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Preview Aground Pixel Survival game

Preview Aground  Pixel Survival game

whoa that’s a big worm. Auw that
hurts. let’s kill that thing. damn it’s blocking everything can we even kill it.
welcome my name is Menturius and this is a preview of Aground, Aground is being
developed by fancy fish games and snow box studio. Aground is a game being
designed about the theme of progression and inspired by utopium mining. In this
game you start with nothing and that means really nothing and you will slowly
progress in being able to build anything you want. At the beginning of the game
you will be stranded you will lose your ship you will be ship wrecked and
we will die slowly or will not. There is something there’s
an island there’s hope and there you are with nothing but your bare hands are you
the last survivor you find yourself stranded in uninhabited islands with a
few other victims of the crash can you craft, mine and build your way to
survival the first mission in this game is kind
of like a first tutorial you craft some wood and you will make your first base
your first house and the first shelter and with that first shelter come your
first choice will you help your friends or will you let them die. I help them so I’m not
sure what will happen if you don’t help them. but slowly you’ll find new friends
the farmer the hunter the wizard and a lot of strange people they will give you
quests and they will help you by accepting these questions will be able
to expand your settlement build new buildings but these characters also help
you gather stuff they gather berries they get a would take mind for you they
do a lot of things for you so don’t let them down the quest ease characters give
you can be together wood to get a coal or other resources but there is also quests
in the game that will need you to kill animals in the game and there is the
right variety of animals in this game by completing this quest you’ll unlock
different type of buildings the shelter the smelter and there are a lot of
different things like the farm and yeah they all give you a new kinds of
abilities new things you can build you can even go underground and visit the
wizard it will give you a laboratory that can give you a strange type of
potions that will help you in your quest to explore these islands the leveling
system in this game is amazing everything you do and everything you
kill and build help will give you skill points and those skill points will
eventually level you up. where you can put points in weight stamina health
evasion mining speed attack and there are a lot of other different
things I haven’t explored them all I am NOT going to show them all to you you
need to venture them on yourself but believe me you’ll need these skill
because you’ll die fast under the ground you need food you need resources you
need weapons you need everything in this game that brings me to the crafting
system in this game halfway in the game I got workbench and as you can see you
can build a lot and I think it’s only the tip of the iceberg in this game
because yeah I’ve seen boats and they even want to implement going through
other planets so that’s a big big thing they want to build in this game but
besides the crafting the building the exploring is the most fun thing in the
game as you can see I’m on an island and you get to see and I even saw some
screenshots of building boats so you can go on boats to other island there more
than one island in the game but the start is underground so yeah you need to
be on your toe when you go underground because that is kind of dangerous these
animals aren’t easy to kill and they cost a lot of stamina
so yeah you need to be on your toe and there are a lot of treasures inside the
island or under the island so you can go further deep I haven’t even found a rock
bottom so I don’t know if there is one but it’s getting darker and darker and I
was building lights to go down but this truly reminds me of terraria where you
also got a lot of stuff you can do in game so if you enjoyed the exploring
part in terraria this game is truly for you it’s got a lot of Secrets
I don’t know how large it is but yeah I have been found a rock bottom and I
wasn’t able to go more down because I need more lights
I do find a lot of treasures on the ground that’s make me a lot stronger so
if you like exploring fighting boss and finding out muting this game is
definitely for you it’s not an easy game but yeah I would say try it because you
can try this demo on Steam and there is a lot of stuff you can explore in it so
I put a link down below and you can check it out yourself you can play the
demo and if you enjoy it buy this game because it’s a lot of fun this game will
be released in July so and you can play the demo now and move on to the real
game again because yeah you will die in this game and you will hate it for it
but there’s a lot more to venture down into mind you can even find dragons and
hidden statues what will bring this game magic red boards yes there are even
flying dragon to tame them they can be your pet so check out the ground and the
link down below and if you enjoyed this preview, then push the subscribe button push the
like button and leave you come down below about what you think of Aground

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  1. Oooo nice, like the look of this game, seems like you can do a lot in it (: might have to check out the demo, nice video! ^.^

  2. Dude this Content’s really great! You just earned yourself a subscriber! I’d really appreciate if you checked out my channel! 🙂

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