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PUMPKIN | How Does it Grow?

PUMPKIN | How Does it Grow?

Autumn is the strangest season. The US harvests 500 million pounds of a food we have no intention of eating! Our colonial forefathers would be horrified. This is a food they survived on during their first American winters – can you guess it? it’s pumpkin! But – How Does It Grow? Half of all US pumpkins are grown for decoration; the other half becomes canned puree; most of it destined for pumpkin pies. This is Dufffield’s farm, where 50 acres grow nearly as many kinds of pumpkin, squash. and gourds. Okay, so let’s clear something up: the word pumpkin has no botanical meaning. We use it to refer to an orange squash in the Cucurbita family, which covers all winter and summer squash, from butternut to zucchini. Can you think of any other crop that comes in so many shapes colors and sizes? Pumpkins are native to the Americas. In the 1600s American Indians taught the pilgrims how to grow pumpkins – a food they’d never seen before, but came to rely on for their survival. It’s staggering that this little seed can grow into a massive pumpkin like this. In fact, the world record holder weighed over 3,000 pounds. At Duffield’s, pumpkin seeds are planted in June for an October harvest. When the new vines flower, bees are brought in to pollinate the fields. The farmers worst enemy is powdery mildew, this fungus spreads like wildfire, killing leaves and intern the plants. Keeping this canopy of leaves healthy is crucial for shade. If pumpkins are exposed to too much sun, their beautiful orange color fades to yellow and since we buy pumpkins for their looks, these farmers can’t sell them. When the pumpkins are ripe, harvesters work together, cutting the fruit by hand. And yes, it is a fruit! (Matt): During the growing season we do not walk out on our vines. (Matt): We don’t want to damage the crop, or ruin vines…(Nicole): Right, umhmm… (Matt): So we wait till harvest to see what pumpkins we have. We have no idea until harvest… (Nicole): Right…Show me how to do it… (Nicole): The race is on! Aha! (Nicole): Ugh…sorry! Now get this: if Duffield’s wanted to sell these pumpkins for processing, they wouldn’t make it past the factory door, because the truth is, canned pumpkin isn’t pumpkin at all – at least not the kind you think… Our classic Halloween pumpkin is bred for looks – not taste – so its flavor is pretty bland. There’s not even much flesh. The hollow core is a tangle of fibers and seeds. The canning companies use a totally different pumpkin – with tan skin and lots of meat. These are great pie pumpkins and it just goes to show – that the tastiest foods don’t always look how you think they should… (Nicole): I’m gonna lose my knife…

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  1. The Native Americans taught the genocidal killers how to grow pumpkins to survive. Smh Sad. They should of been off’d instead

  2. Loved this video. I learned so much. It's good to find out that what we think of as more decorative squashes are edible. Have to change that mindset.

  3. pumpkin is treated as a delicious vegetable in Indian subcontinent. I am from Bangladesh i loved the pumpkin curry with little prawns and pumpkin fry.

  4. " it's staggering that little seed like these can grow into a massive pumpkin like these" oh lady u have no idea what or there seed can grow into something big

    Want me to show u first hand?

  5. I've been binge watching your videos, but I cannot stop thinking about Cermet when you say "How does it grow?" @jennamarbles #jennamarbles , but really informative vids thank you! 🙂

  6. Wow awesome & interesting information but who doesn't love pumpkin pie but wonder with all those pumpkin why don't they have throughout the years .

  7. I actually roast the seeds every time I buy a pumpkin for a snack during this time of the year. ^^ they actually taste really good.

  8. I love your videos, you are very informative. But we need more info like how many times it needs to be irrigated. And when is the best time to plant it.

  9. These videos are so interesting. I’m born and raised in New Jersey and never knew or could have guessed how many things are grown in this state, I knew cranberries did but there’s so much more grown here it blew my mind!

  10. Pumkin is very important in our society, we eat its leaves, flower, even its stem. But we dont love the Pumkin itself we call it bear cake because bear loves very much.

  11. I love eating pumpkin and wish it was sold year round like the other squash is. It’s a travesty that all that energy goes into producing something that gets butchered and thrown away. Billions of tons of water, thousands of hours of labor, and tons of CO2 pumped into the atmosphere to transport them—all for a decoration. Disgusting.

  12. they actually think pumkin has meat inside??? great intelligence on display here. even if it's just a misuse of a "word" it's still retarded.

  13. What i can observe in your videos is that you are enjoying so much and everyone in your videos are smiling and laughing like they enjoy themselves so much. Love from Philippines. Altough we do not have those kind of fruit in our country it's good to know how do they grow.

  14. I am from Trinidad and Tobago and we make pumpkin rice….it so so good. When I see how pumpkins go to waste for decorations it saddens me it's an excellent food with lots of fiber, and a complex carbs. Pumpkin is even put into delicious beans dishes such as stew redbean..etc, Trinidad Callaloo….has pumpkin in it.Our superfood.

  15. We even eat the young leaves and stalks and my mom and granny makes some kind of thick curry with chicken and shrimps.. Eh

  16. Your videos are so mesmerizing 😍.. I am loving it… Your guesture is so much interesting.. Love from India….

  17. The pumpkins that are use for “can pumpkin”, my mom grows them and we make a simple pumpkin juice from it. Just shave off the outer layer and cut the flesh into bite size pieces. Boil it in water and add sugar. It’s so comforting during winter if you drink it hot.

  18. In Indonesia we plant the latest kind of pumpkin. Yes it has much more inside. And taste sweet. We called it labu

  19. Its really easy to plant pumpkin. Just throw the seed anywhere. Then wait till it grows.

    (Just sharing how we do it)

  20. I made pumpkin pie form a halloween pumpkin i grew. Tated pretty good to me! I didn't find it as sweet as a pie pumpkin.

  21. not 100 true. though use as decoration holloween as lantern. but after 2-3 days i cut on cook sheet bake let cool feed goats. when baby goats born . they punk in reincarnated . then later water mellons as practice for jack lanterns those feed baby goats came last years punkin lanterns.

  22. The way to grow a pumpkin is by having a space emtpy next to the pumpkin seed so that it will place it on that.

  23. I like pumpkins so much😍😍😘😘😘😘😳😳😭😴😎😇🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃👻🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃

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