R1 Warr: “Story of my WoW” | (Special Video)

Hi and hello everyone this is Chili speaking
here. And today I just wanted to make a quick update
video. That is the titles got fixed today meaning
I got my Glad title, but at the same time it appears that I would have gotten yet another
R1 if I actually sat my raiting. Because I heared that R1 cutoff was way lower
then to be expected. I will explain this why in a second and as well I wanted to
share with you my short road of career as a higlhy ranked WoW PvP & PvE player. It is the story that I wanted to tell you
a long, long time ago but the “Title issue” and the “Arena Junkies” topic gave me back
all the memories and reminded me more then half of my life span story. Ok, so let’s begin by saying that It is not
the first time I was about to lose my PvP title. The story starts in (S6) when one of my close
friend’s friend Teqilowsky, introduced me to the PvP scene In Wrath of the Lich King
expansion. He was a really good Resto/Elemental Shaman
with high experience from private servers, and then to put into contrast, I was somewhat
decently geared PvE Wrrior with a lot of AP stuff which was highly demanded back then,
because yea it is the “Golden Era” of WoW where PvE items actually mattered in PvP. So again we tryharded a lot where Teqilowsky
became my PvP tutor, just like a “Jedi Master”, you know. Showing me my mistakes so they could be neglected
and and increase my overall skill cap each day. Just to recall I was in secondary school back
day, meaning I had a lot of free time to be spend, on nothing else but World of Warcraft. We were playing a lot. First I got 1.750 achievement, then 2k and
finally I was struggling for the 2.2 one. It was all going good untill a DK named Saub
from my guild got the “Betrayer of Humanity”. A 2h axe from Kel’thuzad in 25man raid Naxxramas,
that I was supposed to get, basically stole my arena partner. Next season (S7) the “Relentless”, again I
was playing somewhat round 2k, but it all has finally changed in Wrathfull (S8). So I successfully kept on slaying dragons
to get even MORE gear. I had the Death’s Briner Will, and all that
important stuff except Shadowmourne as I was 3rd in the queue for it and didn’t manage
to get it untill the next expansion. I finally broke the limits of 2k experience
and got the 2.4 raiting in 2’s playing with Greek Resto Druid named Marraxus, who was
always playing from the internet cafe with tons of background noise as u can imagine. We were somwhere in the top of 2’s ladder
on our BG (among with another good Warrior – “Robswife”, playing the same comp). Since the apetite comes with eating, It was
not enough for me. I started playing 3s where I also got around
2.4 as a TSG, where I had S2 weapon, and my DK actually had Shadowmourne itself. On top of that I started playing 5s as: Elemental,
Warlock, Warrior, Holy Paladin and Discipline Priest) where we got 2.3+. So this season was huge for me, I got my “Duelist”
title and gained tons of experience making me ready to hit the next expansion, like never
before. New expansion, new hopes so I transferred
to Auchindoun from Burning Blade and changed factions at the same time, to Alliance, due
to my raiding guild’s requirements. I was enjoying myself slaying dragons, untill
I found I’m having less and less time to PvE. Season 9 began with a fresh new 10v10 bracket,
the hype was real and RBG groups started forming. I had a pleasure to play as a Flag Carrier
with the best team on our server leaded by 2 brothers – Orkoo (rogue) and Gila (boomkin)
claiming the 1st new PvP title. It was the season where firstly Fury, then
Arms warriors became insane. Also Swifty invented his fameous “One shot”
macro. As well as a season of huge diasspointment
for me as I lost my 1st glad title, how you may ask? Well, let me tell you. So I was playing TSG with some Paladin names
I don’t recall and a DK named Kohza. After an OK 3v3 session on around 2.8mmr the
DK asked me to give him the 3s leadership for a second. I was like “Yea sure” – I gave him the leader
and guess what happened. I got kicked out of the team where in my place
surely a top warrior back then named Swack was invited. It drove me crazy, I can’t deny it. So in the end they managed to get Glad ofc,
while I was sitting in the corner crying, being teamless. Time flies and so on, a new season 10 was
there. With a lesson from the past as well as new
achievement to link in the trade channel – 2.7 one that is I was able to find new partners
to do arenas with. I managed to encourage R1 Wrathful Gladiator
Warlock – Corrupter, to play with me. I was really excited as I knew what that guy
was able to do last season. We played WLS with his shaman, and did pretty
well. I have to admit that I was carried hard back
then. I mean all I had to do is listen to do was
listen to Corrupter’s commands and tactics. Season was about to an end. We had 2370, where
2420 was the Glad cutoff. Again I was really exicted and motivated to
claim the highly prestigous PvP reward, and finally accomplish my goal. So it was going really promising as you can
guess untill Corrupter said he has fly to Afghanistan on a mission, as he was in the
Army. Yea, I basically said a farewell to him and
my title, yet again. Season 11. I will begin by saynig that this was by far
the hardest season for Warriors among with (S13) from what I recall. So why is that again you may again? Well the trick here was the RMP and RMD PvP
dominated setups along with 3x DPS ran by Retri, Hunters and Rogues. Where we had both legendaries for those teams
avialble that is – the Legendary staff for casters and Legendary daggers for rogues. So I found a KFC team, playing with Skatilla
and Holy Paladin named Kaco. Even though warriros were in such a bad statement
we managed to almost pull it off. Why almost? Listen carefully. With all those triple dps and legenary “heroes”
it was quite hard to climb the ladder. We even managed to beat Hydra on his stream
making us really proud, you couldn’t probably imagine back then. Again my team was striving for the 3’s title
and did it’s best to get them. Were we successful? No we weren’t, but here’s why. So we had 2420 and cutoff was 2450, putting
us 30 points behind. Because of the wintrade actions in the 1st
7 teams out of 9 getting title, with Paladin named Supapala being behind it, Blizzard has
actually cared for the PvP community once, and banned them all! The only problem was that of course noone
knew about it before the season end, meaning all the teams kept playing – including us. We lost some raiting and decided to remake
the team and never climb that high again. Now the funniest thing is that we actually
could be rank 3 team on our BG. I couldn’t believe it back then, and even
now I can still barely comprehend it. So the battlegroup I was playing, and we are
speaking of right now – is Vindication. By many claimed the easiest, or one of the
hardest BG’s out there, why? Well, there are two main reasons for that. First we had very little gladspots as oppose
to Rampage or Cyclone, and then because and then because of it being considered as an
easy group, we actually had tons of really, really good players transfering there like
Swack mentioned before. And as you just heared we had many wintrading
teams for the titles. Ok. So all of these almost made me quit the game
for good but a new expansion “Mists of Pandaria” kicked in. This time I said it’s enough of this bullsiht
and did transfer to Sylvanas server on Rampage to claim my first Glad title. With all the experienced gained even though
I was gladless, I proved my worthy to the PvP community and played with Zionsfall, in
my opinion on of the best Hunters out there. Warriors were really, REALLY strong putting
us in a comp advantage above most of the teams. We climbed and climbed the ladder, untill
the momemnt that we were stuck for the rest of the season. I mean we got to around 2.6 and became, I
don’t wanna lie here, but somewhat around 5th team, meaning we could either farm lowbies
or keep queuing into the best teams on our BG. It was Trille with Hividipenge (playing Kitty
Cleave), Joes’s WMD, Healingstats’s & Bananasplit’s God comp + I belive Tunnelme’s Enhancement
– Destro team. Which was a really though competition to summarise. So it happened, there was this one afternoon
where we got farmed by the WMD team and couldn’t break the raitings anymore. I was offered by my teamates to transfer to
another, yet “easier” Battlegroup and go for the R1 shot instead. Well as you can imagine, I just wanted my
1st glad title and didn’t really care for anything else – I simply denied them. I was left in the team at exactly 2.5 raiting,
while they were playing on a different server already, making their road to R1. The only thing left for me, was looking at
my lonely team droppin’ it’s place in “Glad” spots competition as the season was ending. Imagine that I was the last – 22nd, again
almost loosing it, by playing and dropping the raiting unnecessarily. Zionsfall and the paladin Deathrow – indeed
got their R1 title with his team. Another thing worth mentioning, is that I
was actually playing 5’s pretty hardcore again – with Daiz, Healingstat, Banana and the Rest
Druid named Flexxlol. Getting us to R3 team where we couldn’t beat
Craze and Trillerbartom’s R1 team. Anyway, this was a very succesfull season
for me, as I finally managed to get my glad title. After which I transferred back to my “home”
Auchindoun to keep raiding with the guild. Then I pushed it to the limits and claimed the
R1 title with Elmezz and Pancake, actually being the top KFC world, beating Bloodx’s
and others like it was no others business. Also feeling confident enough I’ve decided
to create this YT channel. Next year I was the best Polish WoW player
according to the website and became chosen as a caster for Polish community at “2014
Arena Tournament” thanks to our Polish R1 Hunter Lapeane. In season 15 I got ditched by Pancake for
the R1 “Tyrranical Gladiator” Russian Enhance scipter as well us interrupt hacker – ending
our good relationship forever. Also since I was forced to queue another comp
I was a bit pissed to see a new warrior becoming the “shiny star” named Jaime as I played with
him the “Thunder Cleave” (he was the Elemental), and then he rerolled Warrior, to proove how
“easy” that class is and claimed season 15 “R1 title” with an interrupt hack. So yea, gg. We are coming slowly to an end but we have
another interesting story, in the Warlord’s 1st season. So Arms warriors at the start were in a really
bad state, but consistently getting buffed. I decided to to switch “Fury”, and started
rocking it hard with an Enhance named Bakpao. Believe me or not but in a single night we
reached 2.6 being above the R1 cutoff. Also to my surprise (because as we said Arms
was bad back then) one of the harderst teams we queued against was Zhrey’s KFC. So big props for making this shit work well
at the high raitings. As one of the “Turbo” originators I only queued
that comp for the rest of the expansion to claim titles. Ok we are about to season end of Warlord’s
where I found new 3’s partners, that is – Maggiesmith and Snowtea to play our best. We played this “Turbo” getting around ~2950
raiting at peak, and then dropping it to 2850 or so, making us far below R1 cutoff range,
right? So the next season monks weren’t that strong
so I started playing with Maggie and Resto Druid named Sivax. We were pushing the whole season hard, only
to get disappointed as FUCK at the end. Why? As I got DDOS’d many times including the time
I met Swack giving us no chance to get our raiting back. I have possibly lost my second R1 shot title
there, but nevermind. If it’s not your fault then I trully apologize
you Swack. So even though the “bad” things happaned to
me according to Swack. I actually admire him for being one of the
best Warriors out there. He was for sure the person I was looking up
to back in the days. Since he was just incredible in what he did,
also whenever he was absent I was allowed to take his spot and play with E-heroes RBG
team. So this is what I’m thanful for. Because in the end playing with the best and
being a part of the team is an unforgetable experience. So now after all of this, I’m here – in Legion,
where Blizzard made a mistake and “blessed” us with Duelist titles. By fixing the adressed issue I received a
Gladiator title. The whole situation with titles’s distribution,
as well as Arena Junkies’s post. Just reminded me of all the stories to my
losses that almost made me quit the game. Yes a game. I know it’s just a game, or is it? It should be atleast, but I have spent so
much time and put that much effort, yet only being disappointed every next time I tried
so hard. So the moral of the story is – Don’t be delusional
and never give up because one day you will get there anyway. Therefore it is my pleasure to be helpful. On behalf ot the occasion I would like to
thank everyone that made the game fun to me and kept me going through good, as well as
bad stuff. I wish you good luck in accomplishing your
WoW and life goals, just like I did with mine. Don’t let your dreams fade away and remember
that “cleaving – is believing”. See you on the arenas.

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