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Predator: Hunting Grounds – Reveal Trailer | PS4

Predator: Hunting Grounds – Reveal Trailer | PS4


100 thoughts on “Predator: Hunting Grounds – Reveal Trailer | PS4”

  1. Remember the scene from the movie where the Predators were competing in the Alien world to see who can get promoted for killing the most of them?

    I want THAT level as a DLC.

    Also, I would love to play as my favorite childhood action figure: Lava Predator (can’t touch this, literally)

  2. Sony is killing it with their exclusive games. Extreme jealousy coming from an Xbox owner. Might have to jump ship and switch over to PS4.

  3. 😕With that type of video and already having play Ghost Recon Wildlands, you could have just this game at word-of-mouth hype 😂

  4. Searching for news on a new AVP game, finally got excited until i rad
    A new competitive online multiplayer experience
    F this, im out

  5. so no gameplay because its another DDD title that's trying to fake us out? or because it's actually a game people will want to play and you don't want to give it away? from experience alone I'd say # 1

  6. Dude I swear if this is PlayStation exclusive I’m gonna be super disappointed because I’m a huge fan of predator and I happen to like Xbox don’t get me wrong PlayStation is cool and all but I would really like it if it was on all platforms not just one

  7. Other (GHOST RECON) using PREDATOR MOVIES STYLE, fans want to play with the predator lol, use the idea of PREDATOR CONCRETE JUNGLE

  8. If you choose the license to make money… I won't buy it!
    Now I have really big expectations from you! JUST DO A RIGHT JOB AND TAKE YOUR TIME TO DO IT!

  9. Apprantally this is the same game as Friday but if there making games like these and Friday pls make Halloween Michael myers

  10. It would be nice if you can customize your predator. While the game will not be available for every platform.. I hope it does well to further interest in the Predator franchise to get more games soon ✅😎

  11. I'd love a remake of AVP I bet being the Marine with the scale of environments and detail in the graphics would be that much more tense

  12. I hope it's not a PS4 exclusive as I only have Xbox live gold and I don't wanna pay for both online things, and this'll probably be mainly online cause Illfonic made F13, which is primarily online

  13. People are confused as to what this game is so I’ll just clarify, (it’s friday the 13th the game but predator)

  14. is really like them to make a predator game were your actually the predator like concrete jungle that game was awesome

  15. Please have an online mode where a player can be Predator and hunt down other players… Kinda like Friday the 13th but as Predator… Don’t let us down we’ve been waiting!

  16. Gameplay wise it looks very cool which I'm hoping there is more content then just one single mode

    Graphics in my opinion look horrible for a game that is releasing in 2020 hopefully they update it a lot.

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