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Prepping on the Cheap- Easy Foods To Store Long Term Emergency Food Storage

Prepping on the Cheap- Easy Foods To Store Long Term Emergency Food Storage

prepping on the cheap food storage ideas
how to build your food storage prepper pantry food stockpile new prepper needs add to food stockpile prepping for beginners easy foods to store how to 15 dollar foods to store for emergencies hi it’s AlaskaGranny I just got back
from the store adding to my emergency food stockpile prepper pantry supply working on a fifteen dollar long term food storage
plan I’m working on for my family every time I go to the store I buy
fifteen dollars extra food and putting it away in my long-term food storage stockpile I bought three boxes rice-a-roni they were one dollar each I bought two
cans of black beans three cans of red beans at 79 cents each so they were five dollars for all and I bought five cans rosarita refried beans with low fat traditional
refried beans we love refried beans and those were 1 dollar
each I bought 2 cans of pineapple and they were $1.50 each one mistake I made is I realize this can of pineapple is packed in pineapple
juice which is what I try to buy and prefer and then I noticed when I get home this
can of pineapple is packed in heavy syrup so make sure you read all at the label
before you choose foods to make sure you’re getting what
you think again so it was three dollars for the rice four dollars for
the beans five dollars for the refried beans
three dollars for the two cans of pineapple which is fifteen dollars worth of food for my food storage build your food storage a little at a time and before I know it my pantry is full I am satisfied I’m going to be able to
continue to feed my family in emergency situations learn more at Please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

1 thought on “Prepping on the Cheap- Easy Foods To Store Long Term Emergency Food Storage”

  1. Yep, reading the labels is important. Also, check the expiration dates. Sometimes stores will discount older stock to get it off of the shelves and that's fine if you're going to be using it soon. Not so good for longer term storage. Liking the videos, Thanks for posting them.

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