REBECCA ZAMOLO is a ROBOT in REAL Life! (DNA Quadrant Date Reveal from Game Master Ai Escape Room)

– Matt, look, it’s Exit Game.
– Yeah. – It’s where we saw him on
the surveillance footage, and I think he snuck in, it should be– – Right over here.
– Yeah, right over there. – Just be very careful. – We have to be like spy ninjas right now. – He went under this? – He’s slow.
– Okay. – Okay, make sure no one sees us. – Hey Zam Fam, in my
last video I found Matt after he went missing at the Gamemaster’s top secret hideout. We got an alert on our
phones saying it wasn’t safe, so we headed back to Los Angeles. When we got back to our apartment, we figured out the possible
event date was going to be January 20 or 21 for the lunar eclipse. – Yeah, we’re not quite sure what the Quadrant has planned,
but we need to be prepared. – We ended up setting up a control room, and we saw surveillance of a mystery man that you guys actually
commented on my video that was supposedly spying
on me at the Sunken City. And we tracked him to here,
where we’re at right now. Which kind of looks like an escape room. – Yeah, I think the entrance
to the escape room’s right over here. – It might be decoy though,
just like the Gamemaster, he did a lot of things in escape rooms, so, c’mon, let’s go. Okay, so we made it inside. We don’t know which room to go
in, or where he is right now. – I think that was him.
– I think that was him. – So I think we need to go in that room. – Yeah, let’s go. – There’s other people here so we need to be like spy ninjas. It’s unlocked, shh. – Yeah, come in. – What? – It looks like somebody lives here. – Yeah.
– It’s like a living room? Or almost like a college dorm room. – Wait, I thought this was an escape room, but maybe it was a decoy. – Yeah, somebody could be living here. – Wait, the Gamemaster, he
had a lot of different places, like his hideout, they
were all in escape rooms. – That’s true. – So what if they’re living
in the actual escape room so people don’t know where they’re at? Like they’re going
undercover in escape rooms. – Yeah, look at this, it’s a red box! – What? The $10,000. – All right here. – Look. It’s gone. The $10,000 is gone, Zam Fam. “The money has been
moved to the briefcase. “Follow the three-step
sequence to obtain the code.” We need to look for a briefcase, Matt, that’s where the $10,000 is. – Yeah, I’ll look around,
see if there’s something on his phone?
– Here? – His phone isn’t even plugged in. – Look Matt, it’s like a hidden camera. Do you think someone’s watching us? – Maybe this is a trap. – I hope not, I don’t think
he saw us come in here. We don’t even know who he is. – True. – What if he’s part of the Quadrant? – Let’s look around
for clues cause we need to find that briefcase. – Matt, look, it’s a keypad. We’ve seen this in other escape rooms too. Okay–
– Try just pressing one, one, one, one.
– Okay. One, one, one, one. It looks like it’s
bolted shut or something. – [Matt] It’s locked.
– Okay so, maybe we have to figure out the code. That note.
– Okay… oh! – What if it has
something to do with that? – Okay, so there’s like
a three part sequence. – What if the briefcase
is inside that door? Zam Fam, smash the thumbs-up button if you think that the
briefcase is in there. I think that’s what the code means, Matt. – We gotta figure it out right now. – What if we hack into his
computer, we can figure out what the lunar eclipse is all about. – Yeah, let’s try to figure this out. – The date’s coming up.
– Whoa! It’s like a computer game. – Okay.
– Maybe this guy is like a coder?
– A coder, for the Quadrant. What if he’s one of the people
working for the Quadrant? Look, there’s stickers, it’s on– – January–
– January 20th and 21st! That’s the lunar eclipse! – That’s the same date
that was on our floor with the lipstick. – I wonder what’s gonna happen, do you think that’s
the start of something? What if that’s the event? – It could be the full event. – This is kind of weird. Zam Fam, it says “2077”. We’re in 2019. This is so far away, why
would they make a calendar for 2077?
– And why are they all different colors? – I wonder if the different
colors mean something. – Look at the guy, he’s moving. I can move him anywhere in the room. – Whoa, that looks just like this room. – Whoa, he’s right where we’re at. – That’s the computer screen. Look Matt, a password. It looks like it’s a five-digit word. Okay, so let’s put in
a five-digit password. – Okay.
– We can figure this out. Okay.
– Event. – Event? Oh yeah, yeah! – E-V-E-N-T, no. – What other five-digit
word could work for this? – Hacker! It’s six letters, dang. – What about lunar? If you guys think that that might be the five-digit passcode,
smash the thumbs-up and comment I think it’s lunar. Are you ready, Matt?
– Yeah. L-U-N-A-R. – It’s different years? A clock.
– What was that? – Like it’s moving
through time of some sort. Whoa.
– What are all those robots? – I have no idea. Do you think that has something to do with the lunar eclipse? – Or the Quadrant. – What if the Quadrant
is building an army? Look, look, Matt. It’s a seven. That might be the first
digit for the code, and it’s right over there. – Oh, okay, it’s right over on that pole. Look at this.
– Okay. – I don’t see a seven
here, or anything at all. – Is it a door? – I have no idea.
– Okay. – Is there anything else
in here, it looks like– – This is like a replica,
like a video game version of this room, right?
– Exactly, but the red box isn’t in there. – So the phone is right
here, there’s the coffee mug right here, what else is in the room? Let’s look. The poster–
– And the couch over on this side.
– The couch. And then there’s a bookshelf, Zam Fam. Maybe there’s a clue inside the books. Try one of these–
– Ooh, there’s a wire. – There’s a wire. – What is that for?
– I have no idea. It’s like a hacker device. Sometimes in escape rooms,
there’s been hidden words in the books.
– Yeah, but we don’t know if this is an escape room
or just somebody’s room. – If you guys think this
might be a clue of some sort, let me know. I’m just gonna put it here,
but we’ll come back and use it if we need to. – This looks like a speaker
or a microphone, look at this. This thing’s voice activated. – Oh, like the door opens
if it’s voice activated, like you say something in it.
– Exactly. Lunar!
– Lunar eclipse! – Zam Fam! – That’d be weird if that was it. – That would be, yeah. Let me look on this
thing, see if there’s more discrepancies in what
it looks like in here than the other place. Oh, lookit, there’s a owl, it’s on there, but it’s facing the other way. – Oh, well maybe I’ll move it. Matt, this is backwards. Why would the owl be backwards? – [Matt] Well, turn it around. – It’s really stuck, I think
this might be a clue you guys. Three, two, one. – Whoa, it’s turning! – Matt, it popped open!
– The door! It is a door!
– It worked! It’s like a giant control room. – Yeah, or like a hacker’s headquarters. – Look at all the spy
gadgets over there, Matt. That’s so creepy. – Why is the robot wearing a wig? – I don’t know, this
is similar to my hair. No. – Zam Fam —
– The same shirt! – It’s the same shirt, this is my merch. How did the Quadrant get my merch? – Probably on – Oh my gosh, Matt. Okay, Matt, seriously though.
– I’m just saying. – We need to look around for clues. We need to figure out what’s gonna happen on the lunar eclipse, which
is January 20th and 21st, and Zam Fam, you guys
know I’m gonna be wearing those glasses, those spy
glasses that we found in the last video, and seeing it, so make sure to watch
my Instagram stories. I need you guys to help me
figure out the clues in it. – Hold on, hold on, can
you back up a few steps? – What? – This robot’s the same exact size as you. Even the hair’s the same length. What if this is like
the Rebecca Zamolo twin? – Like she’s a robot? This is just getting really confusing. Matt, this is like the hair we found. – It’s hair, yep, the same
one that’s in your backpack. – When they teleported–
– Yeah. – It’s the same as my hair,
the same as this hair. – This is starting to be too coincidental. – Zam Fam, let me know why
you think they have our hair? I think we need to look at
the spy gadgets on the table. – Yes.
– There’s all these computer keypads.
– Yep. Look at these glasses here! – Matt, those look like your glasses. – Can I touch them?
– I don’t know, maybe leave it just in case. – But why are my glasses here? – It’s connected to here,
and that’s connected to this, what if we type in your name? I don’t know, it’s worth a shot. – Okay.
– Okay, so, M-A-T-T slays. Matt, that’s you.
– What? – Why do they have you on camera? – Why is my information up there at all? – What do these other
gadgets do, do you think? – Oh, these vials move.
– Okay. – Look at this.
– It fits perfectly inside. Your glasses are on here, they
have all your information. – Yeah.
– Do you remember when Chad Wild Clay got framed?
– Whoa. – What if the Quadrant is
trying to frame you and I? – By making robots of us? – Maybe, or just to make it look like it’s us doing
something, but it’s not. – What if the hair vial
over there fits in here? – Is it one of these tubes?
– Yeah, it’s right over here. Lemme grab it. Since my glasses are here, my information popped up on the screen. Let’s go ahead and put
this in here for you. – Okay, Zam Fam, smash
the thumbs-up if you think that this is gonna do something. I don’t know what it’s gonna do. – Whoa, what is that? – That popped open. Whoa, it looks like a
giant magnet or something. Wait, do you remember at the
24 hours in the bounce house, do you remember when I had that magnet, I found it–
– And you had to throw it in the pool.
– Yeah. And it revealed a clue. What if this is the clue, we just have to figure out where it goes? – Okay, maybe you press this button. – Right here?
– Yeah. – Like that? No, there’s an X here too. – What if you put it in the
robot’s hands over here? It’s magnetic.
– It is magnetic. – Okay, that just looks like
a creepy Rebecca Zamolo robot. – Okay, there has to be something. Look at all the lines on the floor. What if we follow this, they must connect. – It’s like a big circuit board. – It goes under the table there. – Yes.
– Look, over here. Okay, this goes around, follow
it, and this goes to this. – [Matt] Oh! That looks just like it! – Do these come out?
– Let’s try. Here we go, three, two, one. Whoa.
– It’s like we lost power. – Should I put it back in?
– Yeah. – Whoa.
– Is it the same with all of these?
– Pull it out again. We lost power again. So maybe these are all
batteries of some sort, like magnetic batteries,
and look, there’s a slot. What if I put this in? – Absolutely, put it in.
– Okay. – [Both] Three, two, one. – It went to green. Matt, it’s a four. That’s a second digit
to the three digit code. We only need one more–
– Just one more. – And then we’ll be able to open it up and get the briefcase.
– Perfect. – It says that we only
have 10 minutes left. – We have 10 minutes. Okay Zam Fam, smash the
thumbs-up for good luck, we’ve gotta get this. We’ve gotta get the
last digit of the code, if you guys see anything, let us know, we gotta get the $10,000 back
and figure out what’s inside. What have we missed so far? We haven’t really looked here. We saw the Rebecca Zamolo robot. Matt.
– Yeah? – Look, have we used this at all? – No, I found the hair,
but we haven’t looked at this poster yet.
– Okay. This looks like the robot over here. – Okay, why is that arm
disconnected from the others? – You’re right. I wonder if we try to take this off, maybe the clue’s inside?
– Absolutely, yeah, good luck. – Okay, I’m gonna try to
pull this arm off, okay Matt? – You got this.
– Okay, one, two, three. It’s not working. – No, lemme try.
– Okay. – Three, two, one. – It’s not coming off.
– It’s not at all. – Seems like it’s not coming
off though, let me see it. – Maybe you, we’ll try both pulling. – It’s like I can’t– Matt–
– No. – On the screen, it’s a one! That’s the last digit that we need! – Yes.
– Wait, Zam Fam, comment below, I saw that before you if you guys saw the one before we did. That took so long for us to figure out! – Okay, so put it in. – Okay, yeah, let’s put it in.
– C’mon. – And let’s get the $10,000. Figured it out, but we
have to get out soon. Okay, so it was seven, four, one. It didn’t work. It makes no sense, these are
definitely the right numbers. – Yeah.
– We got ’em all. – Okay, so if we think back
in the room, the third spot with the third magnet, remember? – Yeah.
– That was lighting up. Maybe that is supposed to be a four. – Ooh, and if you look
at the order of the room, the seven was here, then the
next one was actually the one. – One, and then the four. – If you, Zam Fam, think
that it’s seven one four, comment seven one four. Okay, we have to hurry though. – [Both] Okay, seven, one, four. – Did you hear that?
– Sounds like it unlocked. Okay, here we go. – It’s a briefcase, Matt. – That’s it, that’s it!
– With the $10,000! – Okay.
– This has to be it. – $10,000. – There’s codes on it. – Can you open it up? – I don’t know what the codes are. – There’s something else in here. Lunar telescope, why is it in here? – Bring that out here. This has to have something to
do with January 20th and 21st. With the eclipse!
– The lunar eclipse. – Lunar eclipse, look. Maybe we have to look out of
that to see some type of clue. If I use the glasses,
there might be a clue, but what if you use that? There might be more than one clue there. – Yes, okay.
– And it might give us some information about the Quadrant, and what they plan to do. – Oh, we have less than
30 seconds, we need to get outta here. – Okay, grab this, we’ll
have to figure out the codes, if you guys know any of the
codes, two three-digit ones, let us know, we’re gonna set this up.

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