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Real Nerf Gun Survival Game _ [EP01] ‘Creator Super Smash’

Real Nerf Gun Survival Game _ [EP01] ‘Creator Super Smash’

[POW!] [BANG!] We promised not to fight wait Wait a minute!! [CRUNCH] [Why are they fighting?] Hello Oh how did you come here in this rain? Why are your hands shaking so much? What is this? [Broadcast off]
My voice today was cool as usual Oh my! What is this? How did you get inside my house? I only receive things that are handed with two hands Thank you Do I open this? [Will you participate in the game?]
Reward of one, ten, hundred.. Is this a joke? 10 million won [Creator War]
10 million won? What are we doing? Creator War? That game???? What game is this? How many are participating…. I the San Francisco fire punch It will get bloody What is this? It looks like a wanted poster So I just pocket the 10 million won? I am not the type to get interested by things like this ??????? Is this safe? Then I will kill them [Creator War] [Quaddurup Edmmer YAN TesterHoon] [Shugi KimSky NoDolly Bullant] [Bokyem Samdaejang Kim Doyoun Murdoch Samdaejang-Lee Jaeyoung] [Shing Donghoon Lee Seunguk Hyoungdok Samdaejang-Kim Kyoungwon] [Creator War] Please subscribe and like [July 8th, 2019 Lesolle Park] Is it here? [DickHunter/ Shin Donghoon arrives in the first place] [Enter after returning the invitation] [Nervous]
What what what are you inspecting? I’m scared… You are not mad right? [Thorough]
Isn’t this too thorough? [Frozen] This is so dramatic [Suspicious] Is this even on? [Entire contestants were inspected and put on safety gears] Is this specially made? The size fits me [Ggwayang daegun]
Am I fit to be the King? [Blindfolded / Move to their individual spots] G.. go? Do I go? – I am scared
– You are not putting me on a helicopter or something right? Oh something… wait.. wait! I am excited [Before the start / Contestants are waiting at their individual spots]
I am confident at fighting. Something is coming from the behind! [Assessing]
It is this long and this wide I should do some warm ups A War of creators for the reward of 10 million won [Sudden / They are all shocked because of the voice]
What? What sound is this? Who are you? Welcome creators who came to pre-survivor. [nervous]
I am nervous now A survivor where there is no eternal enemy or eternal colleague [Creator War]
It will begin now [Creator War 1st Fight Rule]
[A survivor game where you fight until there’s a last man standing]
Today’s creator war will be a survivor game where you fight until there’s a last man standing. A total of 16 creators will participate in the game You have to obtain a nerf gun by finding 19 power cubes located on the map. What? There are 3 powerful items that will help you with the game inside power cubes located on the map [Creator War 1st Game Rule]
[It is an individual survivor game and if you get shot once on your head, chest, or back, you are out]
The game is an individual survivor game and if you get shot once on your head, chest, or back, you are out. Everyone, take off your blindfolds I could smell the restroom [As soon as he took blindfolds off / Assessing the surroundings]
There are some boxes. Example boxes. There are some people around [Hiding / Bokyem is assessing the location]
There were lots of speakers in there (The map) must be very big. [Fountain / Bokyem, Shugi, Murdoch] [Polite man]
Hello [Bullant / Already found one person before the game]
There is someone there? Who is that? It is Quaddurup? go! go! go! move! move! move! [Sky rail / Kyoungwon, KimSky, Bullant, Quaddurup] I can see everywhere in my viewpoint [There here] [There] [Donghoon is located in the center]
I am right in the center [Looking around] First off there is someone there. This is a really dangerous spot. [Looking around thoroughly]
If any of them comes from that three spots [Wetland / NoDolly, Hyeongdok, Shin Donghoon, Lee Seungguk] [Slightly] Oh, this place looks like this… [Completed assessing the landscape] [Red clay road / Doyoun, YAN] There is nowhere to hide [Looking for a place to hide first]
I have to look for places to hide This is new clothes… [Train / Jaeyoung, Edmmer, TesterHoon] [Creators current locations]
I wish luck to creators [3] [Sh sh sh sh sh] [2] [Bounce bounce]
Oh my heartbeat… [Relaxed] [1] You have to follow me around well [Creator War / Let’s begin] Did it start? [Murdoch runs right after the start] [hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo] [Murdoch / Obtained a power cube] What? There is a gun? [Obtained the nerf gun first] [Shoo shoo] [Doyoun / Obtained nerf gun quickly] [Power cubes are getting unboxed one by one] [Hurrying] [Ha ha] [Please please]
Please, please [YAN / Calmly opens a power cube] [Yoo hoo] [Safely / Quaddurup obtained a nerf gun] How do I load this? [Found it] [Hurrying]
Oh they are already farming! [KimSky was late because he had to fix his safety gears] There’s a box there! [Quaddurup and KimSky are near each other] [Done loading] [Grin] [Found you!] [Shoot?] [Turns around suddenly] [Excited] [KimSky / Opens a power cube hurriedly] Ah it is a small gun! [Their distance keeps getting smaller] Hey!! Wait!! [KimSky died] [KimSky is out of the game 3 minutes after the start]
16th place, he has lost. [Very mad] What is this? There is something like this? [Found someone] Oh! Who is that?! [Shugi]
Don’t get close! Shugi [Confused] Wait Hey [Dictating]
Put that down first Okay okay Put it down, put the gun down [Telling each other to drop the gun]
– Put the gun down first
– Put the gun down Ah!! I didn’t shoot, drop the gun [Meanwhile / Still hasn’t found one gun] There is no gun here Just one gun…. Tell me where the gun is [Shaking his head] Pretending to be fair… I am really sorry but can you buy me a drink? [This time / A person who doesn’t know how to shoot a gun even though he has one] [ha ;;;] [Confused] [Edmmer, found Shin Donghoon] [Near the train / Edmmer and Donghoon are in close distance] [Sneaking] [Runs] [Stupid]
I forgot how to load the gun [Bad feeling] [I am running to you] [Quickly]
Hey wait wait a moment [Must have promised himself not to fight…]
We promised not to fight wait I thought talking would work [Ignores] [Ahhhhhh] [Not us?)]
No no not us not us [I don’t know about that]
Not us Wait wait wait [Die] [Shin Donghoon gets a headshot]
I mean [Give me your gun] [Denying reality]
I didn’t get shot [Getting shot at trusted Edmmer’s gun, Shin Donghoon is out]
He is out in 15th place [Losers waiting room]
I am hearing news that there are losers already when the game did not even go on for 30 minutes I will interview two people who were out first [Unbelievable]
I was shot first? Don’t lie please [Talking about how he lost]
– How did you lose?
– I was like what do I do, what do I do and then Quaddurup came next to me Don’t make excuses [Dead/ Collecting bullets Donghoon dropped] [Reload] [Scurries] [For now / Edmmer hides inside the train] [TesterHoon / Approaching the train entrance] Okay [Faced each other] [Edmmer] [Edmmer and TesterHoon faces each other in the train] [Hiding for now] [Reloading the bullets] [Sudden attack] [Ah!!] [Bullets are everywhere] [What is the result of the sudden attack??] Who shot you, Shin Donghoon? What I am mad about is… Why is the person who killed me… He came right after? [A Fierce battle scene / Edmmer lost?]
What happened? It was like a movie? Almost like Tom Cruise [Edmmer got the lead for the sudeen attack] [Running after failing at the sudden attack] Huh? I got him [Happy]
Oh.. that b*tch [Edmmer is out] [Right after hunting the DickHunter, Edmmer is out in 14th place]
He is in 14th place. I shot a movie with me as the main actor Oh it’s cool I like it I’m happy [Losers are justifying]
– What was I supposed to earn from that
– Right We are pacifists, pacifist [One person is running while losers are resting] [Hey! I am YAN!] I was actually confident about physical activities? The stamina So I thought If I ran restlessly [And he never saw one person] [Murdoch Shugi / Restroom currently]
– Come inside
– Come in, come it. [Shugi and Murdoch are still negotiating]
I got this Let’s be allies Tell me how to load this I am going to load this too [Shoots] [The atmosphere is suddenly tense] What did you do?? I just opened this like this and pressed Don’t press that [Unjust] I was testing this like this! Huh?! Drop the gun drop the gun drop the gun Just drop the gun You didn’t go to military yet right? Yeah I didn’t go either? [Didn’t go to the military yet / Know a lot about military]
I heard you cannot aim towards a person. I heard it in an anime [Didn’t go to military yet / After dropping the gun, let’s assess the scene]
Let’s leave this faced down. Hello~ [Bright] It’s so hot.. It’s so hot that I can’t help but walk [In Sunlight / This person runs even though it is hot] Strong thighs [YAN / Running restlessly] [War / Doyoun walking around slowly] [Looking around] [Doyoun and YAN are getting close] [Doyoun runs away] [YAN found Doyoun too!] [Running] [Doyoun hides in the restrooms] [Their distance is getting closer] [Now is the time] [YAN vs Doyoun / What is the result?] It’s done!! [Doyoun won]
Nice Nice nice It was a very sorry death to be honest Doyoun had a good weapon [Dead while blaming the weapon]
Nice nice [Whew…] I just got shot when he slide it [Wow] This is insane [Really happy] [The weapon Doyoun obtained is one of the key weapons] I obtained a powerful weapon from the beginning [Pronethesus MXVIII-20K]
[A mini gun that can load 200 bullets and can shoot 3 per minute] [And / Another person who obtained the key weapon] This, how do I use this? Why isn’t this working? [In the end/ ditches it after picking it up because he doesn’t know how to use it] [Hehe] I actually called off reserve force training [Saying he feels sad]
So yeah [His thigh muscles were useless / YAN is out in 13th place]
He is out in 13th place. YAN~!! How do you think the game will progress from now on? There were people already walking around in groups I think it will be a strategy war.. Really? Already? You have to shoot those people from the back – He said ‘Wait’ because he was concerned that we might team up
– Wait for once, wait! [Teaming up is banned / Will be punished with a headshot]
So I shot him in the head. That’s life.. [These two are still going through their politics]
First, let’s once again promote our friendship. – Okay
– Shugi Huh?! – Wait, look ahead
– Who is that? Quaddurup, Quaddurup [Approaching after aiming]
What are you doing? Shoelaces, you son of a b**** [Mur-Shu alliance runs into Quaddurup] Your gun looks nice. Looks nice? You wanna switch? [Tempted]
What? For real? We decided to team up with Quaddurup. We will take advantage of those who we can That’s the strategy. Point your guns upwards. [Big steps]
No, no [Shoots!] [Shugi dies] [Shugi who trusted others too much is out as 12th place]
12th place is out [Currently, 11 survivors remaining!] I didn’t want to see that little person being annoying I’m full! Hey Quaddurup, you b**** Quaddurup is a bit sly. Like me! Does my face look like I will become a king one day? [Gun game Tip]
Tip number one, dominate the terrain Look, you can see everyone [Where..?] [Edmmer, picks up Donghoon’s belongings]
Item-wise, I am almost full. [Dissatisfied with the quality]
The problem is quality [Leaves with both hands full of guns] I can see the foot [Discovers TesterHoon moving] [Nervous] [Sneaks up] [Now’s the time!!] [Bang] [RUN!!] Why is that so strong? The item’s too good. I felt like he was gauzing my fighting power. What’s your weapon? I have this, and you? This kind of feeling. [Identification of TesterHoon’s weapon complete] [Doyoon approaches again] Is he coming to get me? [The answer is yes] [Running] Did he shoot like 30 times? On the 29th shot… [TesterHoon dies] [11th place TesterHoon dies due to the overwhelming firing power] [Bokyem / Drinks a cup of coffee, and picks up the gun 1 hour after the game has begun] [Luckily / Nodolly threw this top-grade gun out 30 minutes ago because he didn’t know how to use it] [Assistant from military]
I will conceal this [Hyungdoch finds Bokyem] Bokyem’s there I should run [Hyungdoch and Bokyem run into each other on the sky rail] [Hyungdoch runs to get Bokyem] I was chasing Bokyem, He’s f***ing chasing me.. He’s f** fast [Running]
He ran away in advance [So close / Hyungdoch was one step behind] [Missed Bokyem, reloads his bullets] I was reloading… [That moment / Someone approaches Hyungdoch from behind] [Doyoon already made 2 kills today] [It’s a raid!] [Finds Doyoon] [Hello] [Mini gun / Doyoon blindly firing and running] [Excited] [Hyungdoch / Shot even before he could run] [Hyungdoch dies] [Hyungdoch’s out, raided after chasing Bokyem]
10th place is out There was a really nice item You just go like this, and it will just be cut Probably 50% capability, 50% weapon [Reminiscing the past] As I am from JSA (Joint Security Area) I will use all my skills to win the prize [Getting old / Ha..]
[Bokyem who was watching the fight between Hyungdoch vs. Doyoon] I should hold, there’s no answer [Current location of creators] [And / Dark horse of today’s survival] Was it Jaeyoung? In terms of weight.. [Gigantic] He’s got the body.. I wanted to be an ace within the team. [11th place / After the announcement of TesterHoon’s death] Many people are out [What’s he doing alone..?] [Haha] [Oops!!] [Falls into the swamp while playing alone] I fall into the swamp, and my underwear got soaked. I started to panic from then [Hing] [Jaeyoung roams around in panic] [What..?] [Jaeyoung’s dead] [9th place Jaeyoung is out, only after showing off his weight]
9th place is dead. Ah!! Hey, what, it was Jaeyoung I didn’t see it I could see the camera man first He was coming [Quaddurup was waiting in the sky rail] [Quaddurup / Jaeyoung] [Yes~ No mercy~] [Shot] What do I do? It’s a competition [8 survivors remaining]
[Quaddurup, Murdoch, Bullant, Doyoon, Kyungwon, Nodolly, Lee Seungkook]
The number of remaining survivors are eight. [Most kills (tied)]
[Quaddurup 3 kills – KimSky, Shugi, Jaeyoung, Doyoon 3 kills – YAN, TesterHoon, Hyungdoch] [Epiphany]
People rarely look up I can just pass by here and shoot from the above In order to end the game.. [Shivering]
I have to kill all I will hold, and just shoot the last person [I am going to win 5M KRW out of the 10M]
Looks like I am going to have 5M KRW out of the 10M prize. [Who will be the final winner?] 8th place, 7th place are out. I didn’t want to fight. I am going to watch everyone else fight. Can I shoot? – 6th place out.
– What is this!? The game was too easy 3rd place is out I have to kill Murdoch, that son of a b**** This is going to be my last.

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