLY has NO FEAR!!! I'd be on the radio, if they had one, so freaking fast to get me the hell outta there!

    I realize its sad, tragic, horrific that this guy was mauled. Respect to him for going back to "face his fears". But DAMN they were stupid to go there in the first place without serious protections in place. The guide, Parks Canada, and the camp are all liable and responsible for this.

  38. Shit I misread it and I was thinking of Grizzly bear man. And I thought man I got to see how they do this if he's coming back!

  39. Can you imagine that happening to you? I'm 30 seconds in and I'm already shaking my head saying "Forget that experience".

  40. @ VICE Story “Polar Bear Man Returns”…..Just another Propaganda driven story of Lies. A Story Line you would get from Mainstream Media. @ >_I have lost all trust in VICE Reports. I Will never trust any News story from VICE Reports again or until some Honest REAL Science research has been completed by VICE Reports and staff, and posted with an apology….. So Sad, the out-right Lies that are pushed by these Reporters. They do not Question anything, just ROBOT REPORTERS with ZERO Accountability. Pushing an Agenda obviously they know nothing about..!

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    Aug 11, 2011 – USS Skate (SSN-578) made submarine history on 11 August 1958 when it became the first submarine to surface at the North Pole. USS Skate …

  41. @ VICE Story “Polar Bear Man Returns”…..Just another Propaganda driven story of Lies.

    USS Skate (SSN-578) Becomes the First Submarine to Surface at › 2011/08/11 › uss-skate-ssn-578-becomes-t…

    Aug 11, 2011 – USS Skate (SSN-578) made submarine history on 11 August 1958 when it became the first submarine to surface at the North Pole. USS Skate …

  42. "Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts." — Richard Feynman…
    @ VICE Story “Polar Bear Man Returns”…..Just another Propaganda driven story of Lies.
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  44. @ VICE Story “Polar Bear Man Returns”…..Just another Propaganda driven story of Lies.
    ……@ Sixty years ago, the New York Times reported that Arctic sea ice was two meters (seven feet) thick, and that it was fake news to believe Arctic sea ice was anything other than a thin crust.

    Although the idea that a solid ice sheet covers the central Arctic has lingered stubbornly in the popular fancy, the northern cap of ice worn by our planet is actually a thin crust—on the whole, only about seven feet thick—over an ocean two miles deep in places.

  45. Here's some good advice. If you don't know what the fuck you are doing and it's highly risky, dont do it or deal with the consequences. Global warming didn't fuck that guy up, ignorance and a polar bear jacked him up. Also, are they out there just looking for trouble or what?

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