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Raiding the Cannibal Village – The Forest – 1080p 60fps – Survival Horror – E3

Raiding the Cannibal Village – The Forest – 1080p 60fps – Survival Horror – E3

Ah! Oh, isn’t that typical? Hey what’s up everyone? Vegetarian Zombie, here. Welcome back to another episode of the Forest. As you can see here, I got clubbed on the
head and I’m hanging upside down. Just what I – wanted to be. Oh god. How do I get out of here? Let me go. Let me go. Ahh – e. Oh they left my thing – what’s all that gore? All right, what do I do? Oh! So this what happens when you die in the Forest. You, um, you get kind of – well, I shouldn’t
say you die – well, I guess I’m kind of dead. Hey man. How’s it going?So if you lose to that cannibal
– what happens is that cannibal got me because I was trying to – um – I kid you not, I was
literally trying to save the game. And the cannibal got me and I didn’t know
how to activate my axe. So that’s something I obviously need to figure
out how to learn. All right, what’s that? A skull? You can’t carry – oh, will you stop that! You’re making all a racket! Can’t you see I’m trying to sleep? Oh no! This is bad- okay, what’s this? E? Ah ha. Okay, so I think this is the way we get out. Now, you can keep on walking through those
caves and eventually you – um – run into this creepy thing. Pheww. What do you know? It’s daylight? Okay, we got to get back to my base. So this bad mojo. What the heck? What happened to you? Jeeze. We got a tennis fan over here. Hey man. What’s going on?Wow, these guys like tennis, huh? I should probably leave. Oh god! Look at this. This is really creepy. All right. We gotta get back to- we gotta get to our
base. ASAPI. Question is, I don’t know how- I don’t know
know where my base is. I gotta say, one thing they did really well
in this game is the actual forest. You think about that … the game is called
The Forest and your like, “Well, I mean naturally they’re gonna- you know – they gonna make
a good forest.” But that’s something you could easily – you
know – neglect. And it’s really – they’ve done a beautiful
job. Now the Unity game engine gets a lot of flack. And, you know, it’s kind of rightfully so
– maybe they’re a victim of their own success. And the reason for that is because – you know
– we see a lot of asset flips. Basically, anyone can download the Unity engine
– and start making a game and put it on steam and sell it and it looks terrible. They’re really no quality – woah – no quality
control. And the thing is – to make a game in any engine
requires you to spend a lot of time – a lot of effort – both optimizing, working with
assets and stuff like that – and this is game that really shows that – you can make beautiful
stuff in Unity. Yes, this is a Unity game. They obviously spent a lot of time and effort
making this look great. Ahhh … we made it home. Home at last. Was hanging out with the cannibals, you know? I think that’s really cool that they add the
home icon but I guess if you wanted to do hardcore, you would sort of disable that. All right, let’s go up – oh, is this a fish? No. Just some seaweed. All right, we’re going to head back to our
base and pick up where we last left off. All right guys, here we are – back. Time to have some water and we’re getting
a little hungry too, but thankfully we have lots of raw fresh generic meat. Awesome. Okay guys. So it didn’t really go very well. I didn’t expect to be taken so easily. We gotta start thinking about our defenses
and right now, I think we need to build – like – a wall – like a fortress. Or something. Just so that we can keep these guys out of
our hair. All right. Let’s do our survival guide here. Let’s see what we got. Oh, start here … don’t get eaten by cannibals. Thank you. All right, so we don’t need a fire pit. We got the standing fires. We got kind of a shelter. That small cabin. I can’t believe that I feel asleep. Oh my god. All right, we got a water collector. We’re going to need that at some point as
well as a nice little garden, but I need defense game! Defense! Look at this? Custom walls. Oh – can we build that? So I guess what we are going to have to do
is – I don’t know how this is going to work guys. Will you get out of my face? I’m going to eat your head. I think we are going to put this here. And then we build like a wall like across
here. Oh, this will take me no time to build. Only a few minutes, right?This is ridiculous. To here. Okay. E. Look at that. That’s our wall! I love it! That will keep them out. That will make sure that none of them- I only
need to get 57 logs. That sounds easy. What the heck you know? Is it still called the Forest if I deforest
it? All right, so I’m going to get to work on
this. I think I’m going to be lucky if I get a-
a couple of tree.What was that? Oh my god, this game is freaking me out. This game definitely gives you the – the fear. Come on man, chop down the tree. Stop playing with it. Okay, that’s one tree. Oh my god! All right, so that dropped … what was that? Four? Four logs. For a tree. That would mean – will you get out of my face? If that’s four logs per tree, by my math,
I’m going to need to chop down – what? ten trees? actually, that’s not too bad. Well, that’s forty, so let’s think. Let’s throw that right here. I’m having problems doing math. Oh no. Fifty five. I’m going to need to chop down, what, twelve
trees? No, that’s forty eight. I’m going to need to chop down fifteen trees. How’s that sound? I’m going to kill those things. All right. So obviously, this is going to be a work in
progress. Look at this.This is gonna – this is gonna keep
them all out! But I’m not going to finish this before night
time. I’m going to be dead before nighttime. All right. Now, Someone had suggested going out to the
island and I’ve done that before. We did a livestream not too long ago where
I played this and I went out to the island. And um, yeah, we can do that. It wasn’t really that fun, to tell you the
truth.What are you so tired about, man? You gotta carry trees. So the one thing I think I really gotta do
is setup a lot more fire so that I can push them into the fire and have them catch fire. Uh oh.Will you shut up? Be quiet, man! There’s mutants around! Here we go! Oh man, that sun is getting close to the horizon. So, how much we got here? Still four. Four logs. All right, so what I’ll do is add these logs
to the wall and then we’ll look at building additional fire- fire stations. All right. Look at that. It’s actually coming along. I mean, it’s not going to prevent anything. At least, not for awhile. But that’s pretty nice. Okay, we need to now start thinking about
our other defense. So the problem is – they’re coming in here
– getting into my face like right here. Can we light this up by the way? Yeah, light it up! Light it up. So, we’re going to need to build a bunch of
these. At least th- will you stop throwing- catching
yourself on fire.While am I carrying skulls with me? Oh, this is a stupid way to die!
I feel much better. What is that? Mangaloid? It looks like health? What is this- what is this sorcery? All right, so we got cloth, booze, tree sap,
okay – now I never crafted anything before so we want to craft – we want to combine this
… with yeah, so we want to make some Molitovs. We want to combine that with … what? This. Yeah. Combine them up. That’s what we’re talking about. So we want to move- all right. So we can remove that. Let’s make a bunch of these things. Yeup. Combined! I drank the booze. I couldn’t help myself. Okay so what is this? Can be combined with aloe to make medicine. Do I have aloe? I don’t even know what aloe is? Well, I know what aloe is … jeeze guys! All right, let’s have some- snacks. Oh god! Oh we can use this to boil water! That’s beautiful! All right, we got sticks. Guys! We got a lot to do and the sun is getting
low. All right – ahh – let’s come back here and
let’s read our book. All right, we want a standing fire. So we got this one here, let’s put this one
right here. Oh, I need more sticks. I love that I can’t carry anymore skulls. Thanks man. I need to carry all the skulls! I got a skull collection going on. Awesome, we got that one done and let’s add
one more. Now it’s kind of weird, like, when you walk
in this game, there’s like an echo of your footsteps. Oh no! I don’t want the sun to go down! And when you’re walking, it sounds like people
are nearby you. So it’s kind of creepy. I guess in a good way, but I’m always looking
over my shoulder. Oh, the unfinished wall. We got so much more to go. I’m not sure that this is even a good place
to be building to be entirely honest with you. All right, we’re going to throw you here. All right. Probably a good time to light her up. All right, do not. Catch on fire. So I’m just going to keep that one lit and
do we have another fire? Oh man, why can’t I sleep until morning? Why don’t you give me that option? I got my rock. All right guys, wish me luck! This is one of those survival games that really
are freaky. At night. You know like Minecraft you can kind of ignore
everything. But not this game. Is that a bad guy over there? Now I’m hoping that if we get a bad guy coming
in here … I’m wondering if we’ll be able to see them break that threshold – like that
fence kind of acts as a like a security place. Like if we can see their outline – when they
walk through that – I know that would be totally cheap, but at least we’ll know that they’d
be coming. Oh – we got one. We got two of them. Come on buddy. Come on! Let’s go! Let’s dance! Woah! Oh know, I lit myself on fire. Ah!What are you laughing at? You want to dance? You want to dance? Oh, your fast. Oh no! What are you doing? Yeah! One down! You want to dance with me? Get out of my house! Out of my house! Woah, we got two for- oh. I was just kidding. Oh guys. The episode’s ending right where it started
from.Hey guys – look at, I’m back!
Well, at least I can get rid of my hunger problem. Wait? Did I just say that? What are you doing? Oh, they keep on leaving the axe. This place is very sanitary. I’m going to call the health inspector. Where’s my way out of here? Oh guys, I don’t trust this place at all. Well, you something guys. This is a good place – stop doing that. This is a good place to call it the end of
the episode. All right guys. If you have any ideas on how we can – um,
protect ourselves, definitely leave me a note in the comments.I would certainly love to
hear that. And of course, if you are new to this channel
and you’re interested in this content, feel free to that like button and that subscribe
button as well. I would love the support. Pheww. All right guys, thanks again for watching. I hope you guys are having a great time and
I will – ahhh – I will see you in the next episode. Hopefully, in one piece. See you then!

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  1. Anyone here like to hang with cannibals? Personally, I prefer the fine young cannibals compared to this lot. 🙂

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