Preparing Your Blizzard Survival Kit –

Hi everyone, my name is Eugene and today I’d
like to talk to you about preparing for a blizzard. OpticsPlanet has a wide array of
products so help you flush out the perfect blizzard preparedness kit. Every year millions of people get
affected by winter storms just this past winter my dad got stuck
in twelve hours of a big chicago blizzard. If he didn’t have the right supplies, he
would have been in big trouble, you never know when the storm is going to hit, but when
it does, you want to make sure you’re prepared. So let’s start out with the foundation
to building any blizzard preparedness kit. First thing you want to have
are blankets, you want to throw them over yourself or over somebody else, make sure
everyone’s warm. Next thing that you want is any kind of medication, first aid kits, anything
you take on a daily basis or in case somebody gets injured, you
want to be prepared. The next thing you want is a ton of water. In case you get stranded for several
hours you want to make sure that you’re hydrated. Then you want dried goods and canned goods, and last but not least
a lot of warm winter clothes. A good example of warm winter clothing is
is the Defender Echo soft shell jacket by Propper. I personally
think his jacket is awesome, it fits perfectly, it’s not like that bulky
fleece that used to wear back in the early 2000s and 1990s. Has
got a great nylon stretched canvas with fleese backing. It’s water proof, wind resistance, and
breatheable. Fits snug, so if you want to wear it stand alone you can, if you want
to wear it under another winter layer something
like a shell you could do that as well. You
won’t feel bulky and you won’t get cold. One of the nice features of his jacket is that it has four pockets. Two on the sides, one by the breast, and then one inside
pocket. It allows you to keep everything that you
want within it. Another great feature about this jacket
is that it zips all the way up to the collar. It’s got a nice fleece lining to prevent
any kind of chaffing. Again, this is the Defender Echo by
Propper and I highly recommend it. Next on the list we have the Camelbak
Cold Weather Gloves. I really like these, they’re nice and thin,
they have a padded leather palm to them, they have a great tactile feel, you could use them to drive a motorcycle or working with tools,
you could pick up nails from hard surfaces. They’re nice and elastic, they don’t
cut off the circulation and they’re really warm. Perfect for any
winter conditions, again, these are the Camelbak Cold Weather Glove and I
highly recommend them. Right here we have to 5.11
5 in 1 Winter Jacket. On the outside you have a nylon
soft shell, waterproof, wind resistant, and breatheable.
It’s perfect for any winter weather conditions. You have a lot of pockets for easy
access to anything that you might need, two breast pockets, side velcro pockets, two hip pockets, and then you also have
some unique sleeve pockets that I’ve actually
never seen for easy access to anything that
you might need. Additionally for any of you that are on duty, or have a flashlight, or a walkie-talkie that you might need, we have two
nice loops out in front for easy access there as well. On a side note and any of you
carrying a holster or a big walkie talkie, there is a side slit that allows you to
have easy access to that while it hangs out. It’s perfect. On the inside we have a detachable
fleece liner, it attaches to the outside shell with two zippers on both
sides and a loop and button connection on the back. The nice thing about this fleece
liner is that you can wear it by itself has it’s own jacket.
It’s wind resistant and breatheable as well or you can even take off the sleeves
and make it into a vest. Nice and versatile and perfect for any conditions that you
might come up on. Another great feature on this
jacket is a removable hood in the back. It’s nice and warm it’s made out
of nylon, protects you from the elements, and when you don’t need it you could
take it off and stow it away in the back pocket. You also have an identification
badge for anyone that’s on duty. It’s removoveable
with velcro so if you need it, it’s nice to have. The last
component of this jacket is the safety vest. With side velcro straps it’s easily thrown over your jacket and with the reflective strips and
the bright yellow color, you’ll be easily seen at night. This is the perfect jacket for any
winter weather conditions once again this is the 5.11
5 in 1 jacket. One of the most important components to any kit
is a quality flashlight, from the SureFire 6PX to the Streamlight Stinger and hundreds of other brands like
Coast, Pelican, Icon and more. We have a wide selection for you to choose from. Here are some important components to have
in your blizzard kit. We have an inexpensive whistle
by LC Industries. A Streamlight keymate flashlight, powerful light, small package easily throw it into your pocket, attach it to your keys,
even has a nice loop for your belt. Standard pack of batteries, Brunton compass and thermometer, and a Wegner EvoGrip Swiss Army Knife. Also, a good addition for any first aid kit
as this QuikClot and PetClot. One purpose, stops bleeding. Here we have the Energizer weather ready hand crank flashlight. Needs no batteries, one minute of crank, will give you ten minutes of power. This Energizer flashlight comes with an
AM/FM radio a siren and two types of light. Your regular white light, and a red reading light. This is the perfect flashlight to have as part of your blizzard preparedness kit. Here we have a dry box by S3.
It has two layers of pick and pluck foam to keep all of your components intact. Hard case to throw in the back your
truck let it bounce around, keeps everything protected. This is one of the
smaller hard cases we carry by S3, but we have a wide selection, so whatever
your needs are we have a case for you. The last couple of items I’d like to talk to you
about is the Gerber Gorge folding shovel and the Gerber Gator Combo Axe. Nice thing about this shovel is that it’s small, it’s compact, it’s got a nice military design. You’re not going to push a lot of snow with it but if you need to get some room out under your
tires to make sure you get going this is a great tool to have in your car. The other product is the Gerber Combo Axe. It’s got a removeable hand saw,
makes it perfect if you make an impromptu fire. It has a loop to fit right in through your belt so it
stays out of the way, you can carry it with no problem. These two items are great Gerber products. Hey guys, thank you very much for
watching our video. Start building your kit now, and be prepared for this winter. We’d love to hear from you, what else would you include in your
blizzard survival kit? Post your comments on our YouTube page,
Facebook page, or by using your Facebook comments on the OpticsPlanet website.

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