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real tips on how to survive college

real tips on how to survive college

Hello everybody welcome back to my channel Today I will be making a video titled 101 (Without the 101) So this video is intended for anyone who are freshmen who just went into college, congratulations! and to anyone that’s trying to survive Like you’re getting there, you’re in 7th or 8th semester I really wanted to make this video because from a sista who graduated late, I feel like there were definitely some things that I could have done better That would probably speed up my graduation process and would’ve made my campus life easier #1 This is probably a tip for those of you who just entered college or are in the early stages of college This is not something to take lightly I know that it might seems like oh the beginning is the hardest because you’re just trying to figure things out Trust me when I say that the beginning is actually the easiest If you go to your classes, if you listen, if you take notes if you do your tests Then you’re practically good to go Try to do really well in the beginning so your GPA will be high in the beginning and you know if you have little stumbles and falls along the way it will gradually go down But it’d be a different case if you already fumbled your beginning and you know, you don’t go to classes, you never take tests It will start really low, and it’s really hard to get it up (that’s what he said) I know that that may be different if you’re striving to get cum laude But I’m just trying to survive man The second tip is I am so grateful that I found my solid group of friends these dudes really help me in everything, if I’m sick and I didn’t go to class one day Some friend of mine would have already taken notes We have a little group on Whatsapp and we kind of just update each other I mean like make friends with everybody That’s a given, make friends with everybody But it’s totally okay to have your super tight group of friends because if not, it’s really hard to rely on someone who isn’t reliable And don’t worry if you haven’t found your solid group of friends in the first semester, second semester third semester, fourth semester I found my group of friends, I think- I kind of changed friend groups, if you know what I mean, and that’s totally normal I was hanging out with different people, and then I found them towards the end of my campus life So it’s totally fine if you feel a little lost in the beginning but you will get there, just make sure that you open yourself and you are ready to make friends, you know you don’t shy away from people, be a friendly person For me personally I was quite active in an organization but I didn’t choose the one everybody wanted to do I know there are organisations where people are just lining up to become a member Try to find your niche, it’s okay not to go with the flow I take law, but I had a performing arts organisation So that’s what I joined But definitely try to get into one organisation because it will help you a lot, I don’t know how to say this but connections are made a lot during college and if you don’t connect with any organisation, it’s hard to break the barrier of senior and junior One of the ways to break that barrier is to get into an organisation If you don’t have time for any organisation try to be involved in an event For me personally, since obviously I am into everything and anything entertainment, I was involved in a music event I learned a lot about event organisation and about bands, because I was actually the one who had to sign the bands A really really good opportunity that I don’t think I would be able to have in the actual world Eliminate pressure by not studying the day before a test Back when I was in college used to do this all the time In Indonesia we call that SKS And that’s when we actually try to cram everything the day before a test What I really wish I did was just listen in class Now that I look back at it, it’s not that hard I know that some classes can be quite boring But at-least try to pay attention or if you can’t pay attention in class, when you go back home try to read the materials your professor gave you and you will be set What I used to do is I used to actually cram a whole half semester’s worth of information and although I didn’t do that bad, I didn’t do good either Our brain can only take so much information during a night’s sleep If you don’t want to be under pressure, don’t get yourself to that much pressure This specifically goes to those of you who are in your last year of college and you are doing your thesis final project, your whatever you need to do to graduate, don’t procrastinate And I’m here telling you, I know I graduated five and a half years, and it took me around one and a half year just to do my thesis but If I had a time machine I would take that whole time back Because I knew that if I really was consistent and if I was really focused I could have finished that dang thesis in 5 months tops But I wasn’t, I kept lying to myself, honestly when people ask me ‘Oh how far are you?’ Oh I’m in chapter three but I actually haven’t started So I don’t know I constantly lied to myself I kind of wired my brain to think that I’m done when I haven’t started, so that’s what really made me just pile up and that’s why it took me so long but once I actually got in the mojo of doing it It’s hard to make a habit but once you have a habit it’s hard to stop it too That’s it for my tips personally

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  1. Subtitle Bahasa Indonesia dan juga Bahsa Inggris sudah ditambah! Silahkan pencet cc di kanan bawah video! Selamat menonton! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. Can you make a vid on Group Projects/Reports members and how to make it a smooth progress?

    I learned a trick that just be the one compiled everything, however the mental pressure on me seeing others half asss work ,make me redo their part cause the lack of information it was supposed to be there ,isnโ€™t there . I just submitted 3 group assignment today and this past week , i broke down so many times cause im too overwhelmed by how many things i need to handle , if i let someone compiled it , They donโ€™t even check it . This even more stresses me out.

  3. Thanks Fathia for the tips. Seriously it's really helpful to me since I just got into university this year and currently in my first semester. Will do my best to perform in my first semester as i want to follow your tips to do my best since the beginning. Wish me luck!

  4. Tapi kalo ada yg mau 6 taun kuliahnya dan pake 2 taun buat explore banyak hal.. Gmn kak?

    Coz i think, kalo an urge untuk lulus cepet sekedar biar dpt kerja cepet. Bisa celaka ga sih ke diri sendir

  5. NEVER FORGET to let yourself have a little fun along the way! Getting through college with a smile is way better without none at all.

  6. I thought you had everything under control and I'm glad that you have similar problems like any other mahasiswa. Thank you kak chia, on process ngelakuin tipsnya ๐Ÿค—

  7. Point pertama bener banget sih,
    Saya lakuin itu selama tahun pertama yang alhamdulillahnya saya dapet IPK lebih besar dari target saya. Dan sekarang saya mulai tahun kedua, yang dimana sekarang rasanya kuliah engga segampang tahun pertama ๐Ÿ˜†
    Untungnya saya udah punya modal IPK lumayan gede, jadi sekarang tinggal gimana caranya mertahanin IPK aja kalau bisa sih ningkatin ๐Ÿคฒ

  8. The problem is….i am BAD at making friends and im working individually,i hope my personality could change in the future……Btw Thanks for those tips!๐Ÿ™‡โ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™Œ

  9. I was the day before yesterday the last hour of the lesson trying to focus with math. then when I come home from school, my head feels dizzy. If this is pressure?

  10. literally watching this while doing my 60% of progressing thesis and the deadline is ten days from today. dunno if i have to feel motivated or what :') but the tips are so true, although the point "pay attention to your professor" is just so hard to do even after many regrets of them, you'll just keep repeat it. lol.

  11. You don't need to survive college, you should enjoy it. Really, college years are the longest vacation you'll ever have in your life.

  12. Omg! I love this one, your advice means a lot for me, imma kinda late to graduate kak
    Yes itโ€™s all started from stop procrastinating!!!
    Go go #pejuangskripsi

    To the other viewers, I can guarantee every aspect she has mentioned above are ๐Ÿ’ฏ trueeee
    Iโ€™ve been there, and the most important things when youโ€™re still in college try to make connections with other people โ€” it helps you a lot through all the shitsss

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