Prey Day: Survival Subway Station (all chest and sulfur locations) complete guide

Hi this is gonna be a quick tutorial Two-part tutorial on subway. It’s gonna be what I’m normally do and then I’ll show the locations of everything! With a new patch, which should be this 1.3.1. So it should have better loot will see I’ve done a couple times haven’t got better loot But yeah, maybe I was just unlucky then So let’s take a look here. Oh, I probably should Explain what you can get in each box So for Subway the loots are gonna be I Mean, that’s a single Purple dot can only be gotten in the black chest. So this this this and this can only be gotten the black chest and then Everything else can be getting in any of the other chests. And of course the black chest can have any of the other stuff besides these four items so it’s basically at one two, three four only available in the black chest and then Everything else is available in regular chests and the black chest can also get everything else along with those four items And What I normally do is I just bring about seven armor her. Excuse me five armor, but I’m just using my leftover gears from You know from stuff I’m not gonna use it. Probably end up selling it. This is not the right location That’s where two sulfur’s though. If you guys want to do that you can do that there this is one of the sulfur areas I get actually this is the only sulfur air I normally get I Do grab this metal here because yeah metals annoying to get oh my oh this guy Looks like a glitchy area over they do. Yeah go for a second Ideally you just want to kill that one guy pulled these other guys out You should be able to get this one if you’re quick. I Gotta get a crew here Should be able to break this and you can get this loot if you want, but I’m not gonna bother with it right now So that’s it so far I know I’m with you there you just normally grab the black just I Was I spawn in some places? It’s not the right place. I just grab but close and run out All right, this is a right area If you have hunter shoes here You can run past everything but I do not have understood so you want to wait about three seconds before you start running Now it should be good I should be able to get past the dog And hopefully lose everybody but I’m not wearing hunter shoes. So I’ll probably have to attack and kill one mob And here you just want to pull out the Toxic Reiner, come on You don’t get slowed here it’s obviously a lot better but This is basic that I like normally doing here just because it’s pretty quick pretty easy Every other thing goes in the back shows Somebody third one I haven’t gotten anything good yet Nothing good, so I don’t know what they increased but obviously not good – maybe they increased a dilute So normally it is relog right here Because that’s all I do But I’ll run back through by the process of editing and show you guys what else I do I’m just gonna grab some shirt because normally if you’re going to do the whole thing you want full gear So then your other solutes in the bio box this is gonna not this is going to be that first sulfur that I got oh Yeah, I could have went there Look at us small and eventually All right. This one will work for the top trust if you’re really quick you can run here and Whoops, you should be a little sneak attack. The guy I messed it up would be a dog coming that we have to wait for And be coming right around here’s pretty soon Yeah, there he is Be good right here and just as soon as he goes you can go behind him Or not I failed I grow normally, you know on a groom you can do it without killing but whatever it doesn’t make it a little easier if you kill him to get to the next box, but I Don’t want to break teca’s it gonna trade death Oh, no, no, don’t go that way We’re gonna try to pull one of these guys I pretty never perfect but You’re probably for this guy the past but whatever cause is good I Got a gun I guess it’s good And then I don’t really want to get that picture because you can you know You slowly you can pull them away and get to the chest. No problem You’re gonna go up here kill this guy a pull out this 60 HP guy How does it grab everything you can because well, you know you’re you’re here anyways You should be able to get this guy and pull him away And you just run back here grab his box real quick Now I believe this Should be a creeper here, but he should be like stuck up on the right side So we should be able to get everything we need from in there and then just reset Of course I pulled that guy should be able to run him though What there’s two butchers in here what?!?! Rip So Apparently after the patch they added another butcher to that room. I would just group the 2 butchers up and pull them away like I did in that first sulfur room then come back and get the Sulfur All right After you get these you relog Most of times is that creeper stuck up here. You don’t have to kill him You can break these two down here and then break this one and then relog You know exit the game and then that way you don’t have to kill that creep that I killed but if he’s not gone spawned up there like 99.9% of the time he’s stuck up there But this time I messed up so he was so Let me show you the last spot for sulfur which I never get because it’s awful so All right, this is the last sulfur spot you can tell because of these things here I never do it one because there’s a **** ton of creeps. I Mean like a **** ton There’s also the other silver room right here technically when you do that one you can come down here and do this one I just injured two men creeping flush here. So I don’t always my time with this one Oh I Don’t think you have to kill this one. I think he can away from the go away, but Got shit to do and I messed up so grip And that’s two so four here And so Oh getting a caboodle I Gotta get this rock, whatever. I don’t care got a million sledgehammers So from for these sulfur spots, which I only do this one up here You can come from this one or the one up above the road Or the one up above that really any of the right spawns will work for these Sulphurs Up here this one Or this one That’s it thanks for watching

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