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oh that was very good housing everybody
speechless what does that everybody welcome back to
town today I am with my friends that’s amazing man
what’s a crank on we’re going to do a series of real-life trick shots the
slowest person it’s not down so we will do several of these until there’s one
winner you ready yeah from one a no-look shot
into the basket time we’re ready 3 2 1 go just kidding 5.6 good joke with myself
good job yeah okay who’s nervous but are you ready no okay I’m the first that’s
amazing one where to go first try here we go three two one go there you go ton twenty three point
seven zero you are on the chopping block but only two people have done this is
gonna be a thirty seven minute video the champion one Maggie you’re up three two
one go you’re good don’t give up two hours later okay we’re gonna call that
two minutes and last place is here okay so you guys have to be Maggie so it’s
not hundra said – oh man he is a sabotage and rebounder 707 I think she might have been Maggie
how are you 3 2 1 begin I like the confidence I’m
okay with it I’m in the next round I’m so sorry but he will not be
continuing to the next trick shot round 2 so bout 2 is a tissue box slips as
well your time begins go oh yeah seconds go oh just one flick on the chopping
block 2.0 1 seconds tres dos uno Go Go we’re gonna count it nine six seconds no you might be out it is up to Cassie so
the loser of this round gets to wipe their tears with as many tissues as they
want uh-huh Cassie this is my GoPro this is
my camera bag the GoPro goes in this little slot we’ll be throwing from the
end of the table yeah slowest person you’re out of here all
right you’re up first okay I’m gonna say you’re you’re safe I
think yeah okay Owen don’t break my GoPro two minutes 39 seconds what’s up guys
you ready I’m ready 1 3 seconds how the mastic beat me we
vote is it on the first time Oh No are you nervous no nervous no approach so
basically first try you didn’t do over and it’s true
well my time 59-point time say what perhaps stop of time probably up 13
seconds you’re killing it Cass oh I think Cathy deserves a a subscribe
button and a like button for sure yeah do you guys think so yeah okay is you
were standing on from that line throwing the hat onto the banister are you ready
alright pretty close that’s like fall yeah time 41.8 five
seconds okay I’ll take that that’s not bad no it’s really good really are you okay eleven point four five seconds
Cassie has kind of a dominating this competition so far
I think she might struggle with this one though Wow three two one go Oh
interesting technique the no spin knuckleball of CAF 5308 52.5 boys needs to alright
that’s it oh the Steph Curry walk away Wow 33:13 you guys are good at tricks
yet sorry Cass you did a really good I’m really really proud of you your best
trick shooting ever maybe wow that’s a compliment but you still lost on the
next well Maggie is over here making some cookies because she lost but you
want to hold it for Instagram status for today of course oh there you go
follow Kathy on Instagram part important and juggling Josh for your chance
winning itch cream shadow and follow that’s amazing for the next shot we are
going to slide this laundry basket with your foot cross that line and while it’s
still moving if the pasta shirt into the bucket great demonstrate it for us easy
here first oh nice I think it crossed the line a
crossbow what is the time nine point 15 seconds up good job
it’s Tommy hi Jill I’m nervous it’s look like a really good time and I hope I do
well does your mom make you do laundry no I’ve never done it before what you
and Carson stole knocker no so master buddy Josh you get it on the first try
I’m probably out I was hustling how did you beat me I was hustling Tommy
you’re on the chopping block right now I don’t know how I want I see nominated
girl so it’s down to the three of us leave a
comment right now who do you think is gonna win
Josh Izzy or Matthew so you have to shoot the band and hit the tin can and
then have it fall in the trash – let’s do it
three two one begin one minute 13 seconds good job that’s going one in each so so not gonna lie I
used to practice shooting rubber bands and I would I got so good that I could
kill like a fly there butterflies in the house so I can is no problem so what
you’re saying is you just hustled these kids so guys I’ve got a little plan we
got to rubberband so I’m gonna do them both at the same time terrible decision
but good luck oh really all right that’s it
go oh I think it’s good is he doing this
because she’s going against me you did great guys time for the last challenge
Colin who’s gonna win me or Matthew okay okay so for this one you have to get the
balloon into the trash can but you cannot use your hands you can use you
know I would use your head you could blow on it you could do whatever
oh really hopefully okay good luck I’m going up against a very balanced person
I would say I have been known to balance things you haven’t done the hard part touch the ground you have to go back I
don’t know if it’s the real life trickshot but it is a good finale it’s
real life how to throw away a balloon that is all threes that’s a sign that
we’re gonna win I’m calling it alright this is for the win
Josh are you ready I’m ready I’m Rex he is very good at this hopefully the
light pops it oh he is so controlled here oh boy oh boy oh oh so go oh the
feet this time oh no this is this is deadly position you got to go back oh
boy the time is ticking what is he gonna do go with your chrome
I see it in 200 this is unlucky there and he got it what was the final time oh
you crushed me victory speech thank you to all the supporters and make sure to
go subscribe for that subscriber that’s amazing
and Josh there you have it everyone thank you so much for watching
yeah subscribe – that’s amazing if you have not yet as well as we’ve got videos
coming every Monday Wednesday and Saturday so make sure that you subscribe
turn on the bail notification so you know when you’re supposed to come what
do you gotta say Angeles cars are taken I mean whoa


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