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Rescuing Richard From Lone Wolf Mountain | Top Gear | Series 22 | BBC

Rescuing Richard From Lone Wolf Mountain | Top Gear | Series 22 | BBC

rivers as we know are level unless their waterfalls just hope we don’t encounter one of those there’s my camera yep I can now see what I’m doing two miles completed no serious problems geez yes good work I love my pickup truck I really love it both of us were now off the beaten track and full of steely determination need to get there first the bird one is Paris fighting oh yes this is called wrestling with the controls whoa I’m getting deep into the woods here steady temperatures and pressures all in the green this is shouting and power versus thought and talk I’ve got some rooster tails now news Hammond the Velociraptor works well in these conditions hello hello I’m James Oh I’m Jeremy should we be friends James yes let’s be best friends forever and ever right James I must tell you all about myself actually that’s my favorite hobby telling people how wonderful I am oh is it really Jeremy that’s funny because I actually am brilliant at him are you yes I am but I’m very modest are you yes that’s why I Drive a yellow Ferrari do you I Drive everything better than everybody else let’s have another friend but let’s leave him to die on a mountaintop shall we Oh that’d be funny would it there we could look really golden knowing that Hammond would be on high ground I was now climbing hard I love this thing really properly do all day yesterday this was an Aston Martin v8 Vantage now it’s a Brit BLD Quattro on my route I too was climbing do your stuff said 71 pack you can actually feel the wheels going is it this one is it that one I’ll put a bit power there I’ll put a bit to that one but as we climbed past 4,000 feet the going started to get really tough the gang number two is still go keep those revs up keep the wheel spinning come on Jeremy you need to get there first I do not want to drive back to Vancouver with my Velociraptor being soiled by Hammonds cheesy decomposing bottom oh my head’s come off as it will a man threw a knife at me but I caught it in my teeth literally my head came off ooh but I’m okay oh yeah and the ha right in the nads ha ha ha driving along singing this song something in a winter wonderland situation update viewers bit too close to the edge there I’m going to be careful how I move otherwise I’ll fall into the valley still could be worse whoa oh no whoa faced with the prospect of having to rescue the world’s angriest man where are you pair of midnight James and I had both decided to rip out our own fingernails ow ow this made progress much easier that feels good temperatures and pressures still in the green with snow chains fitted you’re supposed to be gentle but luckily my colleague doesn’t know what that needs given claw dig and claw come on digging cumin last come on come on no you want to do this you don’t want Richard Hammond in you Oh No the news was grim you are genuinely a bit of a desperado here Silverado having that and loving that as well I’m still coming Richard Hammond and you know what so was I and the way three wheels online wagon and now I am still rolling along on machine where is my things they’re sucking lesbians that the time that’s an engine it’s not a plane it’s a car hmmm that’s got to be them where the bloody hell have they be come on do it cool stop panicking just ease it off struggling really struggling here come on it’s Hammond heavenlies know how can you have taken that long may bad news you’re gonna have to take Hammond back to Vancouver that’s a powerful vehicle that is a go anywhere car so we’re and he’s in an appalling temper absolutely shopping where are you going well now what oh that’s your rescue is it you

100 thoughts on “Rescuing Richard From Lone Wolf Mountain | Top Gear | Series 22 | BBC”

  1. This is why I love BBC TOP GEAR
    . they give u lots off off roads tests u want. Thx BBC TOP GEAR 👍❤️❤️❤️ LOVE FROM 🇷🇸.
    Edit:u dind't give a chance that Ford to shove for he made for.

  2. All it took was a couple of days for two lifelong long British men who are European car enthusiasts to fall in love with high tier American pickup trucks. I’ve told several Europeans that the pickup trucks here are far better than the non-capable Volkswagen and Mercedes counterparts in Europe. These newer trucks drive so soft on the road you would think you were in a Cadillac

  3. James chose right only because the Silverado has a Alberta license plate

    Edit: I’m from Alberta

  4. Get three young presenters and let them build chemistry
    These guys presenting talk like a professor in college

  5. I’m not surprised that the Ford Raptor won because it’s made for off-roaring but the Silverado isn’t. I and placed my bet on the Raptor.

  6. Literally every river in the history of the planet:

    Flows downhill

    Jeremy Clarkson:

    "Rivers, as we know, are level…"

  7. id actually rather drive like James in this situation i dont care if people would think im boring.
    " this is showting and power Vs Thought and torque "

  8. i am from this region of British Columbia, about an hour away from here, and guess what. Lone Wolf Mountain isnt a thing

  9. 7:56
    There's a tire on the bed of Jeremy's Raptor, why won't he just replaced the blown right-front tire with that thing?

  10. Imagine being the person who signed off on sacking clarkson and bring responsible for the most watched show world wide(fact) to a pile of ashes

  11. One of those monumental times when we knew these Brit's actually did understand out country's love affair for our big trucks.

  12. camera crew's car which didn't stuck in the snow a single time is definitely a toyota…(land cruiser/tundra/tacoma I didn't know but definitely a toyota)

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