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Primitive Technology – Finding Fish in water – Cooking eating delicious

Primitive Technology – Finding Fish in water – Cooking eating delicious

Survival Fish Hunting – Make a Spear For Catching Fish And Cooking Fish On a Rock

100 thoughts on “Primitive Technology – Finding Fish in water – Cooking eating delicious”

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  2. Outstanding online video! Right here at Y&S FOOD! we all love to catch these types of content. We produce Travel & Food video as well, around the world, and we are continually seeking out inspirations as well as good ideas. Thank You.

  3. Such a spear will not be strong until it pierces a fish like that, it will be blocked with water, we can think logically

    I not hate you,but
    Its fake video

  4. Pelo olho do peixe da pra saber se ele tá fresco, ao menos que ele tenha andado pelo menos 1 dia no mato antes de chegar ao local da pra acreditar que esse peixe é o mesmo, pra quem é "criado" no mato esses caras são bem fracos.

  5. There some defence to this guy

    1: there’s either more cameras spread around
    2: someone’s holding the camera (a camera man/woman)
    3: your not aloud to be Logan Paul and record photos of dead animals or people
    4: his trying to give you the idea on how to spear fish without him hurting a innocent animal

    You should get the idea. I don’t think he is clickbaiting but you guys have different opinions 😃👌

  6. Clearly two different fish . First one is a irredescent Shark and the one on the spear is a pacu. The Shark probably went back into his pond, you can tell it was shocked by the difference in water temperatures. And the pacu was dead since the last video.

  7. He’s just trying to make a YouTube video so what if it was fake it was still entertaining. If y’all are just going talk about how bad it is then just watch something else.

  8. Рыба не похожа на свежепойманную, подстава, дизлайк…

  9. i been fishing all my life but this is the most fake video at all times lmao ,fkn fish has cloudy eyes lol

  10. Title:Primitive Technology – Finding Fish in water – Cooking eating delicious
    Question:can we catch fish in the land??

  11. bro what the hell did he just do he through a spear at a 10 foot fish bro hes not human man nobody is great as him

  12. I like how you don't make exited caveman sounds like many other channels, makes it more much realistic, nice prehistoric vibe, you just gained a sub

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