Primitive Fermented Queen Palm Drink

The queen palm is native to South America but has been introduced to temperate climates around the world The ripe fruit falls to the ground so I am using my baskets to collect it while it is still on the tree These baskets were made from spiny rush and common cattail leaves I clean the fruits by submerging the entire basket in the mountain stream The fruit is edible and tastes like a cross between banana and mango Rainbow trout populate the stream The trout tasted the fruit but did not eat it I had just found this pool while hiking along the stream The cool clean water looked so refreshing that I had to go in and cool off It is like my own little Garden of Eden I scratch open the fruit so that the full flavor will be absorbed during the fermentation process I put about three cups of fruit in the bottle then add about two liters (quarts) of water Back at the Hut… I add about four tablespoons of honey to the mixture (sugar can be used too) I shake the mixture well and then allow the fermentation process to begin Shake or stir the contents every day for one week After one week it is ready I had hung my loincloth out to dry I shake it one more time before pouring This fermented beverage has a very distinct smell It has a thick smooth texture similar to syrup This thin straw is made from a vine I found in a jungle in Chiapas, Mexico This straw is made of giant cane (Arundo donax) which is found in many parts of the world These natural straws are free, are 100% biodegradable and contain no harmful chemicals After a good fermented drink it is great to have a good workout

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