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Restaurant Employees Admit Which Foods They’ll Never Order

Restaurant Employees Admit Which Foods They’ll Never Order

– [Narrator] There’s an old
saying that goes buyer beware, meaning that whenever you buy something, you’re taking a big risk. Still, we aren’t always aware of the risks when we buy stuff nowadays,
especially when it comes to food at both gourmet and fast food outlets. We trust that they know what they’re doing and have our safety in mind. While most do, things
don’t always go as planned. Here, then, are some
foods restaurant workers suggest we stay away from. (playful music) – Amazing! – [Narrator] The 8-Page Rule. Gordon Ramsay once said
that a restaurant menu shouldn’t have more than four pages so that cooks can focus
on freshness and quality without getting overwhelmed
by too many items. According to other restaurant workers, the maximum should be eight. Why? Because if they have more than that, it means they have far too many items, which requires a whole load of ingredients that have to be stored,
sometimes for a long time. The only way to get orders to
customers quickly, therefore, is to precook the food,
then microwave or boil them in plastic bags when orders are made. So, depending on how much you care about taste and freshness,
stay away from restaurants with more than four pages of dishes. The Ingredients Rule. If you find something you like on a menu, don’t order it right away,
do some due diligence. Say you want a beef sandwich. Before ordering it, first look
through the rest of the menu, and if you find another dish
that has beef, go for it. If no other menu item has
beef, then don’t order it. When different dishes use the
same item, it’ll go quickly, which forces the restaurant
to order more of it, guaranteeing freshness. If only one dish uses an ingredient, and there’s not much demand for that dish, that ingredient can stay
in storage for a long time, meaning it could be stale
by the time you order it. McDonalds McCafe. McDonald’s has been selling
ground coffee for years, and in September 2018, filed
a patent for its McCafe brand. However, According to several Reddit users claiming to have worked at
McDonald’s throughout the US, this isn’t a good idea. not because of the coffee beans, but because of the equipment. They never clean it. It’s not that they don’t want to, it’s that it takes a
specialist to pull it apart so they can get in
there and clean it well. One employee said that, “All
McCafe beverages run through “a horrifically dirty machine. “We’re talking five plus
inches of uncleaned, “liquid bull-shh making
up its inside parts.” That’s not the only gross
machine they have, apparently. In 2017, a branch in
Auckland, New Zealand, served 11-year-old Charlotte
Harris an ice cream with a complementary ingredient, a worm. They apologized after she
started screaming, of course, and said they’d investigate
the machine in question. McDonald’s Food. There’s also been reports of worms turning up in unexpected places. In October 2017, Jasper Lee ordered a McDonald’s breakfast in Singapore. The branch clearly prides
itself on freshness because after a few bites, he discovered live worms
in his pork sausage patty. Andrea Calkins got something even fresher: fly larvae in her Filet-O-Fish back in June 2017, which she ordered from a Waterford
Township, Michigan branch. At around the same time Lee
was munching on his McWorm, Yasmine Batur found live
maggots in the Big Mac she ordered from a
Sydney, Australia branch, something a spokesperson denies, claiming that no living
thing could possibly survive the cooking process. Emmi McHugh of Queensland
found the same thing on a Cheeseburger Happy Meal
she ordered for her son, which McDonald’s again denies, claiming that once food
leaves their property, they can’t possibly vouch for it. Moving away from the downright gross, here’s another tip from employees. Since McDonald’s focuses on burgers, they tend to fly off the
grill so they won’t lie around for a long time gathering dust. Not so for the chicken and fish. Apparently they cook a whole
batch at the start of the day, and if no one orders them, they can stay there for a long time. Elsewhere, their McRibs
look and taste delicious, but that’s not how they
arrive at franchises. They instead come in pre-frozen and look like concrete blocks. Taco Bell’s Meat. Taco Bell has received
its fair share of flack over the years, including
accusations that it puts sand in meat to give it texture
and that it uses only 36% beef and 64% mystery ingredients. Fortunately, we now know
that they use real meat, but what kind, exactly, is
another matter entirely. What each franchise receives
looks like gingerbread dough wrapped in plastic. Fortunately, it looks nothing like that as soon as they put it in their food. Subway’s meats. According to a former employee, “the roast beef is so full of
preservatives it’s iridescent, “super shiny and rainbow-like.” The cold cuts are no better,
as they come in a syrup that allegedly smells like
that part of your anatomy where solid waste comes out of. As for the black forest ham,
it has “little piggy hairs “if you look close enough.” According to someone who
worked there for two years, their tuna and seafood
used to come with labels claiming it didn’t contain
dolphin or turtle meat. In 2012, however, the labels vanished. To be fair, that doesn’t mean they now use dolphin or turtle meat. It just means that no one’s
sure what they actually contain. Wendy’s Chili. Several workers claim the
chili is far from fresh. So, how is it made? According to employees posting online, they collect the old,
dried up meat scraped from the grill top, including
meat that’s expired. This is thrown into a fridge till they’re ready to make chili. Done by chopping it up, adding
chili sauce, boiling it, and leaving it on the warmer. But doesn’t it dry up, you ask? Of course, but they have a
simple, cost saving solution: Simply add more water. Baseball Park Hotdogs. According to a former hotdog employee, they come in perfectly fine, but that’s where the problem begins. They’re grilled then sold. As to what’s left, they’re
stored in the fridge before resale for several days. A former seller once insisted
on throwing out the water and hotdogs after two days
despite protests from management. So you’re thinking, this
is just one stadium, right? Well, thanks to consolidation, not really. Almost all hotdogs sold throughout the US come from only a few
companies that have a monopoly on the market: Hillshire Brands Company,
Tyson Foods, and Sara Lee. It’s also a given that many
of these top food brands pay stadiums to sell only their brands. That means most, if not all,
follow a similar system. Gas Station Slurpees. These may taste good,
but you could be risking more than just brain freeze. You could also come down
with something nasty, since they don’t always clean them well. The result is mold, which
could potentially cause disease despite the low temperatures. Kobe Beef. Kobe is a place in Japan that produces the most expensive beef in the world. Cows are given beer and
sake, which is rice wine, to make them eat more to
produce the fine marbled fat that runs evenly throughout their meat. They’re also massaged and made
to listen to classical music so they’re relaxed and happy,
resulting in $50 burgers and steaks selling for up
to thousands of dollars. Problem was, they were all
fake because up until 2014, they were banned in the US. They were also banned in Europe till 2017, so there’s a very good chance
that that expensive Kobe beef in that expensive restaurant
isn’t really Kobe. In 2016 there were only nine restaurants that served authentic Kobe
beef in the United States, and while the list has grown slightly, it still isn’t very common in the US and mostly served in high-end restaurants. Specials. According to Alberto Morreale, executive chef and owner
of Farmer’s Bottega, a high end restaurant in San Diego, he’d never eat whatever
special a restaurant offers. Why? Because more often than not, those specials are what the restaurant is trying to get rid of. Morreale claims that
they’re usually made up of ingredients that are about to expire, so they need to get rid of them quickly. As a result, they’re offered cheaply, and sometimes combined with other offers to make them more attractive to diners. Oysters. According to Chef Mark Nichols,
owner of JC’s Catering, a high-end business, oysters are a risky business
because they contain a number of harmful bacteria, like norovirus. He won’t eat raw oysters from a restaurant if they’re sourced from
over 160 kilometers away to ensure freshness. If the restaurant is near a
coast or has a good reputation for seafood, he’ll consider it. If handled or stored improperly,
these delicious delicacies can apparently kill you, so it’s best you proceed
with caution like he does. Complementary Bread and Snacks. Although some restaurants
serve their complementary bread fresh straight from the oven, not all do. It all depends on when that
bread comes out of the oven. Otherwise, that basket
of bread isn’t fresh. If one table doesn’t finish their share, they’ll pop the remaining
bread into your basket. According to many chefs, it’s pretty common for some
of the bread in your basket to have made their rounds
throughout the day. Which means that they could also be filled with complementary germs. The same goes for nuts and pretzels that are a staple of many cocktail bars. Most high end ones won’t
leave them out in the open as high-end chefs don’t want
diners losing their appetites before the main course. Those that have open bowls
full of complementary snacks are teaming with more than just salt, they’re also teaming with germs. Just imagine how many random
hands have touched that bowl. And what isn’t finished is set aside and used for the next
guests, or even the next day. House Salads. According to executive chef Kayson Chong, house salads are to be avoided. Not only do most use ingredients that you can pick up far
cheaper and make yourself, but they don’t reflect
a chef’s real talents. In other words, why pay a
premium when you go out to eat if you can eat far cheaper
by staying at home? Chong recommends appetizers and sides that do reflect a chef’s
talent and ingenuity. Caviar. This delicacy is already expensive because it’s becoming
rarer and rarer each day. According to chef Tim Carey, however, restaurants that serve them
mark them up even higher till they’re no longer worth the cost. If you really do love caviar, save money and buy them
at retail stores instead, then spend what you save on
a really good restaurant. Just be sure to avoid
the caviar when you do. Ice. The food industry uses ice
as a way to save money. The more ice they include, the less actual drink they have to put in. Unfortunately, studies have shown that ice served at some well-known
outlets like McDonald’s, Burger King, Starbucks, and KFC contain more bacteria than their toilets. Why? Because they clean and disinfect
their toilets regularly. Their ice machines are another matter, especially since they’re harder to clean. It’s also due to hygiene. Not all workers wash and
disinfect their hands and equipment regularly. Now, while I have painted
a depressing picture of the restaurants industry,
don’t let that turn you off. Most do the best they
can and operate under strict food health and safety guidelines. Most of the time. Don’t be discouraged from eating out, just be savvy with where you order from. That said, do you know of any other dishes that should have made this list? Let me know in the comments down below, and thanks for watching.

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  1. Mcdonalds uses meat from China, China recycles expired meat and repackages it then sells it to Mcdonalds.
    Thats why you get maggots and worms

  2. All of my friends who worked at McDonald's had stories and first hand experience of this ugly dirty motherfucker place. I never eat there since.

  3. The real problem here are the bad managers that care more about profits than the quality of their foods..

  4. Be weary of foods in Asian restaurants. Not suggesting that the food is IFFY in restaurants but it is most certainly unusual to western tastes. I have been invited by my Asian hosts, "Don't ask what it is your eating just eat it and I will tell you later what it is." So I did! Wow the things I ate but tasted great, paddy rice field rats, frogs, snakes, horse, donkey, knee cartilage from cows, sea cucumbers, whole pigs brain raw on a plate to be boiled in a steam boat, chicken feet, pigs trotters, pigs tongue, animal eyes, guts, plus many other things the list goes on. In China you could eat a different meal every day of your life and never eat the same meal twice. Certainly more interesting than the meat and three veg as the English like to call it.

  5. This Chanel is just full of bull shit! Make a video of top 10 exaggerated truths told by you guys and your annoying voice

  6. When I used to work at Bk it used to be roaches inside and around the ice cream machine. I’m trying to start cooking at home so I can examine my food first cause fast food jobs are too overwhelming and underpaid so I really don’t expect too much out of them, Hell the health inspectors don’t even care

  7. I found a recipe from recipe hacks on doing your own fast food stuff. Thing is if you make it fresh it tastes better than in Mc Donalds.

  8. I worked at Taco Bell and it is good, wholesome food. The beef has soy protein mixed in which is fine with me.

  9. Some of this is DAF.
    McDonalds does not cook a big load of fish and chicken in the morning and let it sit there all day. Even though the food is pretty trashy, there is health laws and with the size of McDonalds – they have very firm, tight procedures that do not involve something this dangerous. Also, a frozen meat patty is flash cooked on both sides at the same time with a clamshell grill. There is no possible way anything would leave that grill alive still – there may have been something dead in there that shouldn't be, but no way is a live maggot wiggling off that double sided grill.

  10. In London I've never seen a McDonalds employee use gloves when handling food or even wash their hands! I know they might wash their hands out back but I've seen many times employees switch between cleaning with wash close that are turning grey from dirt to handling food with their fingers and not putting on gloves, washing their hands or even hand sanitiser or a hand wipe!!

  11. These people are lieing. Aint no damn wroms surviving a deepfry or flaming grill and Mcdonalds throws all its food that was premade at the end of the night

  12. KFC is the absolute worst. I worked at one for almost five months. Cross contamination in fryers, work spaces, and even workers. Mix that with grumpy old people that frequent places like FKC you get poor quality anything. Everything is frozen when it comes in. Only a certain amount of chicken is actually delivered fresh. And the Cole slaw is my recommendation that anyone stay away from. My managers had me mix up a batch that was labeled to expire that day and said "that gives us another two days. And if we put it in containers for sale that's another two days. The cabbage mix is pretty fresh, but that science experiment dressing is where I draw the line. Workers all call it good. And it starts out yellow. Supposedly the acid in the vinegar reacts with the cabbage or some garbage like that and it turns white. Oh yeah while I'm at it, the mashed potatoes are instant potatoes.

  13. I usted to work at a bar and wen the table left the nuts uneated we were told to but them back in the container eww

  14. ihop sausage and bacon is cooked in batches. the sausage is left in a box and they add water to steam it every couple of hours. the bacon is left on racks. what doesn’t sell in 24 hours is TYPICALLY kept until it sells. also if you want crispy bacon or crispy sausage they deep fry it for about 30 seconds or so

  15. McDonald's don't for get about the folded egg it looks like a sponge and comes in plastic I think there 12 in each I use to make spongebob with the egg

  16. Ya know why the public sucks because helpful supporters contribute and make it that way cause people make it suck nd every four years systems try to rob freedom in this country I have the balls to say enough I hate systems and corrupt jerks forcing safety and restrictions onto people I won't except things the way they are hell no it's not happening I'm so sick of the bullshit politicians shovel and throw onto our property I'd shred pictures of Buddy Cianci we are not going to allow groups to put restrictions on freedom that our military fights to protect for every one of us the people in office and oversea are gonna to make life worse for everyone they will not stop I am protesting against what is wrong today I'm not contributing to the state my money is not going into the pockets of these fat disgusting political figures wanting our money that is why gold diggers are circling the billionaires chasing them because they got money on the bachelor the reality show these groups flock to the green paper with dead ass president faces on them our system is weak folks we can not stop predators from spying on us or attacking and stealing from others in secret instead of taking action we sit back and do nothing to make things better this is what we have chosen folks allowing ourselves to be victims of scams ans dirty politics how do we live with ourselves also groups that want to limit freedom here in the United States have no respect for other people's feelings yeah everyone we been had so long this is why everything sucks not getting any better

  17. Some restaurants do not change their shortening, on a regular monthly basis. I would recommend not eating fried foods, especially french fries. Dallas BBQ.

  18. Oh hell no. McDonald's you been caught . I hope they go down someone needs to take legal action this is fucking disgusting ND rediculous

  19. Fast food restaurants are selling fake meat.
    They don’t clean their equipment.
    There are germs in your water, ice and coffee.
    They serve you recycled bread and appetizers.

    But don’t let these horrible disgusting facts discourage you from eating fast food 😊😊

  20. The bit about bread being passed around from table to table is complete bull*hit. I have been in the industry for years and have worked for several restaurants. I have never even heard of this. Also, it is completely unnecessary as the bread usually costs the restaurant next to nothing.

  21. Tbh I am not worried considered that t he had ice and stuff is at the bottom part because t he ice that is new has no mold you can tell and slushies they do clean them I was then do it before.

  22. I remember stopping at a taco bell once on a ride to use the bathroom. I noticed one of the employees came out of the bathroom stall and didnt wash his hands. He went right to work making peoples food.

    The last time i ate out was when i ate at mc donalds. I got a couple burgers on the way out of town and shortly after i ate them i felt sick. I then puked everything back up. After that i felt fine. It had to be the food since i felt fine before and after the burgers. It was just during that half hour i got sick.

  23. Cellulose, a plant fiber often taken from wood. Cellulose was “Generally Recognized As Safe” by the FDA in 1973, and it's in a lot of food. … Sawdust usually contains about 40 percent cellulose, McDonald said. The stuff added to today's food is purified and safe to eat, but it doesn't have any lasting health benefits.Nov 8, 2017

  24. I’ve been a chef for over twenty years, and I’ve seen it all. Here is what I can guarantee is true. What they said about equipment, and ice machines. Also many soda machines, and large tea urns. They don’t always take the nozzles of either which builds up with mold, and sludge. The bit about large menus. I’ve worked at places that insist on having something for everyone. This leads to items selling a few a week, and recycled. I’ve even had an owner keep a menu item even tho it was only for one guest that came once a week. The rest gets frozen, and reused again, and again. I quit a job because the shrimp was turning, and he wanted me to wash them with a little bleach, and lemon. I refused, and he did it himself instead of eating the cost. I walked out. A lot of places do use left over meat for chili. Specials are alway items needed to be rid of so they don’t lose money. If it’s seasonal then you are probably safe, or if it’s an on going special that is once a week then you are probably good as this item will move quickly, and not be reused. My favorite is that a lot of meat, and seafood contains CARBON MONOXIDE! Yup. Federally approved by good ol Uncle Sam to preserve the red color longer. Bon apatité everyone.

  25. Don't ever eat Frishe's Big Boy hamburger. I used to work there and the meat is out all day.
    And I'm sure you're all aware not to eat McDonalds.

  26. Back in the day when subway used avocado as like a febuarary luxury marketing ploy, they used to mix the avocado in about 90% sour cream.

  27. All fast food restaurants using mechanized and dispensing machines should be avoided. Plus if most of the staff are young and covered in pimples, avoid avoid avoid. Went to mcds for the first time in years with my sister's kid. Had half a big Mac and regretted it with bad reflux for hours. Awful.

  28. There’s a certain supermarket chain I won’t ever buy fresh meat from the butchery counter, and I will only ever buy pre-packed meat that is packed elsewhere before going on sale in the supermarket. The reason why? The butchers are lazy, and neglect to clean their mincing machine and cutting equipment properly. One summer when the member of staff trained to clean the meat mincer was away for two weeks holiday during very warm weather. When she returned she found them still using the mincer even though there was maggots crawling around inside the machine. Need I say more….🤢

  29. The McDonald's "live worms" is BS. I worked for them for about a year. The reg meat is very thin to begin with and when the grill top pops up it's almost see through and sizzling hot. No worms are going to live though that.

  30. 1: Don't eat international-brand fast food or at national-brand restaurants. Corporate-food always = profit before public
    [World processed-food supply is controlled by 10 corporations:]
    2: a. Cook your own food and save money from lower food and health bills, and enjoy the peace of mind;
    OR b. Live in France, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia or Japan, where food purity laws are strict, well enforced, are followed as a matter of cultural pride, and international corporations have far less impact than in the US or UK.

  31. My mother and I used to enjoy Wendy's chili and a baked potato now and then. I never go there now nor any other fast food seller. I have not eaten meat in years. We also have to avoid Monsanto Tampered Food.

  32. i worked at wendys for 4 months amd its true about the chilli.. i always thought that it was disgusting and never ate it. and i told all my friends amd family about it too so they wpuldnt get sick. and they didnt clean the tray the fries sit in after being cooked and it was caked up with old grease almost a inch thick. i dont know what the health and safety inspector was doing when they gave that place a 94 or 93 grade. that wendys i worked at had an open sewer pipe in the middle of the kitchen that smelled awful. it was used to collect water like a shower drain when they mopped the floors. they cleaned the ovens they used to cook bacon and potatoes once a month

  33. This video was just a bunch of comments cobbled together from Reddit. Surprised none of the fast food chains referenced in this video have sued "Be Amazed" for defamation. "Be Amazed" can't prove any of the nonsense in the video is true.

  34. Ordered a cheese burger and they only included the corners of the cheese slice, so it appeared like a full slice of cheese.

  35. wish i could dislike this more than once. you can't take info that you looked up online from isolated cases or disgruntled employees and make generalizations about entire restaurant chains.

  36. I call bullshit on Australian and NZ maccas , we have the most stringent food safety laws in any western nation (FSANZ) and they ( all fast food outlets ) get tested more than standard restaurants

  37. Well I can vouch for working at Subway but not about the roast beef even though everything at Subway is packaged and not fresh at all the only thing that was off-putting was the fact that the rotisserie chicken always smell spoiled it makes you want to gag

  38. I can't believe I'm going to defend Wendy's. I worked at one as a teenager and I can say at that location the burgers that weren't used after rushes like lunch and dinner were the ones that were wrapped in cellophane wrap, labeled & dated, and placed in the freezer. We made chili at least twice a week so it never had an opportunity to go bad or get freezer burned. Nothing that was scraped of the grill went anywhere but the trash and I never witnessed anyone using expired meat for the chili.
    Like I said, I can't believe I'm defending Wendy's but the truth is the truth.

  39. I know that Shoneys used to microwave their “stir fry” back in the ‘80s. When I worked at a burger restaurant I noticed an employee always ordered his food without pickles. I was later told that an employee had urinated in the pickle bucket stored inside the walk-in refrigerator.

  40. i can vouch for tacobell, i used to work there ,not just the meat, but EVERYTHING is in a bag that got sent to us.

  41. I worked at TJI Fridays in California, Woodland Hills to be exact. All food must be thrown in the trash if it was open or already served. This would include bread or open crackers. Even wrong orders were thrown in the trash. You won't get second-day food nor second hand food there.

  42. Being a former manager for both McDonalds and Taco Bell , I can assure you that Mc Donald’s meats are held for only 15 minutes in the armors, by company standards. Then any unsold food is put into the garbage. The coffee machine is cleaned and sanitized daily and so is the ice cream machine. Taco Bell uses 100% ground beef and it is delivered frozen twice a week. This anti restaurant video is mostly BS the FDA here in the states has regulations that with the mentioned violations would have put the company out of business in a hot minute.

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