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Project Hill: Redux – Dreams PS4 Beta Gameplay (Survival Horror)

Project Hill: Redux – Dreams PS4 Beta Gameplay (Survival Horror)

Welcome back, LittleBigHeroes. One of the projects which I would personally
love to be involved in is a survival horror. I am a massive fan of games such as Resident
Evil and Silent Hill and I can’t wait to get started on something horrifying. But it seems that there is already a great
example of the survival horror genre in Dreams. Okay, so you can’t die, technically, so there’s
no real surviving but the core gameplay revolves around traditional survival horror components. You explore to solve puzzles, unlock doors,
read notes, listen to audio files And all from an over the shoulder camera made famous
by Resident Evil 4. I’ve also played the original version of this
level over on LittleBigPlanet 3 and I can instantly recognise a massive improvement
in both atmosphere and gameplay with this superior Dreams version. Let us know what you thought of the Dream
down in the comments below, and what would you like to see next from the survival horror
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