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Primitive Cattail Survival Basket

Primitive Cattail Survival Basket

Common cattail (Typha latifolia) grows in many climates around the world Cattail is one of the most useful plants on earth They provide both food and material for making baskets, rafts, bedding, and shelter I am measuring twelve pieces about one meter long to make the structure of my basket Soaking the leaves in water will make them more pliable and prevent them from breaking After soaking for a few minutes they are ready for weaving I evenly bundle the twelve main pieces Then I position them so that the flat side faces inward to the middle Then I fold a thin leaf in half and wrap it around the center of the bundle I tightly twist it and then wrap it once more After performing another twist I bend the first leaf of the bundle ninety degrees and wrap it too I continue separating the bundle and twist the weave around each leaf Each six leaves will fill a ninety degree angle I continue separating each leaf and twisting the weave one time around each all the way around When the leaf I’m weaving runs out then I add another by folding it in half and joining it with the current leaf Once I go all the way around the wheel I continue the weave about two centimeters out from the previous one When I decide to form the sides of the basket I simply bend the leaves up and continue to weave Now I am doing two twists after each weave because the space is now wider between the leaves Once the base is formed it seems easier for me to work standing up I am finishing the cross weave and tying off the end It is necessary to remoisten the leaves before weaving the rim of the basket I am weaving the ends around the top crossweave I decided to remove every other end leaf to make the rim less bulky Loose ends can then be trimmed I’m weaving this cordage around the rim to make a shoulder strap Now I’m ready to forage This species of prickly pear is very common in southern California Sharp glochids make the collection of prickly pears a hazardous task The basket provides a safe means to transport prickly pears

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  2. Здравствуй Chad я из россии, мне очень нравятся твои видео и спасибо за перевод на русский. Ты классный

  3. Thank you so much, Chad,

    I've had one helluva migraine for the last couple of days.

    I didn't want to watch this – but I did anyway. And now I feel calmer and less stressed and I still have a migraine but it's not an oppressive thing any more. It's not killing me – so I;m going to go to bed and just breathe,

    I have loads of jokes about your potential merch store – but I'll save them for another time.

    You're a great man who makes other peoples' lives better, Mr Zuber, And don't let anyone tell you different.

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  5. I am supposing these baskets could be used to catch small fish, just by holding them in place with something and putting them against the stream.

  6. What are you doing with your life? Are you sitting around eating bread or are you making survival baskets in the wilderness like Chad Zuber?

  7. I honestly am sort of jealous of this man. Not because of his muscle body, okay mabye that as well, but because while I am traped in city life because of bills, no money to travel, and other obligations. The only thing this man has to worry about is survive No unessesary stress from civilization, no listening to others bitch about there minor problems, just survive.

    I would love to do something like this… Tho I'm pretty sure I would go insane within 2 weeks without WiFi.

  8. hola amigo muy buena noche aaqui viendo tu contenido se mira genial
    y es una hermosora su creatividad con esa cesta para supervivencia
    te quedo linda la cesta de hecha de Espadaña

  9. Buen video me sigo preguntando sobre el video pasado que tipos que peces eran lo que había en el Riachuelo y si algunas de las planta que estaban al rededor eran comestibles las cosas Primitivas cuestan pero valen la pena Saludos hermano y saludos a todos los aventureros exploradores

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  11. Chad, no sé si seré yo pero en cada video te veo con mejor forma física, ídolo 🔥 Saludos desde Perú

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  13. Actually, if you carved a crochet needle from strong wood, you could have easily crocheted a basket from those leaves. Please tell us btw – what the benefits are of drinking urine.

  14. I'm japanese but this video and you makes me excited!
    I think you are so handsome and intelligence.
    I wish you aren't injured.
    Sorry my not good English.

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  16. Hey chad!, una duda, a veces no te da miedo de estar expuesto al cancer de piel por siempre estar sin camisa en el sol? Adoro tus videos por cierto, un abrazo!

  17. Пора встретить дикую девушку, которая тоже так проводит время и подарить ей полезный подарок. 👍😏

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