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Ricardo Plays SwarmZ Zombie base building and SURVIVAL

Ricardo Plays SwarmZ Zombie base building and SURVIVAL

Hello its Ricardo and welcome to a
zombie survival game I recently got in beta called swarms swarms combines
base-building and zombie defense hey what could
possibly go wrong let’s check it out yes folks you’re given a base and now this
is a military base as you can tell it’s got tanks
it’s got medical trucks it’s got a wall and gaps in the world here’s a huge
horde of zombies that’s just the first mission in the campaign mode you’re
given $70,000 by which to create a defense in the means of either Malay
humans or ranged humans you can also have barricades in the ship in the form
of crates boxes stacked up crates or you can have those mesh metal things that
the army uses I’m going with a few shotgun guys in the areas shotguns got a
nice wide spread you know ba boom as they say with a shotgun and the zombies
will be gone a little bit like Cillit bang really however what I found out as
well is that the revolvers although nice and cheap and don’t deplete a lot of
your Defense funds aren’t really that good the ones with the automatic rifle
the assault rifles even though they’re nice and expensive you think yes they’ve
got a large fire rate what I found with them is you cannot compromise when
killing a zombie because you need to have a widespread shotgun we’ve seen it
in games before doom other games like that heretic Hexen all those fantastic
games where you pull out your shotgun and bah boom the zombie is gone so I’m
not gonna mess about with too many Malay people I’ve one or two in there for good
measure we’re gonna get some crates and some boxes in place just to try and slow
those zombies down and there’s all our zombies brace yourself and the whole
point of this game is is protect one part of the map and that’s a baby now
the babies in the middle of the base a little crib all these zombies are
hell-bent on getting hold of it and as you can see my guys with their shotguns
are laying down some heavy fire now I’m running this on at was an older version
of an i7 Intel i7 fourth-generation nothin too busy must get an upgrade for
that but I have got a GFX 1070 graphics card which is coping really well and
comes really well on a lot of other games I haven’t gone for rate racing yet
however it’s coping really well with this zombie game now the zombies are
quite low poly the graphics are no party I quite like the cartoon aspect of
things as well you can see my assault rifle people look a little bit like Lara
Croft but with longer trousers laying down some heavy fire we’ve got a guy
with a massive afro and a rocket launcher what could possibly go wrong
and you can see there’s the baby in the center of the map
everyone must protect that baby no zombies can get past once the zombie is
compromised for the zombie compromises the baby’s crib that’s the end of the
game end of level you failed but so far so good even that guy with the baseball
but hasn’t had much to do we’ve got a revolver girl we’ve got a couple of
people there with shotguns and they are whittling down the zombie horde as we
speak or good stuff now this game it came to me it’s a beta and has been
quite good fun hopefully once it gets past beta stage and it comes into
production we’re gonna see a few more units and hopefully you know perhaps a
few more guns or weapons to use the guy with a shotgun does look a little bit
like shaggy or Scooby Doo but I’m not gonna hold that against him he’s doing a
fantastic job in destroying all those zombies as his bazooka guy in great big
pods and clumps when he fires off that massive RPG now so far so good
no screen tearing I’m happy without 60 frames per second but I’ve only got
about 30,000 zombies on the screen in this particular mission now how much can
my machine handle well tests have shown that I can
get it up to about 220,000 that I’m still in double figures just however
it’s not an enjoyable experience this is quite good now on this part of the game
as well by hitting the one key the number one you can slow down the action
like the rate down to a standstill to a stop or increase it not 0.5 if you
increase it and speed it up to 4 times speed as I’m doing it here things do go
a little bit better I think it’s lacking personally in eight times speed you
think ah come on you know let’s get moving nothing to say however that you
can’t reposition your units next time round to try and make things go a little
bit quicker but as it stands on mission one of this game yeah it’s quite good
fun more maps to follow when else can you say I have protected my baby the
baby is safe in that military base the game of swarms these huge swarms of
zombies which are waddling towards their impending doom at the hand of shaggy
with the shotgun you know they just keep on coming so the level will end when all
zombies have been depleted when you’ve got that shotgun working and no zombies
have gone the level also ends if you if they gain get past your your defenses
and gain access to the babies which is your you know your shangri-la ship you
should really protect that as you can see it’s coming down to a few zombies
left probably no more than about 60 there they’re waddling in in the usual
zombie fashion towards their doom so far so good didn’t need that Malay person
ak-47 assault rifle people are laying down some fire once again a bit closer
shotguns are going to open up and then it’s all over now what do I think of
this game yes good fun would I buy it don’t know want to see the release first
beat us pretty good and as you can see the baby is safe press tab to continue
and then you’re presented with an the map this time we’ve moved away from
military base straight into a firm yard and you’re given the first sight of what
they say as zombie runners in the game swarms now these zombie runners will
move slightly quicker as well then you’ve got your good old favorites that
you had before and now we’re stand to see different types of zombies in
different types of configurations fantastic stuff but that will be another
video I’d be Riccardo thanks for watching
check out swarms it’s on sting and have a good you

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