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Power Outage Forgotten Supplies – Lights Out Must Have Items- Solar Charger

Power Outage Forgotten Supplies – Lights Out Must Have Items- Solar Charger

power outage forgotten supplies lights out must have items load shedding prepping for power outage severe weather emergency survival kit hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper power outages can
happen when we least expect them they can come any time of the year they can
come from overloaded power in the summertime tornadoes hurricanes and in
the wintertime winter storms all kinds of things can cause power outages even
automobile accidents that run into the power pole we never know for sure when
our power will go off or how long it’ll be off and we’ll get our power put back
on so the best thing to do is be prepared we all know we need to
stockpile things like food and water for emergencies but here are a few other power outage items you might
have forgotten or overlooked that you may want as part of your lights-out
power outage emergency preparation kit make sure you keep your car full of gas
the reason why is then you have emergency transportation you also have
the ability then to charge up your electronics your phones through the USB
ports you also have a place to go you can turn the car on and get it heated up
and then you can have some heat for yourself and your family make sure you
never turn your car on in a closed garage because you have a risk of carbon
monoxide poisoning so if you are using your car as a heat source and you turn
it on make sure that it’s fully out of doors and ventilated so that you’re all
safe keep your propane tank full your barbecue is the easiest way to do a
little emergency outdoor cooking some barbecues like this one from Weber has a
built-in propane gauge that tells you how full the propane tank is otherwise you can buy an
inline gauge that’s attaches to your propane tank and the hose and when you turn on
the tank it tells you exactly how much propane is in it
keep your propane tanks full and even get an extra one to make sure you have the
ability to cook the foods you want in an power outage or emergency situation the strategy in a power outage is eat the foods in your
refrigerator first they’re going to spoil first then you would eat the foods
out of your freezer because they’re going to thaw out over two or three days
then you would eat the foods that are in your pantry
one way to ensure food lasts longer in your freezer during a power outage is if
you store containers of water in the freezer they freeze into blocks of ice
which will melt very slowly and help your freezer stay colder plus when they
do thaw out you have another source of some fresh drinking water during a power outage something
that’s been extra handy for me is a solar charger I bought this solar panel
from anker solar charger power port solar and it folds up nicely and then you can open it up the three solar panels it works best in
direct sunlight it works on a cloudy day it even works in low light it works
better in full Sun of course but you’re still going to be able to get some power
to charge up necessary items inside the front pocket are two USB ports and
there’s a red light that tells you when it’s indirect light if the solar
panels aren’t getting enough light it’s not going to turn on and it needs to be
turned on for it to work one of the strategies that I use is to
plug in and charge some external battery packs then I can use those to do a
faster charge on my iPad or my phone the Anker solar charger is also a great place to charge up a
USB flash light the solar charger is a great thing to have on hand whether
you’re having a power outage you’re going camping off-grid living or you’re
just out for the day at a festival emergency survival situation you can bring it along and make sure that
you keep your phone charged Anker solar panel another most important vital item to make sure that
you have is a portable toilet if the power goes out sometimes the water stops
running because there aren’t any pumps to pump the water so then if there’s no
water there’s no flushing and not being able to flush the toilet can really be a
health hazard in any kind of a situation if you have a portable toilet Luggable Loo and you’ve
loaded it up with supplies you have the ability to use the Luggable Loo portable toilet potty get rid of it waste
safely until your power and your water are restored
if there’s any other items that you think of that would be great additions
to a power outage or a lights off kit load shedding leave a comment below so that we can all
help learn from each other learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

10 thoughts on “Power Outage Forgotten Supplies – Lights Out Must Have Items- Solar Charger”

  1. Being in Florida we deal with hurricanes and loosing power definitely happens for long periods depending on how bad it hits. A few extra items I also have are kaito emergency radio and 100hr emergency candles. The radio also works great for charging and light source. The candles are easy to use and last for long periods of time. I also have a rechargeable lighter which if needed it’s there. Once again another great video and nice to watch. Ty AG😁

  2. Mite I make a suggestion  on your video technique . Frame yourself so that your head is at the very top of the frame, and not in the middle. That said , I think the content in your vids is exceptionally useful, and very informative. No nonsense presentation. of very useful information . Thank you for sharing. Your moose vids are good to.

  3. Please be careful about running car to keep warm, make sure the tail pipe is not blocked , the muffler and conver is in good condition ( no cracks or holes, rust). You can get carbon dioxide poisoning.

  4. I always have sleeping bags ready cause if it’s at night and cold we ca all sleep warm I. One room or in the car with gloves and beenies

  5. I keep emergency cash on hand in case the ATMs and credit card machines at retailers aren't working.
    I also have a hand crank generator and hand crank/solar radio.
    I also keep 5 gal of gas on hand in my shed and a case of bottled water.

  6. when it's December and you see the sun peek up for 5 minutes during the sunrise, then it sinks again, solar power doesn't help much in winter in alaska. That said, your recommendation on "what to eat first" is dead on. Living in AK, you probably know you can freeze gallon jugs of whole milk that can last a year, which meets your criteria for "more ice" in the freezer. It doesn't work for 2% or 1%, for some reason they separate and not good to drink. The most important thing about refrigerators/freezers is once the power goes out, only open them as a snatch-and-grab, the longer the door is open, the more the warm air heats the contents. Don't stand in an open door contemplating what to nosh.

  7. I use my solar panel in exactly the same way. I have a power bank and charger for AAA batteries that is always plugged in if I'm not using it for general use, and keeping it in a window keeps the power bank and batteries nicely topped up.

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