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PRIMITIVE TECHNOLOGY | Bake WHOLE Chicken in MUD! | Strange, Savage, Ancient, Cooking ASMR (Silent)

PRIMITIVE TECHNOLOGY | Bake WHOLE Chicken in MUD! | Strange, Savage, Ancient, Cooking ASMR (Silent)

We hand raised this chicken from hatching in order to use it for meat. It was kept “free range” in this chicken tractor which was moved every day so it could forage for food. It’s too big to walk anymore. A cow bone. Bones make great primitive tools for digging. This soil is very rich in clay and when dry, hardens like a rock. I need to collect enough clay to wrap the whole bird completely. Removing the branches, twigs and debris so I can mix the clay with water. Primitive mortar and pestle used for milling corn into flour. Rain water has collected inside. Trying not to mix too much water in and have to go collect more clay. Sand is added as a binder. The lower layer of clay ready for the bird. Rubbing the clay into the feathers will help pull the feathers out as they harden around them during cooking. The intestines are left inside in order to keep a fully intact outer skin. The bird must be covered entirely with 2 inches of clay. Adding water helps to seal up the cracks. I have moved it over to the fire area and continue to make sure it is sealed up. It’s a rather large bird. Stealing some dried grass from my shelter. A big fire is a must as it can take 5 hours or more to cook completely. I am using a muellin plant for the spindle on a poplar base. The tinder bundle is birch bark inner, cedar and dried grass on the outer. A big fire will cook the bird all the way through, even the bottom. I am using a mixture of soft and hard woods. Several hours later and we have a lot of heat from coals and wood. You only get one chance at cooking so make sure it’s fully done. Easier than trying to spit roast and all the fat and moisture is preserved in the meat. Uncovering should be done carefully so it is not ruined. Stone serving tray. A little burnt at the top, too much heat. This is called “beggar’s chicken” in some countries. I am using a stone knife made by Jay Valente. It is very tender and juicy. No modern tools are needed for this style of cooking. Enough to feed a whole tribe. Very flaky white meat, except for the skin, it was cooked very well.

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  1. ALL SILENT Sunday Videos:

  2. Ever tried cooking in a earth oven known as a Hangi in New Zealand and Umu in other Polynesian countries can almost %100 guarantee it would taste better than a bird covered in "Mud" Some ancestors knew what they were doing others sadly didn't.

  3. U should wrap that bird with leaves like banana leaves or sal leaves then cover it with mud and cook. Indian way of mud cooking

  4. Hay amk mundarı, kuru yolum diye bişey var. medeniyetsiz hayvan tüyleriyle pişirdi gerizekalı manyak. Senin mideni sikiyim

  5. As a youth (in Scotland) a few of us would go on our bicycles for a days fishing trip in remote areas . We would catch wild brown trout and cook them in a similar way by covering them in mud (not gutted) and baking them on a hot flat stone over a fire. When the baked mud was removed the skin would usually stick to it and you were left with the delicious flesh. No packed lunch required !

  6. try use smaller bird next time, that will easy to cook. Get rid of feathers with hot water is also a good choice, cause you can dig a hole and put the bird in, cover with thin dirt. Then set a fire on it. That’ll do the same trick. This way you don’t have to setup a fire that crazy big. Normal size just fine, so you can use it like normal outdoor wild stuff. I don’t know the exactly word obviously, English is not my mother language. But still…
    Beggar’s chicken is a traditional Chinese food. So I know what I’m talking about.

  7. i've never seen one made like this, the ones i've seen they wrap the chicken with something else before the mud. but did it taste like mud?

  8. caramba…
    tan siquiera hubiera desplumado a esa pobre gallina y haberla limpiado por dentro…
    se expone a una salmonelosis!!! wacala!!!

  9. What i like about this kind of videos is that you let us focus on the work and sounds we just relax you don't talk at all because everything is clair well done bro !

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  11. On the brightside, charcoal mixed with the chicken will kill any pathogens still present in it
    Great survival food and can will prevent dying from dehydration if you get a bout of diarrhea.

  12. Well done brother! Really well done lol. Seriously I would sit there and chow with you. There are certainly worse meals and worse places to eat. Definitely worse company.

  13. To the Vegans who disliked the video: don't like it, don't watch.
    Even says in the name "savage, ancient, strange" at that point clicking on this is just asking to get offended.

  14. 781 dislikes… 781 people will die in the future because they didn't have their pristine tinkerbell oven that bakes things without smells or messes. ohhh… poor fairy princess people… doh….

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