20 thoughts on “Preparing Your Epic Event Survival Kit — OpticsPlanet.com”

  1. M wife and I are using this to design our ultimate disaster satchel, though we are going for a good hockey bag to carry lots of water, dog food, etc.

  2. Flint and steel is definitely a survival kit essential—wouldn’t be complete without one! We wanted to include so much more products in the videos, but to keep all 3 videos around 6-8 minutes we had to cut out a lot.

  3. Good question! The likelihood of this occurring literally, is an unlikely scenario. Typically, the fan in an air conditioning unit is enclosed, but other components may suffer from accumulation on the condenser coil fins, reducing the effectiveness of the unit. The evaporator coil fins are enclosed and protected. A light spray of a cooking oil substitute, or a regular application of a good carnuba wax will lessen the adhesion and make removal of the byproduct easier.

  4. Add a serrated knife and a plain edge knife and add a .22 caliber gun, the ammo for it it's so small and culd easily manage to find room in that bag for at least 1,000 rounds

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