Prepare For Survival

every winter Iowan’s are reminded to put a
winter survival kit in their vehicle hopefully you’ll never have to use it but when the situation arises a winter
survival kit can save your life and the lives of your passengers your kit should contain basic survival items
and enough supplies for all of your passengers some of those items include booster
cables, a flashlight with extra batteries, an ice scraper, a first aid kit, blankets or sleeping bags, high-calorie
non perishable food like hard candy, jerky or canned nuts, bottled water and candles, matches and
a tin cup to melt snow if you run out be sure to have winter clothing for each
passenger a warm hat mittens coat and winter boots see everything fits neatly in a protective storage container in the back of your in the back of your vehicle in addition to the survival kit be sure
to always carry a cell phone in case you need to call 911 in an
emergency be sure it’s fully charged and taking along a car charger is always a
good idea remember safety first please do not talk or
text on your cell phone while driving it can be a deadly distraction if you do become stranded don’t panic
help is on the way be sure to remain with your vehicle trying to walk for help can cause hypothermia or death hypothermia can begin in as little as fifteen minutes staying with your vehicle dramatically
increases your chances of survival and being found for more information about preparing for
winter travel go to remember expect the unexpected it’s all about being prepared brought to you by the Iowa Department of

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