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  1. My favorite rule was #1 as well!! That's the greatest love of all and you can't give what you dont have. So give that love to yourself first and then it can be amoung others.#BTA#17

  2. Put your soul into your gift,Master your craft,tell a great story,as a writer he hit home,I look at writing different,but thank you for being the same EC,you are very helpful,may God keep blessing you.

  3. Great Video Even, Love who you are is a great rule. I will open up doors because loving yourself develops confidence, courage, ans you will have more of a willingness to fight for what you want. #Believenation #BTA15

  4. Sitting quietly in the waiting room flipping through the latest issue of Entrepreneur Magazine. "Holy Smokes Batman" – There on pg 91 is a pic of Evan Carmichael right next to Tony Robbins – titled "Wisdom Worth Watching"
    So impressed Evan – kudos!

  5. There were two rules for me. Master your craft, which means to me study ,be prepared,and
    never give up. I learned and applied one of Mr. Jones' Proofs in college ,not realizing until some 30 years later. A Quincy quote- "When People say "you can't do that, I say "oh really"? My TV instructor could not believe that I secured permission to bring a television college crew, document and record on a major Film and Television union lot…He said, "Oh Eric , you'll never be able to get "us" on the Universal Studios property.. I did, and produced a documentary on Animals and how they are trained (Ray Berwick) on make-up (John Goodwin and) stunts(Rick Baker.."Reverse Celluloid(1975) Then "in the 90's I met Mr. Jones several times… and marketed several QWEST projects at WEA New York.(full circle) E. "Stuart" Johnson- L.A. Ca. Thank You, Evan..

  6. " know who you are. You can't help anyone until you help yourself." Boy I AM guilty of this… always helping. Unfortunately I don't put myself first. Embarrassed to mention this. I want to get better so I will post this…..

  7. Hi Evan, my fav Q rule is to Always Be Prepared, as it encompasses all the others. Preparation is the core of it to me.

  8. I thank you so much for your efforts with these inspirational and motivational videos. If it's at all possible I would like to see 10 Rules by Ryan Leslie and Ryan Reynolds. But I admire both in their works and really would like to know what helped Ryan Leslie become a world renowned producer and businessman

  9. 'Genius' is possibly THE most misused word in the English language in the last 30 years. Q is a benchmark. That rodeo clown Michael Jackson owed EVERYTHING to this man.

  10. ALWAYS BE PREPARED. "My Biggest Fear, and i Don't Play with that Word, my Biggest Fear is to get a Great Opportunity that i'm not Prepared for." – Quincy Jones #MYTRUTH "and that's the biggest compliment man, and accomplishment, you can have in your life; is you can say, i got my stuff together, I GOT MY SHIT TOGETHER!!!" – Quincy Jones GREAT

  11. If you want to know how to write and arrange/orchestrate like a pro, study the music and work of quincy jones (among many others of course)

  12. Motivation is nice and helpful! But it can fade and quickly! However, wisdom will last you a lifetime and will be with you throughout generations. No one can take it away from you! And Quincy Jones has it plentifully!




  14. Hi, Evan. Great video!

    Would you make a video about Ray Charles, who changed popular music twice in the words of his dear friend, Quincy Jones?

  15. beautiful video! to me, the most inspirational of all! love quincy, love his story and can't really choose a favourite rule because they're all SO profound and true…!!! thanks so much for making these and sharing!

  16. Yep. Number 10. Never too late. Had to wait until I early- retired to form my own band… now playing some Soul / Blues / Rock / Jazz and learning every day. Advantage of delayed start is I have the Stories to sing!

  17. Thank you, Evan – it's great to hear these words of wisdom from Quincy Jones – they are priceless. And thank you for your series. It is so helpful for people!

  18. Quincy Jones has been my mentor via proxy- I am endeavoring to practice all TEN rules.

    I listen to this one On Quincy almost daily. Presently passing through an extremely difficult time but God gave me music, I sing , write, play and produce and I will NOT give up till I succeed.

    Thanks a million for this information on Quincy Jones.

  19. I was blessed with the opportunity to go to the GRAMMY Awards this year in 2019 and meet this wonderful man. He is as gracious as he seems.

  20. Love who you are and put your soul into your work. It was the key to having fun and not giving up on goals.

  21. Amen Q even if I were who they say I am I'd still love myself. Loving oneself is not an easy thing to do. Others whove attained this. DO NOT LET THEM ROB U!

  22. Evan: have you ever thought of doing a 10 rules by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill Bellichick and Meghan Markle? Just wondering!

  23. I have not taken all the steps so if I fail I only have myself to blame…but I'm ok with that..If I had done all 10 I'd be p*ssed

  24. He says, “Not one drop of my self worth depends on your acceptance of me.”

    Don’t get me wrong, I loved that statement, but frankly, it's not true.
    He is declaring a guaranteed condition that no one can maintain. Even himself when he says about Frank Sinatra; “ …that’s the biggest compliment and accomplishment you can have in your life, is to say, I’ve got my stuff together.”

    He’s saying only when Sinatra tests him three times that he eventually accepts him, which Jones declares ‘the biggest compliment and accomplishment’. How many ‘drops’ was that worth to define himself according to the Sinatra’s ‘acceptance’ of him?
    If he really believed in his own statement, he would think, “I’m ready for you, cause I got my stuff together, I’m not defined by your compliments. If you accept me then that’s good for you, because I know my self-worth”. If one ‘drop’ didn’t matter, he wouldn’t even need to relate the story.

    I am not taking anything away from his accomplishments, all I am saying that the statement sounds good, but can be misleading if people really tried to think this way. Peoples acceptance does matter, not talking about blind following the status quo, talking about parents, teachers and employers. These are the people you ‘depend’ on physical and spiritual guidance and sustenance.

    Don’t delude yourself. Let’s admit, my self worth is affected by peoples acceptance. Yes, your ‘drops’ of mud does stain me, but I shall wash them away with my abundance of water pouring through my heart and mind. It may be more fruitful if we said;

    “I will not define my self-worth depending on your acceptance of me.”

  25. Looking for more of my Top 10 and Top 50 Rules for Success? They are now on their own channel. You can subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCacX6JAo1EpmxT91r6VH53g?sub_confirmation=1

  26. A true musical genius.His experience is wide,and varied .Wonderful advice and inspiration.!!!!🎹📷🎼🎶🎤🎺🎷🎧🌷👍⛅📷👑

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