99 thoughts on “Robert F. Smith’s Top 10 Rules For Success”

  1. “My mom is a governor” “Charted our own story” “consistent action to support the intention” “ground in who I am” “have access to economy” FABULOUSNESS!!!!🖤 “Desire to be Great” 🌟

  2. Learn, learn, learn. I love to listen to all those who have succeeded. The blueprints for succeding are in there wisdom. "Thank you".

  3. Watching this two years later. I tried putting in grit to get my career back on track. MY GRIT only THREATENED MY SUPERIORS, who soon, after witnessing my GRIT: working from 8AM till 8PM or 9PM; FIRED ME SOON AFTER! 🤷🏾‍♂️

    So now, I'm confused. So do I work from 8AM-8PM, come in a few hours on Sat to tie things up and maybe on Sun afternoon as well. AND BE FIRED WITHIN 3 MONTHS!?? Or work from 8AM-5PM, no weekends and MAYBE KEEP MY JOB!??

  4. Well, he moved up another Billion and now ranked 163 since 2016, he must be doing something right worth modelling.

  5. I’ve never heard of this guy before, but he is really amazing. I certainly took a lot away from this top 10 list.

  6. Thank you Evan.Your videos is fertilizer for my mind.Grateful for you and your team and your desire to serve.We both know at the end of the day.The world will remember us .more for what we gave than for what we took.Continued success.God bless.

  7. I am thankful to hear Robert F Smith's comment on what some of his colleagues thought about him they thought he was crazy. So I feel like he's my brother not only for that reason but what I'm saying is there are number of people that think I'm crazy however it's not about being crazy it's about exercising your faith…..

  8. #missbrendaleegertman Hi Mr. Carmichael! Hope all is going well for you. May I suggest you profile entrepreneur, Miss Malala Yousafzai TOP 10 Rules for Success? Thank you for your consideration. Safety and peace always

  9. Amazing, I am glad to hear that word persistence was spoken. So many people lose sight of that key element. Thank you for sharing!

  10. @Evan Carmichael THANK YOU for producing this very inspiring video. Which of the rules were the most inspiring to me? All of them.

  11. Great video. I only found out about Mr. Robert F Smith when news hit about him paying up the 2019 Morehouse student loans.

  12. Thanks for Sharing, 💯🔥🔥💯, Robert F. Smith and, his Family paid The Graduating Class Of 2019, at Morehouse College. That’s very humble and, Grateful for this Great Men. 💯💯Vesta Partners.

  13. A .an with wealth AND a wealth of knowledge. As much as he is a businessman he is every bit of that as a teacher. I enjoyed this greatly.

  14. 👏👏amazing wisdom, self determined person. Very inspirational video. Keep it, keep it up Evan, thanks for sharing another master peace video.

  15. You know I always try to tell my sons things about how to suceed in life, but sometimes it ends in an arguement.I dont like that at all. I tried showing them by going back to school at the age of 54.Thanks for making this video. Now if I can just secure a good job we all can be on our way…Take care

  16. Real men trade the urge for more and more money, with being a loving father, thats always there for his kids. Fuck money. Love is all.

  17. Looking for more of my Top 10 and Top 50 Rules for Success? They are now on their own channel. You can subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCacX6JAo1EpmxT91r6VH53g?sub_confirmation=1

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