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Primitive Tule Sleeping Mat

Primitive Tule Sleeping Mat

It is the end of the dry season and the water level of this pond is very much receded Tules are native to freshwater marshes of North America Tules are both used for food and for making handicrafts Tules are similar to cattails but the leaf structure of tules is much thicker I am cutting the leaves in pieces about one meter long This calabash bottle gourd is used as a primitive water container for my journeys The ground is damp here so I am going to a drier location to work Tule leaves are extremely lightweight yet quite durable This is yucca cordage that I had previously made I measured a length of about six meters I always carry a stone cutting tool in my pocket I begin by locating the center of the cordage and wrapping a bundle of four leaves Then I use a simple over / under weave technique to add additional bundles of tule leaves It would be helpful to have three hands to do this So I use my teeth to hold one end of the cordage I am weaving only the center of the bundles first I continue adding bundles of tule leaves until the mat reaches the desired length This weave is used in many primitive handicrafts including basket making The most difficult part is keeping the weave tight enough so that the leaves do not move from position The process is rather slow and can take a few hours to finish one mat The mat can be rolled up as weaving progresses It is almost the desired length To finish the weave I make sure the bundles are tight and then make a simple square knot The extra length of cordage can be used to securely tie the rolled up mat Here I used a simple shoestring knot that is easy to untie I almost forgot the remaining cordage The mat is not finished yet but I have to go before nightfall I am finishing the weave in the hut As you can see, there are now three rows of weaving The mat may appear to be finished but I still have to tighten the weave on this side When the weave is tight enough then I can securely tie the end The spongy texture of the tule leaves makes it an ideal material for bedding The fact that it can be rolled up makes it very convenient Then it can be conveniently leaned against the wall when not in use This is the edible seed pod of the mesquite tree The skin and seeds are removed and only the sweet and delicious pulp is eaten Now I am repairing the top of the rocket stove

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  1. It isn’t simple to do and there are a lot of works to be done as i can see how busy you were. So I would be love to give you a hand.😁🥰🎼

  2. Everytime I watch one of your videos I remember what a little bitch I am because I can't get past the fact you just walk on the stones with no shoes, sit in the sun with no protection and still mange to get things done without the use of Morden tools.

  3. fantastic!Where i gonna live in my natural build house ,made from red soil,water,menuire and bamboo roof with palmleaves.

  4. Is so Chad I am curious to know approximately how long did it take you to build or handcraft that sleeping mat if you were making a video because I know the video makes it seem like it's shorter but I'm pretty sure it took longer than the video is making the same so I thought I'd ask

  5. Have you ever used the small fire place in side the hut. And shorts under your loin cloth, that would be nice to see. Just a idea from a fan of your channel.

  6. I get so inspired by you! What you do is AMAZING and unique! I am guessing it must have taken a lot of practice to tell what the plant is! I really wish I can do that. I am ALWAYS excited when you post a vid!!!! thank you for making this channel and all the other amazing, AMAZING videos for people to to watch. 😄😄👏🏼👏🏼

  7. great now im gonna put this a 1st step if i accidentally encase island stranded…. i enjoy alot watching your all primitive video's here… i hope you make primitive iron making too to make cut tools and hammer a most useful to survive… thanks

  8. Its real primitive bro, very AMAZING. Good ob.. 👍👍
    I also subscribe to your wonderful channel. Greetings from Malaysia my friend 🤝🤝🤝🤝👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😉😉🌲🏕🤠

  9. Exelelente 👏👏 tapete se mira muy suave solo falta la almohada.una amaca conque materiales lo harías exelelente amigo

  10. Pachapapasito, te quedó mejor que la anterior.
    El que sabe hacer las cosas, las puede hacer una y otra vez, y cada vez mejor.
    Saludos 🇨🇱🇨🇭

  11. The footage is great, you are definitely a professional photographer. Besides you master all the survival skills, I also have to learn a lot from you, thank you for sharing!

  12. Best skills I ever seen, a have to learn a lot from You 🙂 I love survivel and I have also channel but its beginning 😀 Succes!

  13. Chad – I really wish you could do a little bit of filming at night. I'd love to see what the Hut looks like at night or on the night of a Full Moon. Please, please, do some filming for night fall. Set up some primitive night lamps around the Hut as your next project. Then have a nice mid-night snack or dinner cooked on the primitive rocket stove. I like to watch you eat.

  14. Chad me gusta esa hoja para esa clase de trabajos no la conozco pero se ve bien y estas en un lugar muy adecuado y lindo felicitaciones el petate exelente yo compré uno de hijas de banano

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