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PROJECT WIGHT Trailer (Viking Horror Game – 2017)

PROJECT WIGHT Trailer (Viking Horror Game – 2017)

hi my name is david goldfarb and this is project white project white is set in an alternate history of the early viking era this is the dark ages and in this history humans share the world with the last remnants of forgotten species of intelligent creatures now what’s unique about our game is that you see the world through the eyes of these creatures and the moment we have the point of view of a young creature basically a child is it searching for its parents as you can see these creatures move on all fours young creatures are good at sneaking climbing and jumping this is a cruel world and humans have almost eradicated your kind entirely here we can see two of them hacking away at the body of your father probably to take a trophy get away well child you can easily be killed even by the weakest humans we’re trapped on this bridge there’s an escape route okay I think we’re safe as you move around the caves and tunnels that these creatures inhabit you’ll see what humans have done to your kind over the years sneak to safety No one of the things about being a young creatures that you you could crawl into spaces that no human could follow now this huge cave it’s a mysterious tree it’s one of the last few places of refuge in the world for creatures like you so that’s the world through the eyes of young creature running away from even the weakest human now we’re going to go forward in time and see the world through the eyes of a larger more powerful adolescent creature let’s see what they’re capable of doing [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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  1. For all people wondering wat happened to this game it got a name change its called darkborn check out the darkborn trailer and u will see similarities from this teaser demo to the gameplay demo

  2. ohhhh I remember this game from unity company I'm the first guy who see that game in this video especially of course , I don't why they doesn't do that game because that game is the best game in the world's.

  3. whoever is looking into this, get up to date with it. you're welcome πŸ˜€

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