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Rattlesnake And Possum Slingshot Hunting Catch And Cook / Day 8 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge Texas

Rattlesnake And Possum Slingshot Hunting Catch And Cook / Day  8 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge  Texas

– [Zachary] Found my first rattlesnake! I’m Zachary Fowler and that’s Chris Thorn and this is the 30 day
survival challenge, Texas! There’s only one rule, if you wanna eat, you gotta catch and cook it! Yeah! (upbeat music) (yawns) Oh hey, I didn’t see ya there! (yawns) I cannot wait to meet the day! Slept in till oh about 10:00. Felt so good after being up so late and it is cool out this
morning, so psyched! So let’s get goin’, let’s get
out there and meet the day! (country music) Oh does that look good or what! Possum, rattlesnake stew! It is still pretty hot, actually I don’t think that we need to heat this back up! Oh my goodness! Meats just falling off the bone, uh! Mmmmmmm! That is so good! Oh, that is hot. So, if you’re wonderin’
did I miss something? ‘Cause I watched yesterdays
episode but I didn’t see him catch you know, he said he
was gonna show it today, I haven’t shown ya yet. I got the footage, we did
so much stuff yesterday, I didn’t want to just overload the video. So let me get some firewood,
get this thing goin’, get my coffee on, and
then we’ll talk about it and I’ll show you the
video of the night hunt. (country music) Come on, baby! Give up the water for daddy! Air bubble stuck in
the line, I can see it. (country music) Bush craft sos pad leaf, give her a scrub, and it’s so tickled! Coffee time! Oh yeah! Best part of wakin’ up, is fish head soup in your cup! After I have my coffee! Alright, now I got my coffee. Mmmmmm that’s good. Now I can tell you the story
of how we have possum stew and rattlesnake for breakfast
and how that’s so good, uh, amazing! Amazing night hunt last night. If you’re just comin’ in now, you should probably go all
the way back to the beginning and watch and catch up the this point. Link below for the playlist on my channel and on Chris’ channel so if
you wanna start right from the beginning of what we’ve been up to. 30 day survival challenge and
see what led us to this point and keep watching and see
where we end up in the end. But, the night hunt, oh man! I was feeling good, I headed out there, got my torque sling shot
with me here from Simple Shot that’s one of our sponsors,
and I took that out with my favorite GZK sling shot
bands and my warrior pouch, the navy seal and I headed
out there with some lead quarter inch, lead, lead ammo
which is a little heavier, more of an impact. Hoping for a rabbit that I had seen, a couple rabbits around. And as I walked up the trail, I start like movin’ along
quiet and as I got farther away from camp, feeling more
confident that I should know this is a spot where
I’ll be seein’ somethin’, and all of a sudden just
lookin’ in the bushes this way and that not lookin’ down on my feet and all of a sudden psssshhhhh found my first rattlesnake! (insects chirping) (snake rattling) Holy cow, that about stopped my heart. I was three feet from him and he started rattlin’
and then I stepped back oh I’m like, good thing I got
like ninja reflexes (laughs)! Oh my goodness, he didn’t strike! I took him out with the
slingshot, there we go! That’s a gonna be a catch
and cook a rattlesnake with the Simple Shot hammer sling shot. Whoops, this is not the
hammer, this is the torque. This is the hammer! Wooooh, thank you God for
keeping me safe from that one and blessin’ me with this meal! That was a– I don’t wanna get too
close but I’m pretty sure, yeah, look at that right
in the top of the head. There’s the piece of lead
ammo that did it right there. What a beautiful snake. Take off the head! Just thank God I wasn’t bit, I mean he’s cold so he wasn’t goin’ far and he didn’t really
start makin’ any noise till I was right up on ’em and he was okay ’cause he was
cold not to strike out on me. I got myself some more food, I got myself some more food. What a beautiful creature
and I’m gonna take it and uh, skin it out and I will be able to make
myself a rattlesnake skin somethin’ or other! Thank you, Lord. You’re keepin’ me safe,
providin’ me with food. Yee-haw! Oh there it is, that is
a lucky piece of lead, I’m gonna keep that to hunt
while I’m bein’ out here. Put my ammo in like this, pinch it, and then pinch the slingshot
so I can carry it like this, ready, ready to go I just go boom and I’m locked, loaded ready to go and that way I can carry the
camera with the other hand here while I’m doin’ my thing. Night is where it’s happenin’! Do I go back or keep goin’? That’s not enough to feed
us both, Chris and I, for all that long! I better keep goin! Darn, big old miss on the rabbit! Wouldn’t that been epic if I had a rattlesnake and
a rabbit all in one go! Not done yet though, I still
got some life left in me. I’m gonna keep making
the most of this night and circle round back to camp. Alright, see ’em? There’s a nice meal right there. Nice size possum. This will have to be a
perfect shot to get this. Oh, there he is! The grabbers kind of
tough but not super tough. Alright, here we go! Big old possum with the sling shot. Took me two shots and
then Chris showed up and he doesn’t smell bad! Chris showed up and he was
stuck up in the tree so I had to use the snake
grabbed to snag him and uh– now we can eat somethin’
bigger and more substantial. Wonder what possum tastes like. Alright, so rattlesnake,
and possum are on the cooks, gunned out, ready to go. This guys only about
the size of a rabbit but a good healthy like farm raised rabbit. He’s got a lot of fat on him so that should make really good. Tryin’ to decide if I
should leave ’em over the fire to smoke or if
I gotta put ’em in a pot because it’s supposed to rain. And I got a skin from the snake and I wanna save that so I
can do somethin’ with it, don’t know what. I’m just gonna stretch it and roll it up on this so it stays stretched out. Next time we go up for a wellness check I can hand it off to
Bob Hansler and have him tan it for me, in one of
his videos, Bob Hansler on YouTube you can see where he takes and skins a rattlesnake and tans it, he’s got some great
concoction that allows it, look at how wide that is! That is gonna be epic! That’s gonna make a great something, maybe I’ll make my crocodile dundee vest. This goes down the center of the back. The snakes at the bottom, I filled it with a bunch of water. Some woodobo wooded beardsman, tastes great on possums, rattlesnakes, catfish, everything! So let’s get into that and
have ourselves some possum rattlesnake stew for breakfast! And some of that broth and
get the energy levels up it’s so much cooler today, I wanna, I think I wanna do some building, take advantage of the
fact we have some food, do some building. Look at that! There’s a lot of meat and– Holy cow there’s a lot of fat, there’s more fat than I thought there was. There’s just big old globs of
fat floatin’ around in here like that, holy cow! That meat is just cooked
overnight on the fire in this pot just melting away! Alright, epic! Epic feast! Used to just eating once
a day, not necessarily quite as many calories
as this probably even. Thank you Lord for the epic hunt and providing us with a
possum and rattlesnake! Thank you Jesus, thank you for
this bountiful feast, Amen. When I had my time up there
with the wooded beardsman in Canada which will air in
February because there’s a conflict of adventures and overlap here, that will air after this, you will see, I met him, we went up,
had this great adventure and I learned about
his spice that he makes and calls it woodobo and it
tasted good on everything we ate out there, we
had so much good stuff. Beaver and bear and I fell
in love with the spice and I was like hey, since
you don’t have a website, how ’bout I produce it for ya! Ohhh! This is so good! Just look at that, look at
that, big old blobs of fat. Mmmmmmmm! That just melts in your mouth! That’s what I needed! Mmmmm mmmmmm there is so much! There is so much to this meal, and it’s just so good. How ’bout a piece of rattlesnake, I can see already that is like 99% bones, oh, here’s a piece that
came off, nothing crazy. It’s all cooked like this,
it’s all like solid weight. That is good too! He has a lot more meat on
him than the water snakes do but I see a lot of little bones in there. I think it’s gonna be more
like you pick off this little back strip piece right here and then the rest of it just
kind of ends up in the stew pot just to make rich broth,
you see that right there, that’s his spinal chord and this little strip comes off of it cleanly. There we go! Balalala – lala – lalala! Blah-blah! Mmmmmmmmmm! This pointlin there, that has been so lean. This is so good. Mmmmmm, what does it taste like? It’s not gamey, I wouldn’t say it tastes like chicken. – [Chris] Almost like turkey. – You think turkey? – [Chris] Meh, like a little bit, kinda. – I could see that, Chris says that he felt like
it has a turkey-esq vibe. I’m gettin’ like that
corned beef feel to it. By how fatty it is, you know how like corned beef in a pot and
you cook it up with the carrots and the cabbage,
uh, carrots and cabbage. That’s carrots and cabbage in there, this got this big old slabs of fat on the sides of the corned beef. Maybe that’s the woodobo
spice that kind of brings that flavor out, I feel like I just
made myself a corned possum because I put the woodobo on it last night before I put it in to cook too! So, that is pretty epic, nice
piece of snake there I think. Mmmmmmmm I don’t think it’s just
’cause it’s been seven days, this is very, very good. I mean if I was to pull
the meat off of these guys and put it on a plate for
you and you ate it and you didn’t know it was snake and or possum I think you’d be like oh what is that, that is amazing this is so good! I don’t think we’ve just gone crazy from being in the woods too long. – Yeah there’s definitely rattlesnake in here that I’m grabbin’ ’cause there’s a very
definitive like white meat. – Uhhh, that broth is like butter soup! That’s unbelievable! There we go, that’s a good start. I’m cuttin’ some building material so I can go build a
table over at our place so we’ve got somewhere to prep
up our meals and things on without having to be down
on the ground all the time, make it more cozy! Fiddleback forge machete. Well it becomes quickly
obvious that these two are the sharp tools here
from fiddleback outpost. The Hults Bruk Axe, this is definitely a great yard ax camping type ax, bush crafting ax and the fiddleback forge
machete that they provided us is great for working your
way through the brush here, I found this very, very, very useful! I’ve never been a huge machete person, I always use my shovel for everything, but this is so much
lighter to keep on my hip, the shovel always bangs
in the back of my leg, if you try to bend your
knee it like kinks up underneath you and the sheath on the hip, it works great on the backpack but this is very superior for workin’ through the bush, heavy bush. But they can’t start a
fire, this thing can! And it can have a whole survival kit. I think if you got a day pack, and you’re heading out
for the day to go fishing or something like that, you want this with you! This can have a full fishing kit in it, if you’re gonna go hike a trail up to the top of some
mountain and there’s a pond up there that you can
probably catch some trout in, you can have this on a
satchel, you go in you got your water bottle, you head up
there, you’re lovin’ life! Let’s go build the rest of this
table and less talkin’ huh? (upbeat music) Alright, tryin’ to get ready for the rain, brought me building materials back, was gonna build the table out there, but I think this projects
gonna have to happen first ’cause there might be more rain comin’. I built a little shelf in
here so I don’t have to drag my chair in here all the time. Make is so I can bring it up like this, be in here if it’s raining, and when it’s really blowy and rainy, I can bring it back down to the stakes. Alright so Chris is processing
a catch he got today in one of his traps he’s been setting. Can’t show it to you so
we’re blurrin’ it out just to be safe with YouTube
and make sure that we’re not demonetized and it’s family friendly but if you wanna see the
catching and the trap setting, and all the stuff that went into it, check out his day eight video and all that led up to our raccoon feast! (upbeat music) Axes are not hammers. But if you have to use one has a hammer, make sure as much as possible you use it like this. Usin’ it like this is
not how it was designed. I do it sometimes but the
strength and the handle are not lined up in that
position to be strong so if you are whacking
something like this, you let it do it’s thing
just per it’s weight, don’t follow through like
you would with a split or whacking stuff with
the back of the handle or you will break your
beautiful ax handle. Very quickly. (upbeat music) (upbeat jazz music) Here we go! Little bench is all set. You could just sit on it, put my gear on it, and I
think I’m gonna put a couple split pieces and make
a nice flat right here, surface for sitting over here like so. I can get out of my
hammock in the morning, sit like here and set somethin’ up, I could work on like
rigging up the sling shot with new bands, stuff like that. Fixing, I got some repairs
that need to be done and this will make a nice
little work bench surface right here if I put some
piece across, yee-haw. Or if it’s raining, I could
sit right under here like so while the rain comes down
and I’m happy as can be, while I wittle away on those sling shots I promised people on kickstarter. At this point, they’ve already received them and their t-shirts
and you guys missed out! But if you missed out, you can always get a
t-shirt, there’s a link below for our t-shirt campaign for
the 30 day survival challenge t-shirt with the Sasquatch
sayin’ “that’s cute!” And yeah, for those of
you who did contribute to make this possible and edit possible, thank you very much, we really
appreciate it and are glad to bring you this epic
adventure as epically as epic possible (laughs) – [Chris] And it fits, oh yay! – Ha! Got everything, got the satchel, got the basket and the camera
bag and still room to sit and then I made it so that
my hammock pull out part can clip onto these little
lines here in the morning when I get out of the
hammock I can just unclip it and let it swing back out of the way, once I finish my table here,
make it swing back out of the way and I got even
more space here as well. Yeah, it needs like an upper shelf maybe or something to hang a
couple more of these items on so they don’t have to get stuck down in and everything stuck down in. I’m feelin’ makey today, that
awesome possum was awesome I just have so much
energy, one meal today! Ow it’s still hot, darn
you and your spoon! – [Chris] Uch, we’re good! – Three days later. For those of you that wanna
leave in the comments below you’re welcome to still, but
those of you who wanna leave oh you’re gonna have a
heart attack after all that it’s not how it works, sugar makes you, and carbs make you gain bio– body weight fat that you
don’t need on your body, unwanted fat, fat gives
you energy and strength. Good fat, not the twinkies fat. – Zach, guess who I am? – [Zachary] What? – Man this fat gives me so much energy, I feel like I could do pushups right now. Who am I? Oh right, you! (men laughing) – He’s makin’ fun of me ’cause
after breakfast I was like I got so much energy I gotta
do some pushups (laughs). Wish I had this at dark, got a place to hang my ax, my machete, this sling shot, fishing pole, then I got all my bags. Bring my coverings down. Oh, I am gonna sleep well tonight, I don’t have to worry
about anything getting wet, me gettin’ wet, let it rain! Alright, day is over,
finally in my hammock. Feels like it’s early, it’s
actually like probably 11 by now but bein’ that we’ve been
stayin’ up ’till one (yawns) or two hunting and fishing at night. The better things seem to
happen at night around here as far as harvesting food and wild game so you do what you gotta do. The food, uh, the possum
and to know that there is a raccoon stewing right now in
the pot for tomorrow’s meal, doesn’t get much better than this! See you guys tomorrow, day nine! Fowler out! (rain pouring) (thunder cracking)

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