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Primitive Technology: Hot Smoked Meat – Food Preservation

Primitive Technology: Hot Smoked Meat – Food Preservation

Primitive Technology: Hot Smoked Meat – Food Preservation

100 thoughts on “Primitive Technology: Hot Smoked Meat – Food Preservation”

  1. You wanna be like primitive technology lmfao you gets no respect for trying to come up off another person's hard work buddy

  2. Please stop copying someone. You have skills try to invent another way to show your capability. 1 like for your presentation 1 dislike for stealing another person's idea.

  3. I am surprised he did not pack it with clay/mud from from the river, a lot of work to cook tea. Still they look pretty good.

  4. Plagiarism! Stealing someone's else channel's name!
    And yet, just a fraction of views and subscribers compared to the real "Primitive technology" channel. People recognise leaches and punish plagiarism…

  5. I like stuff like that. I like people doing videos like that.

    But you should trust yourself and your doings and not to try to ride with another person's success. Try to find another name for your channel.

  6. if you want to copy primitve technology, don't do it so blatantly obvious. its fine to have different ideas, but this is just as lame as it gets. ur trying to be the bad chinese knockoff of an iphone. dont know why anyone wants to be that.

  7. I do like the videos and it looks like you are very skilled. But, i wonder if it is real. The sounds, specially in this video are very weird. Then i hear a creek and then only birds, while the shot is the same. And then u r washing up and we hear crickets, and so on, and so on.

  8. Why add fake sound effects when its clearly fake in the same shots god this is funny how terrible this is

  9. Wonderful online video! Up here at Y&S FOOD! we love to run across this kind of contents. We make Travel & Food movies as well, anywhere in the world, and we are frequently searching for inspirations as well as creative concepts. Thank You.

  10. Why does the water sound come and go throughout this video even though the whole thing is shot next to the river???🤔

  11. Absolutely stupid!! never use river rocks for a fireplace, they can explode. My friend and I have scars on our leg/s from when we unknowingly did this at 14y/o. Unless people tell you, you have to find out the hard way

  12. Why does it sound like the water fall and birds chirping in the background are stuck on repeat 😂 you can hear them reset and start again haha

  13. Tom Tonka, you are a lying piece of shit. This channel is ten years older than that other channel.

    Why do you reddit faggots keep spreading these lies? Are you just too stupid see the join dates?

    Also, the other guys has never done anything to do with meat. He is a vegan reddit faggot, like you.

    He is the real thief. Get your facts straight next time you want to cry like a baby about something, that way you won't looks so incredibly stupid like you do here.

  14. Guy has this guy copyed anyone look at primitive technology's stuff then come nacl to this channel this guy is making alot better stuuf the primitive technology sib to this channel

  15. Im confused? when I started watching these vids, I watched "Primitive Technology" as I continue to watch this vid while beliving its "Primitive Technology" comments are making it seem like a rip off. How do you know if its the original site? (obviously im a bit older and new to you tube)

  16. когда такой гемор из камней и бамбука сотворил жратва вкуснее что ли?

  17. They are literally using sound effects for nature. I used to play some Roblox games and they had the same sound effects.

  18. When meat will fried it can drop in the fire endorse became smaller. It's better to use sticks like picks and wear meat on it.

  19. First: Thank you Sir for taking the time to provide this information/presentation.

    Always last: To those hating, please consider that the person creating these videos is imparting information that you would probably never be able to know yourself without spending hours and hours and hours and hours recreating the presentation. This person has shown you something that you wouldn't know without spending your own precious time.

    Appreciate it or at least, don't waste other people's precious time posting pointless gripes. Leave the screen space for more valuable feedback and insights and maybe use your time to do something actually useful like the poster of this video did.

  20. Wow, what a lot of negative input. I thought this video was interesting. All that matters is that you learn something. Everyone has the right to video their talents. Shesh people, he accomplished what he set out to do and without a huge BOOM of rocks. But it's easy to gripe while you sit at your desk munching on chips in an easy chair. He smoked meat primitive style. Good job.

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