I’ve lived in a refugee camp ten years…
a decade, in a shelter like this. When I was in Lebanon my family and my aunt with her family lived together in the same shelter, it’s hard for the
children. We only get the plastic and raw wood then we have to buy or find the
tools of nails. We went to UNHCR we registered with them just to get this
benefit with plastic, some furniture. You know all the refugees they can get
anything with them [UNHCR] from those countries [countries under siege] after that we went to refugee camp in
Bikar in Lebanon and we built our shelter. You know you have to repair it
every five months or six. Just wood and plastic it’s really hot in the
summer and in the winter with a lot of snow. So sometimes the water comes down or the
shelter is going to brake because a lot of snow. In refugee camp we are not safe there the locals always attacking refugees. [Inaudible]… they are wild. We have to protect ourselves at night… you know… we have to stay awake, half awake, half asleep. Some Lebanese guys they got in one of the camps there and they put
fire and they make problems there. We had a call from UNHCR and they tell us we
have a chance to travel another country. They give us a settlement for a few refugees it’s very few refugees if you get lucky. The
artists I work with they have contract with the refugee council and
they have spoken with my project worker he has asked me would you like to work?
Get some experience, improve your language, work around the
country there are many things yeah… yeah actually that’s really great. Art is useful because you know people enjoy art, so it’s a good idea I think. I think… no, it’s not just art it’s like great thing. I’m happy to do that project. I’m happy to talk with the people. I’m happy
to give the people here an idea because most people they cant see
the shelter outside of the TV or in the newspaper but they can’t get a clear idea or they can’t understand very well about inside the shelters like
the daily routine or the life of the refugees.

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