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Real Life MINECRAFT Box Fort Prison ESCAPE! 24 Hour Challenge DAY 5 – Escape Prison & Building

Real Life MINECRAFT Box Fort Prison ESCAPE! 24 Hour Challenge DAY 5 – Escape Prison & Building

welcome back to another real-life
minecraft adventure where we survive in real life using only minecraft items and
today’s adventure i fold down a cave and end up in a dungeon bouken meets a
friendly frog and i discover skeleton spawner that almost finishes me off hey
what’s going on everyone is Pappa Jake and we are back with a brand new episode
of real-life minecraft we have been surviving in the world of Minecraft for
the last four five five it’s been a long time I can’t even count we’ve been out
here surviving building our base as you guys have been absolutely destroying the
like button on these videos if you get over 50,000 likes every video and
staying another night which is why we need to make some additions to our base
so we came to find you finding wood Logan has okay yeah that’s that’s what
we need we need that I mean I would prefer diamond Jake I found some bugs to
eat on this we need only what we find in Minecraft
we need food there’s food everywhere Logan you know what I say the jungle is
our grocery store it’s like a CVS max made out of trees so mushroom you can
eat mushrooms Logan there’s a good rule it is an 80% chance that any mushroom
you find in the forest is poisonous that’s probably not a good never eat
mushrooms you find in the forest guys today we are gonna be trying to find a
cave and gathering resources for our base back at home if you didn’t see in
the last episode we actually converted it into two stories Jake I think you
just did this he’s had three it’s because that’s what I’m thinking of
Logan I’m always thinking ahead in my head that means we need to convert it
into three or four or five or how many fingers of this but guys Before we jump
into searching for this cave I did want to remind you all like in all of our
videos we are going to be giving a shout out to one of you amazing members up the
squad is smash the subscribe button as well as the Bell button and most
importantly Logan in case I forget you need to go down in the comment section
take a deep breath and comment down below and you will be picking a
viewer down there to show you keep it down we don’t want to draw any attention
to us oh yeah you’re right there are bad guys in this forest ra but there’s
creepers I mean there’s skeletons we also ran into creepers had to take those
guys out Oh time to grab as much resources okay
so we can build the biggest base in the world I don’t know if Jake mentioned it
earlier but today is day five of living in Minecraft and if you guys want us to
live another day every time we got 50,000 likes on a video we stay here
another day when you got as many resources we can’t cobble stone wood
redstone I mean if we find diamonds that would be that would be next level so I
could get diamond pants which should be pretty cool or if we found goal like you
get some bling bling I’ll look really fresh when I’m fighting off skeletons
we’re gonna find anything good where you need to find a cave so I’m no key finder
but let’s go that way Jake I think we should go that way the first thing about
finding caves you go that way not that way yeah Jake I’m going this way this
way I’ll find all the diamonds you do whatever you want over that way I go
that way look how beautiful this way looks the sun is shining this is
definitely the way you don’t know the way I know the way come on we’re going
this way we’re gonna find a cave I don’t know what Logan’s talking about the
answer to this is finding a cave getting down deep finding diamonds finding
resources and then building the biggest thing in the world and I’m about to have
to go kung fu on this dude who are you okay what do you help with I’ll help you
travel it’s an same is helpful film where you I don’t normally talk to
strangers but because I’m in Diamond armor
I think it’s okay I’m looking for a mine so I can find some diamond you know of
any cave okay all right I get that you’re a help fulfill whatever help
fulfills us your name okay you might be helping other people by saying don’t go
into the dangerous caves and you might fool Logan but I’m a Minecraft expert I
think I can handle a little cave I mean it’s up to you well he doesn’t
know he’s talking about I said we keep heading down this path where you said
there was caves and get ourselves into some diamond mining guys check out what
Jake’s missing beautiful Sun nice beautiful day I don’t want to eat the
Frog but I am really hungry would you look at that we got ourselves an
entrance to a cave told you guys I happen to be the key find an expert and
if I know a thing or two about caves this bad boy should have a ton of
diamonds now all you have to do is head close okay I think I just fell down the
cave into another cave of some sort that’s all right I know what I’m doing
here I’m just mining that died sneak a cube a cube it my way back up but I’m
also looking for diamonds so if I find diamonds it’s really scary and cold down
here where am I this doesn’t look like a cave hello anyone down here I think I
might have fallen into your house I’m uh I’m a friendly miner just looking for
some diamond don’t mean to intrude guys I don’t know if this is someone’s house
or something even worse but that guy did tell me to beware of caves maybe I
should have listened to him low again do you hear me oh my goodness guys its
diamond I really wish we didn’t split up now okay all right well I can get out of
here I mean it looks like there’s lighting and if there’s lighting someone
lives here which means they need a pack to get out this is a bookshelf which is
well not very useful and a torch I’ve got torch which will light my way
yeah how did this dark cat which I seem to be blocked in and the hole is all the
way up there all right I’ve escaped from prisons before I can escape from this I
gotta slow my thinking down and take it step by step okay there’s always a way
out why is there not even a door in here it
makes a room without a door that’s how you’re gonna read that’s a
box so let you do this book shop why is there minecraft stuff on the bookshelf
that’s not gonna help me that’s definitely not gonna help me Oh made a
noise use something behind the bookshelf laws anyone on the bookshelf okay I
can’t move the bookshelf but he did make some sort of weird noise have you done
something to do with these we have minecraft Steve the Minecraft girl and
zombie Pigman Steve Alex Pigman SAP no Pete hey s Pass
that’s not exactly pass but worth the try okay Pig no Alex and Steve know it’s
making a lot more noise something’s happening something’s happening
let’s see they’re about to follow me or it’s opening exploded
whoever lives here I I broke your bookshelf I’m sorry I’m starting to
think that whoever lives here guys might not be the friendly type they also don’t
know how to spell this passes two S’s but anyway that’s besides there’s a
chest there’s something here that can help me
escape if they have it hidden behind a bookshelf then it’s definitely important
all right guys let’s see what we got in our chests whoa
we might have just hit the jackpot redstone diamond pickaxe whoever lives
here I’m stealing from you arguably whoever lives here wants me to
be captured and does not want me escaping
we’ve already ran into enough bad guys in Minecraft I really don’t want to run
into more alright well we’ve got redstone this could definitely come in
handy and I did say I was coming for diamonds so keep that on me
maybe we can use this pickaxe to get out of here well there see there’s a crack
in it I might be able to break it apart with my pickaxe here we go oh another room great I’m starting to
think that this might be more of a prison than an actual house but looks
like this dark corridor is the only way out so as much as I don’t like going
down dark corridors because that’s that not not something you should do I think
we’re gonna have to really dark in here this torch isn’t doing much for us but
looks like this place leads to another hole maybe I can mine and go down there
it’s worth a shot I’m definitely not getting out to the bookcase and the room
I was in has absolutely zero doors so there’s no way we’re getting through
there looks like your only option is going down that scary hole time to do
some mining all right now you guys go first to make sure it’s safe then I’ll
come is it safe please comment if it’s safe
or not all right well like this is my turn to come down it’s gonna make my way
over here and then vary so slightly just nice and easily come down looks like
there’s another minecart track here head at least to a room with more light okay
well I’m no expert actually I am an expert in escaping prisons and I know
the one rule is you go where the light is that’s where the eggs it normally is
unless it’s a trap then then you don’t go where the latest okay well we’re
gonna get across this I’m gonna need to build myself a minecart there’s no way
to get across this without one maybe I can use some of the resources I still
have on me to build a crafting table then I can smelt the iron ore a half to
build ourselves a minecart I’ll have to head back to the room and start building
I think we should get out of here before we stay too long we’re gonna get out of
here we need to build ourselves a crafting table and start crafting one
two three and there we go we got ourselves a crafting table now time to
build themselves a furnace to smelt the iron one two three whoa okay we got a
furnace there we go crap table furnace I think we’re in crapped in business now
let’s put my ire no one here gets melted into bricks cooking up our iron should
be able to build ourselves a minecart and get out of here in no time if I’m
lucky once I get through there the entrance will be right there and I’ll be
walking out of this place with a brand new diamond
if I’m unlucky there’s more to this prison than I thought all right looks
like an hour irons done there we go nice ingot of iron time to build ourselves a
minecart three two here we go we got in my car all right let’s take this back
over to the minecart track and use it to get ourselves out of here just don’t be
scared I’m just gonna go through this random minecart track into another
random room and I don’t know where I am Wow okay again Oh No we got company hi absolutely hate slimes
I guess I should grab this resources our resources even if it’s slime I can tell
Logan I got this diamond and slime what more could you want
hair let’s keep moving through this place looks like there’s a tunnel that
leads up ahead all right guys heading down the hallway here hopefully we don’t
run into we’re not going down that hallway looks like whoever’s built this
place set up an arrow dispenser trap things started blasting me with arrows
right maybe this thing’s out of arrows okay all right well if we’re gonna get
past this thing I’m gonna need to build something maybe I can build got it
shields uh okay I just need to build myself a little crafting table here and
I should have enough resources left over to build myself a shield out of wood
all right time crafting table in three two one boom come the guy who sells a
brand-new craft a table time to make ourselves a shield three two one
here we go a nice brand new shield that’s only get past that piston all right time to break this thing god
no more arrow dispensers messing with us now time to find her way out of here
looks like this is door with the other end of this hall this might be it guys
this might finally be the way we get out button what button
oh no you don’t hey nobody getting in the way a Papa Jake gettin out of here
come on open the door I really don’t like this prison or dungeon or whatever
I’m in please let me out wait what come on where are you guys
coming from this isn’t good I don’t know while the Sun their
skeleton spawning everywhere but if I don’t get out of here quick they’re
gonna finish me off pretty fast oh my got so much pickaxe and I can do before
this thing breaks it’s gonna be Mona let’s leave the crew around there there’s gotta be a mob spawner in here
we need to take this thing out if I’m gonna figure out how to get through this
door coming from behind here oh yeah I found it we gotta mob spawners hey I
gotta take out this spawner and fast no I don’t want any more skeletons flowing
in here got it alright let’s just sawed the skeletons from spawning guys I’m
definitely starting to think that this place is more than just someone’s house
or a cave I think this might be some sort of dungeon or prison I mean we ran
into a room that we can’t get out of secret chests hidden behind a bookshelf
an unused minecart track a slime not to mention that’s a nice new dispenser
shooting arrows at us someone set this up
part of me thinks it might have been that friendly oh do you guys think well
I’m not gonna be able to tell Logan about this we don’t get out of here
who’s there next stop escaping through that door I think I might figured it out
though take a look at the button up here looks like it activates this metal door
it runs along here through a redstone line and finishes here there’s another
redstone line over here which means if we use the redstone I gathered from the
chest I should be able to connect the line and activate the door and get out
of here now I’m the circuitry master but I know
if we need to connect the circuit from that side of the door to this side of
the door we need to patch up the redstone here this leads down to here
looks like the wiring stops here but picks up along here so we need one more
piece of redstone and I should be able to connect these mr. redstone here
just needed connected to here the button should work or you know activate another
trap full of piston spiders whatever okay
last piece of redstone now we have the full circuit running for the door see if
this button works hmm and we got the unlock sound time to get
out of here ah freedom we’re back outside okay what do you mean what am i doing I’m
just waiting here for you where did you go what do you mean I fell down a hole I
got trapped in some sort of prison it’s like a griefer prison Jake that’s your
fault I said let’s go this way you said let’s
go that way how is that my fault Morgan I’m the victim here
I use my prison escape skills just to get out but in the end I was still right
because look who has a diamond and who doesn’t
I found one in the prison ah Jake I got 12 diamonds what okay why I guess Jake’s
just leaving anyways guys today’s squad shout out member goes to do the squat
shower without me Jake I was about to say today’s shout-out goes to Josh three
four five would shout out to Josh three four or five four P analogy member of
the squad of course guys as always if you see Josh down below in the comments
be sure to give him a big thumbs up and remember all you guys gotta do is
subscribe hit the Beltline and comment hashtag school
is that easy guys so don’t forget to do it but I think this is where we’re gonna
end off the video for today of course this has been a pop of Jake and Logan
and we’ll see you guys next time hit that like button and we’ll get 50,000
eggs and do another day

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